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7 Step to Increase Your Apartment's Security – Relax in Confidence

You can increase your apartment's security, whether you own the place or not. The following low-cost tips are easy to follow and will make your home less "attractive" to any potential burglars.


Install Good Curtains or Blinds

To break into another person's home, one needs guts, and thieves are generally thought to possess plenty of this. However even a burglar will think twice about the risk and reward of breaking into a particular residence; hence, they will try to first scope out potential valuables within your apartment, if possible. By hanging up blinds or curtains, or even black-out blinds you are shielding the interiors of your home from roving eyes and leaving a potential thief with a sense of doubt about whether your home is worth breaking into. Many service apartments in Sri Lanka now come equipped with stylish blinds, which are easy to maintain and keep the interiors of the apartments private.


Have a Trusty Deadbolt Installed

Landlords generally claim to have changed the locks on an apartment before leasing it out to a new tenant. However, in most cases, they do skip this step. Before you sign an agreement to a lease an apartment make sure to specifically ask that locks are changed. This rule applies even if you are purchasing an apartment. Make sure you change the deadbolt on your door, to prevent the possibility of old tenants gaining access to your home. Of course, if you are investing in a brand new apartment complex like Elysian Mirissa, this step is not necessary.


Keep the Lights On

Everyone believes that turning off your lights when not at home is the responsible thing to do, but a dark and deserted looking apartment is an attraction to a burglar. As such try and keep one or two lights on when you are leaving your home at night. Although it may bump up your electricity bill marginally, it's a good safety measure and worth practising. Mind you don't keep all the lights on, this would be a waste and also a give-away that it's a fake ruse.


Keep Your Neighbours Updated

Nosey neighbours can be a blessing in most instances, communicate with your neighbours and let them know when you are going out, especially if it's a long absence like going away on a summer holiday. A neighbour can keep an eye on your place or even be alert to any strange noises emanating from your apartment. Make sure your neighbours have your mobile no or a way of contacting you, should there be an emergency. This is a good security measure to practice, especially if you own a holiday apartment.


Invest in a Safe

In order to protect your valuables, it's wise to invest in a safe, they may be a bit pricey but will protect your jewellery, especially family heirlooms, cash, or even important documents etc. In the long run, paying for a safe will be cheaper, than replacing your jewellery or any other items of value.


Lock Your Sliding Door

Living on a higher floor, you may not feel the need to lock your sliding door, but do keep in mind that balconies too are easily accessible and thieves can be very resourceful, often gaining entry via balconies, and leaving before you even realise there is a stranger in the house. Owning an ocean front apartment in Mirissa for instance may tempt you to let those sea breezes waft through the place, but while enjoying this luxury it's wise to lock up when you leave.


Double Check Those Windows

Make sure the windows are locked down, before you leave your apartment, or get ready for bed. Thieves often use open windows to gain access to homes and seem to know just which ones are often kept unlocked.