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Updated by Vaishnavi Kumar on May 18, 2018
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Top 10 Most Controversial Music Videos

Music transcends all languages but music videos can go a little further in pushing people's buttons because of the content. Here are 10 of the most controversial music videos

Korn - A.D.I.D.A.S.

A.D.I.D.A.S short for ‘All day I dream about sex’ came out with a controversial video shows the band having been killed in a car crash by a pimp and his prostitutes, and then taken to a morgue for post mortem and they are not even all dead – seen to be moving and somehow more violent inside their body bags.

Madonna - Like A Prayer

The Controvery? Madonna dancing in front of some burning crosses and getting off of an African American Jesus. Madonna in a nutshell- controversial.

Nine Inch Nails - Closer

The video shows a 19th century mad scientist's laboratory with a monkey tied to the crucifix, a nude woman wearing a crucifix mask, a pig’s severed head spinning on some machine and a number of other symbolist images perfect for their shock value.

Serge Gainsbourg - Lemon Incest

The video shows the elder Gainsbourg shirtless in bed next to his then 13-year-old daughter Charlotte while she cuddles with him in a just a shirt and panties. Viewers accused Gainsbourg of normalizing pedophilia and incest, charges he vehemently denied.

Prodigy - Smack My Bitch Up

The controversy starts right from the name, and continues to the end of the video – where the protagonist who is unseen throughout the video and perpetrates all the excessive drinking, misogyny, violence, drug abuse and hit-and-run turns out to be a woman.

Kanye West - Famous

Famous features Kanye West with some friends, family, and a few other celebrity luminaries - from Taylor Swift to Donal Trump - getting forty winks in after what was seemingly a pretty star-studded orgy.

Pearl Jam - Jeremy

In a country known for suicides and mass killings in schools, a video like ‘Jeremy’ comes as a shocker. Frontman Eddie Vedder was inspired to write the song after he had read such about a similar incident in 1991. Loaded with Biblical quotes, this video was censored by deleting the scene where the eponymous Jeremy shoots himself in the video. Ironically, it led to the video being perceived as Jeremy having shot his classmates instead. No surprises when the perpetrator of a mass killing in 1996 said he was influenced by this video.

Björk - Pagan Poetry

Featuring shudder inducing body piercing along with graphic sex scenes in an age before internet exposure is sure to get you into a lot of controversy just like Bjork did.

Childish Gambino - This Is America (Official Video)

“This is America” by Childish Gambino is shocking in this display of violence that is constantly made up for with distracting music and Childish Gambino's antics on camera symbolizing American media constantly used to entertain the masses and distract from the real issues suffered by the masses.

Nirvana - Heart-Shaped Box

The video has a lot of '‘The Wizard of Oz’ references, a little girl trying to pick fetuses off a tree, an old man climbing up on a crucifix – and a load of other metaphors of death, sickness and the frailty of the human body.