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Jewelry in Candles Rings

While our candles provide an amazing surprise, it is very easy to overlook how high of quality these beautiful candles are! These stunning candles put out amazing scents, not to mention that they are long lasting and burn purely and evenly. The jewelry surprise is a fun bonus!

Unrivaled Candles is the only company in the WORLD that will provide Jewelry in Candles Rings


Jewelry Candles Candles - A Review

Jewelry Candles Candles - A Review

I love Jewelry Candles, candles and surprises. All three combined? I'm sold! In this post, I'll share my experiences with three companies: Diamond Candles, Jewelry Candles, and Prize Candles. Note that this review is strictly my opinion. None of the companies paid me or provided product. Everything that I show and describe was purchased by me. One last comment, this post may get a little long.


Let's start with ordering. All three websites were easy to navigate and use. They each accepted credit card and PayPal payments. If you plan to order, make sure that you search the internet first for coupon codes. . I found coupons for each of these companies. One was 15% off and free shipping. The other two offered a percentage discount. The products have a retail price around $24, so I suggest you find a coupon!

Verdict: This was a tie. All three companies have pleasant sites, a wide range of scents and products, and easy checkout service.


All of my candles arrived in excellent condition. I happen to live in Wisconsin, and it's winter, so there was obviously no worry about it melting on my porch. If you order in the summer in one of the hotter regions, you may want to watch for your package. The soy wax melts easy and could create a mess if left to heat on your porch.

The Prize candle comes in a pretty little hot pink and white striped box. It would be perfect for gift giving, as it looks very festive. I ordered two of them, since they were offering select fragrances at 60% off that day. The box had a grid insert to keep them from moving, and the candles were perfect.

The Diamond Candle was shipping in a cardboard box, but wrapped well inside. It's not in its own box for gift giving, but it was packaged soundly.

The Jewelry Candles candle came in a sturdy white cardboard box within the outer brown cardboard shipping box. These little white cardboard boxes are nice and can be reused. I gave my nephew a gift in one at Christmas, and even my sister commented, "Wow, that's a nice box."

Verdict: Prize candle has the nicest packaging for gift giving, but Jewelry Candles comes in a close second.

  1. Product

Okay, I'm guessing that now I'm getting to the part that you're really interested in. When candle enthusiasts talk about candles, they typically refer to the "throw", which is how well the candle scent fills the room when it's burning. I've had interesting experiences with these products and throw. All three brands smelled fantastic before burning. However, the Jewelry Candles did the best job filling the room with fragrance. Diamond Candle was a close second. Prize candle was a disappointment in this area. When it was burning, I barely smelled it. This happened with both of my Prize candles, so I don't believe it was a fluke. My only assumption is that they must use less fragrance oil than the other two brands.

Now, my personal preference is undyed wax. All three of these companies use soy wax. The Prize candle and Jewelry Candles seemed to liquify the fastest, leaving the least amount of wax residue as they burned. If you like colored wax, however, you will not find it with these two companies. Diamond Candle offers a wide variety of fragrances and colors, if that's your thing.

Verdict: Jewelry Candles wins for scent and wax quality. Diamond Candles is second, and Prize Candle last.

  1. Prize

All three of these companies offer rings as the Jewelry Candles prizes. However, Jewelry Candles is the only one that lets you select your ring size when you order your candle. With the other two, you are guaranteed to get at least a $10 ring in a randomly selected size. If you win, then you have the option of ordering your size. With Jewelry Candles, the ring you receive will have a value somewhere between $15-$99 for the Signature candle. If you find a coin instead, then you have won a ring worth $100 or more.

The Jewelry Candles and Diamond Candles package the ring in a plastic baggie, then wrap it in foil. The Prize candle comes in a plastic package. While this may seem better, I didn't like it. Once you remove the ring, you're left with a gaping hole in the candle. It seems like a waste of space. I show the packaging below, along with the green ring I won in my second Prize candle (size 6, $10 value.)

Here is what I won (pictured below) - With Prize Candle, I got a blue ring, probably a size 9. However, I did win a $25 ring when I entered the code. They asked for my ring size and address. The ring came in the mail about a week later. It is the clear stone ring pictured with the candle. With Diamond Candle, I won a pretty goldtone ring. I would guess it's a size 10. When I entered the code on their website, I discovered it was a $10 value. Still, it's a pretty ring, and I like the fact that it is goldtone, since the other companies appear to only offer silvertone. My Jewelry Candles candle had a pink and clear stone ring. The appraised value was $24.

Verdict: Personally, I like to pick my ring size up front. Otherwise, you risk that you will get a ring that doesn't fit any of your fingers. Therefore, I consider Jewelry Candles the winner on this one. If you're buying for a gift, and you don't know the recipient's ring size, then any of these companies would work well.

Jewelry Candles was the first brand I ever tried of Jewelry Candle candles, and so far, they are still my favorite. My only complaint is that they don't have as many fragrance choices, and they change their stock often. If you find a favorite scent, be forewarned. They had a fragrance called Cuban Nights. I loved it, but they have discontinued it, much to my dismay. If you order one of the new scents, Strawberry Fields (the one that I sampled) is very nice. I also tried the Pink Champagne, which I personally liked even a little more.

So, that's my two cents (or scents!) on candles with Jewelry Candles in them. I do have a candle from Jewelry Candles in Candles on its way to me. I had never heard of this company until someone pointed it out to me. A very similar company is called Amour Scents. I haven't ordered from them yet, as I just learned about them yesterday. I also think I've exceeded my candle budget for this quarter! My initial impression of both of these companies is that they offer many fragrances, and I like how you can select your ring size OR choose earrings or a necklace. After all, a girl only has so many fingers!

I hope this provided you with a little more information on Jewelry Candle candles. Remember to keep your wicks trimmed and burn the candle for an hour for every inch in diameter. This will ensure an even burn. (This is true of all candles, not just Jewelry Candles ones.)


A Gift for Everyone

A Gift for Everyone

In addition to selling jewelry and cash candles, we stock great skin care options perfect for those at-home spa days. Just like our candles, you can get these products with or without jewelry or cash inside of them.

Skin Care

Start off by using one of our decadent bath bombs and soak the stress away. Light up one of our candles with jewelry inside to really set the mood. Enjoy unwinding in the tub with our luscious sugar scrubs, available in 15 scents. Soap up with our luxurious all-natural scented soaps, and moisturize with our creamy whipped lotion. All our skin care products will leave you feeling like you’ve just spent the day at a resort.


Give someone special a bouquet of wax-dipped roses that come with a piece of stunning jewelry. We offer a completely customizable bouquet that comes with a dozen roses. Also, we offer half-dozen bouquets and single roses bouquets.Because the roses are preserved in candle wax, they’ll not only last longer than a regular bouquet, they’ll smell great! Your loved ones will love to receive these as a gift.

Slime Time

If you’re looking for a fun way to relieve stress, our jewelry and cash slime is perfect! It’s reminiscent of childhood toys, and it smells great too. With so many scent options, you’re sure to find a slime that’s perfect for you.

Wax Tarts

Just like our candles with jewelry inside, our wax tarts make your whole house smell dreamy. With so many scents available, it’s easy to find your perfect match. If you can’t decide on just one scent, build your own wax tart bag. There are so many options available to you – treat yourself to as many wax tarts and pieces of jewelry as your heart desires!

Explore our Collection

We stock candles with jewelry inside, skin care, and other fun products for every occasion. Whether you’re looking for the perfect gift for your best friend or you’re just looking to treat yourself, our selection has something for everyone. For those who simply want to enjoy the lovely scents of our candles, we also stock our original candles, prizes not included. Explore our collection at Jewelry Candles today, and find a little something for everyone!


Welcome to Unrivaled Candles

Welcome to Unrivaled Candles

We are so happy to have you here! Welcome to Jewelry Candles ! In every one of our handmade scented candles, there is a piece of jewellery hidden inside. We are making something as boring as burning a candle to an unforgettable and exciting experience! Lighting the candle makes the wax melt and the jewellery will be revealed over time. It takes about 10-15 hours to reveal the jewellery and to be able to take it out of your candle. Some impatient Jewelry Candle fans cannot wait this long and use a spoon to speed up the revealing process! Our high-quality, handmade scented candles burn for about 90 - 125 hours.

The jewellery is wrapped in heat-resistant foil so that no wax and heat can damage it. You can choose the type of jewellery you get: Ring, Earring, Bracelet or Pendant. The worth and the style of your jewellery will be part of the Jewelry Candle surprise and experience! Everyone will be excited to find out what kind of jewellery will come out of your candle! When it comes to our jewellery selection we use only high-quality materials (925 Sterling Silver and stones of Zirconia) because we believe it is very important to get a valuable surprise, which can really be worn as a stylish accessory and will last for years. ALL of our surprises are made of real 925 Sterling Silver. Real pearls and stones of Zirconia, better known as Swarovski Crystals, are used as eye-catchers. All our jewellery is nickel-free and high-quality. Burning a candle has never been so exciting! Enjoy fresh scents like Strawberry Cupcake and Mango Melon Smoothie and find your jewellery surprise in your Jewelry Candle!


Jewelry Candles unique collection

Jewelry Candles unique collection

The candles from Jewelry Candles are absolute favorites. These are stunning candles.

Their classic line of candles are without a doubt, the nicest looking ring candles out of any brand that we’ve tried. The semi-transparent floral type patterns really give the candles an elegant look and that is highlighted even further with the glow from the candle’s flame in the dark. They also have a variety of other sized candles in their collections ranging from smaller 10-ounce candles to a few large 23 ounce, 3 wick candles.

Aside from being so aesthetically pleasing, these are some of the best burn quality when it comes to ring jewelry candles. I found that the wax melted evenly and gave a melt pool of almost 1/2 an inch consistently the entire way down. The wick is slightly thinner on these than some of the other candles which seemed to stop it from “mushrooming” so much and causing soot.

These are not only some of the best ring candles that we have tried out, they can stand against some of our favorites from all candles in general. Jewelry Candles has a list of scents that is growing every day, and the scents themselves are mouthwatering (take a peek at their scent list for yourself). A luxurious soy wax blend and very creative fragrances add to an excellent scent throw whether hot or cold.

The system in place to reveal a rings value is simple and works well. Enter the code found attached to the ring on their appraisal page and you’re done.


Unrivaled Candles

Unrivaled Candles

Jewelry Candles was a new addition the last time we updated our list and they have made constant improvements ever since. They differentiate themselves from the competition by using a proprietary coconut wax blend for their candles which allows their candles to hold fragrance and burn extremely well. They also have the highest max prize value for their rings at a potential $10000!

When it comes to jewelry variety, Jewelry Candles was lacking slightly because they only have the option of rings as a surprise inside. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, however, as the rings which did come from these candles, even the lower valued pieces, seemed to look much better than a few of the other companies.

The candles from Jewelry Candles have moved up into second place because of their constant product innovation along with consistent candle quality. They now have many various themed collections which range from spa candles to birthstone candles for each month of the year. They are also one of the few companies that started creating ring candles in various other sizes and jar types which was a much-needed change in our opinion.


Jewelry Candles

Jewelry Candles

The candles from Jewelry Candles were overall, very impressive. While they come in at number 3 on this list I can’t recommend them enough. In all aspects, they had high marks from us with the one minor setback being their visual appeal in some of their candles.

Find 1000's of uncommon items great for the home, giving as gifts and more!

I love that these candles are made with 2 wicks. It helped the candles achieve a full even melt pool in a short amount of time each and every time we lit it.

Custom text candles, quote candles, greeting candles, zodiac candles and more are all options you can choose for making your candles unique gifts as well. They also have the largest selection when it comes to scents you can choose, so there should be something for everyone.

Ring candles are really only the tip of the iceberg when it comes to products Jewelry Candles has available too. They also have wax roses, bath bombs, soaps, and tarts with jewelry inside also, so if candles aren’t your thing (I assume they are!) then you can still find something that you might be more interested in instead.

Their products don’t just stop at jewelry surprises either. They have a line of candles and bath bombs which contain cold hard cash rather than jewelry for those that are iffy about the stated jewelry values. Cash prizes range from $2 – $2500! It doesn’t just stop there, though. Just released, is their luxury line of candles that look exceptional and contain actual gold within them. Prices on these will fluctuate according to the market value so as they say.. buy low, sell high! You can find complete details on their cash candles here or check out their luxury gold candles here.


Scented Candles with Jewelry Inside

Scented Candles with Jewelry Inside

If you ask us, truly great candles are all about the scent. We expertly combine delicious and luxurious ingredients to create strong, long-lasting, and intoxicating scents. Choose from scents like African Violets, Banana Nut Bread, or Hot Toddy -- whatever you are craving, we have the scented candle to delight your senses.

And that’s not all: each candle contains a piece of jewelry, valued between $10 and $7,500. You can choose the jewelry you want (ring, necklace, bracelet, pendant, or earrings), or opt for a total surprise. Whatever you choose, you can’t go wrong with our jewelry!

Our scented jewelry candle is a great gift for the holidays, birthdays, graduation, or just about any other occasion. In fact, our candle is the gift that keeps on giving: at first your loved ones get a sweet-smelling candle, and later they’re surprised with something sparkly that they’re sure to love.

Vegan, Cruelty Free, and Beautiful

Retailers: did you know you can sell Jewelry Candles in your boutique or gift shop? Our beautiful products will fly right off your shelves! We’re happy to offer you wholesale pricing on all our products. We even offer co-branded candles, with custom labels that feature your store’s logo right beside ours!

Every scented jewelry candles in our store is made in the USA. Our candles are vegan and cruelty-free too, so you can feel great about every Jewelry Candles product you buy. Whether you’re shopping for yourself, your business, or your friends, you’ll fall in love with the candles in our store.


The Gift That Keeps Giving | Candles With Jewelry & Cash Inside

The Gift That Keeps Giving | Candles With Jewelry & Cash Inside

** A Surprise in Every Candle**

There’s nothing better than unwinding after a long day with a scented candle. Except when that candle has a prize inside! Here at Jewelry Candles, we’ve got amazing scented candles with jewelry inside, as well as other fantastic prize products. Our jewelry ranges in value from $10 to $7,500. After finding your jewelry, use our free appraising program to find out just how much your prize is worth.

Our products can be the “treat yourself” present you know you deserve, or it can be the best 2-in-1 gift you can give to a friend. No matter who receives one of our candles with jewelry or cash inside, it’s sure to be a hit.

From baked apple pie, to birthday cake, to African violets, to blueberry muffins, there’s a scent for everyone. All of our candles are crafted using 100% soy wax, making them vegan and cruelty-free.

Everyone likes to unwind after a long day. Some soak in the tub, some settle in with a book or tv show, and some have a glass of wine. But however you recharge your batteries, there’s one thing everyone has in common: when it’s time to relax, we light a candle.

At Jewelry Candles, we want your relaxation to be a little more glamorous. That’s why we use the most decadent scents in each of our scented jewelry candles. We have a candle for all seasons, so you can enjoy the perfect ambiance on any occasion (and receive a special surprise in each candle)!

What is that “special surprise,” you ask? Each of our candles contain some buried treasure: a piece of jewelry you’ll find as the wax burns away. These candles allow you to be your most fabulous self, enjoying wonderful scents while wearing a brand new ring, necklace, bracelet, pendant, or pair of earrings!


How do You Make a candle with jewelry hidden inside

How do You Make a candle with jewelry hidden inside

With the trend of candles with Jewelry hidden inside being on a constant rise, you’re probably a little curious about the entire process. After all, it is totally unique and quite interesting being able to buy candles with rings inside. What might come to you as a surprise is that each candle with Jewelry hidden inside is made by hand.


The process of making all of our candles with rings inside starts with the jar. We very carefully place our Unrivaled Candles labels on each, which is actually more complicated than you would think. A couple jars in and your hands get super shaky and those labels start jumping up and down in your not-so-steady hand.


We then select the ring for the candle, which can range anywhere from $80-$5000 in value. We carefully inspect it, making sure there’s no damage on each style. If we see even the slightest scratch on the band, we do not use it. Then, we carefully place the ring in a plastic bag and seal it to perfection. It doesn’t end there though. We then strategically wrap the rings in tinfoil to ensure the soy wax doesn’t come in contact with the Jewelry. Once the rings are carefully wrapped and protected, we place them on the inside of the jar just behind the label.


As soon as the ring is secured within the jar, we then secure the wick for the actual candle. We have a unique way of doing this to ensure a better candle burning experience for you, and one that won’t damage your ring! Then, it’s time to put that natural 100% soy wax in the jar with a scent of your choice and we mix everything together until the scent is settled in the soy flawlessly.

With a little bit of decorative accents and a twist of the lid, your candle with Jewelry hidden inside is officially ready for you to take home! Of course, the process of making candles with rings inside is much more elaborate than that, but we have to keep some secrets to ourselves, right?


Jewelry Candles Review

Jewelry Candles Review

You have all heard about candles with Jewelry in them by now, right? Let me introduce to you the Jewelry Candles. If you haven’t heard about these yet you’re going to love them. Jewelry Candles have Jewelry hidden inside their candles. The Jewelry can be worth anywhere from $10-7500! You could get a ring, bracelet, necklace, earrings, or any other piece of Jewelry. They are also made from 100% natural soy.

I was so surprised when I received a candle in the mail. I didn’t even know I was getting one to review! I had to email them to see why I had received a candle and they told me it was so I could do a review. I was so excited and surprised at the same time. This candle has a picture of a dog and cat on it. The candle is 21 oz., which was much bigger than I expected. The size would make the candle worth the buy for me already. I didn’t even have to lite the candle to smell how amazing it was. It had a fruity scent but that’s about the only way I can explain it. I’ve been having such a hard time trying to explain the scent to everyone. I wish I could explain it better, but I honestly can’t think of anything to say besides it’s fruity and amazing!

The candle has two wicks. I love this because it helps it burn faster. After lighting the candle you could start to smell it throughout the house. I had to lite my candle for a few days. It took over twelve hours before I started to see the foil. Once the foil was showing all the way I took it out. I love how it was stuck to the side with some round sticky tab. That way it was easier to get at. I was so happy to have found a ring inside! It was very beautiful. I checked if it had any writing on it and I didn’t see anything. That doesn’t matter to me though. I still think the ring is beautiful and I wear it all the time. I was surprised that it fit on one of my fingers. I normally wear a size five ring, but this ring was able to fit my middle finger. The ring has three jewels on it that are clear. Even though I’m sure the ring is fake, it’s still in good quality.

I’m very satisfied with the Jewelry Candles that I received. I’m still shocked at how tall the candle is. The size of the candle and getting Jewelry inside would sell me on a candle right away. They make perfect gifts for any occasion. I know I’ll be buying some of these candles for Christmas gifts this year. I can’t wait to see the look on everyone’s face when they get one!


Jewelry Candles vs Jewelry In Candles

Jewelry Candles vs Jewelry In Candles

I had been looking for about a year trying to find a company who makes candles with jewelry in them that actually ship to USA. You’d be surprised the amount of companies who don’t ship to USA – there’s a ton. So, I gave up and didn’t bother looking until about 2 weeks ago. I finally found Jewelry Candles and Jewelry In Candles and they both shipped to USA. Jewelry Candles for a flat fee of $15 for 1 candle, ouch and Jewelry In Candles I didn’t even check before filling my cart…. But because I wanted to do this review and share which would be a better quality Candle and Jewelry for other American who may want to order – and save themselves some money with shipping, I went ahead and purchased.

Jewelry Candles Review
I purchased a candle in Birthday Cake. I also purchased 2 soaps (both of which came with surprise jewelry!)

The candle I could smell before I even opened the extremely well wrapped box. The smell was amazing. The soaps I got were Lavender and Peppermint. The lavender I didn’t like, which is odd I’m a huge Lavender scent fan but this one was just too in your face for me. The peppermint? It smelt so good, I really could have eaten it!

The soaps didn’t have the surprise jewelry in them, they were just in the beautiful wrapping with the soaps. So I didn’t have to wait until the soap was used to find out what I got. I got this beautiful pink ring, and beautiful necklace. I also let the candle burn for 7 hours, and was finally able to pull out the surprise from it a cute little ring with yellowish stones.

Unrivaled Candles

Jewelry Candles is a bit different than some others. You can get a free appraisal on your items by filling out the online form and sending in 3 photos, and telling them which candle/soap/tart you got them from. I was told the first ring (pink) retail value is $50, the necklace retail value was $35 and the last ring (yellowish) I got from the actual candle had a retail value of $10.

I was very impressed with quality of the pieces from Jewelry Candles. They didn’t look fake, big and bulky and they most definitely didn’t look like cheap fake jewelry. The actual candle smells incredible. I have been burning it tons in my bedroom at night (away from our bird) and it makes the whole upstairs just smell heavenly.


My box arrived and it was packed extremely well. There was a big box and inside was 3 other boxes. One full of 4 packs of tarts I ordered and the other two held 1 candle each. I ordered 4 tarts (vanilla, candy shoppe, lavender and banana nut bread) I also ordered Cotton Candy and Sugar Cookie in candles.

I did the tarts first because they were the quickest and I have zero patience. They were done within 5 minutes. Vanilla and Candy Shoppe smell incredible. Banana Nut Bread and Lavender not so much. My husband liked the banana nut bread, but the Lavender was way too strong. Maybe I just don’t like lavender as much as I thought I did, I don’t know.

The jewelry I got in the tarts were awful. I wasn’t going to burn them all, I wanted to give two away as gifts but after the first two I couldn’t knowing the jewelry I got was terrible. All extremely fake looking, big and bulky and nothing I would wear. I don’t even see how any of them would be worth $10. Both companies state their jewelry would be from $10-$7500 and I’m just not sure how any of these would be more than $2-$5 in a costume jewelry shop. The one necklace I did think was pretty, and one ring… I just really dislike BIG fake diamonds (and real ones too, I’m more of a small diamond type of gal)

I wasn’t impressed, but had high hopes for my candles. I watched tons of YouTube videos, and googled lots of photos and I didn’t see one piece of jewelry I didn’t like. So, the next day I started burning my candles. Within an hour I could get them both out.

Again, I wasn’t impressed. Out of 6 candles/tarts not one jewel did I get I would wear. None had any stamps, and you can tell they aren’t worth much. The candles smell amazing, absolutely incredible but I didn’t find them as strong as Jewelry Candles.

For Jewelry In Candles shipping came to a whopping $50.90. I was told later had I bought one less tart it would have been $25, but I had heard so much about this company, and wanted to give some away as gifts before I decided to do this post.

Although I was extremely disappointed in the jewelry I got, that is a risk. The candles and tarts themselves are great. I didn’t find the Sugar Cookie candle to have a very powerful smell, it was very mute. But the cotton candy was lovely. Very strong and very sweet. The tarts I will burn the Candy Shoppe and Vanilla, but I am not sure I can use the Lavender or Banana Nut Bread – I just really didn’t like them too much.

candles retail for $24.95, tarts retail $15.95
2 candles + 4 tarts + Canadian shipping = $164.60

My Final Thoughts: All in all I don’t think I would buy Jewelry in Candles again. I don’t like how you can’t find out the value of your surprise jewelry. I also don’t like the quality of the jewelry. I don’t believe any grown adult would wear any of the pieces I got from Jewelry in Candles. I know it’s a chance you take buying these candles, and I know it says anywhere from $10-$7500, but I really don’t even think the pieces I got were worth $10. My girls have already claimed three each to keep and play with after I write up this post, so at least they will go to good use. What I really did like about JIC was that you can choose what you want to get in your candles, tarts etc. You can choose earrings, rings or necklaces. You can also choose the size. This you cannot do with Jewelry Candles.

I will most definitely Buy *Jewelry Candles *again. The only thing I don’t like is the fact you have to e-mail in for an appraisal. Other companies come with a piece of paper with a code, where you can login on the computer and find out that price right there. That would be a much better option, however…. I am extremely impressed with the quality of jewelry I did receive.

So if you live in USA and want to try these fabulous candles with a little surprise inside I would recommend Jewelry Candles. Shipping was quick, prices are good and quality is outstanding. For the candles and soap but also jewels.


Jewelry In Candles Review

Jewelry In Candles Review

Jewelry In Candles has now merged and become a part of Unrivaled Candles.

This is a review that we’ve been wanting to do for quite a while now. We were getting loads of messages and comments asking us to try Jewelry In Candles and we wanted to know just what all the fuss was about.

We’ve finally had a chance to try it out, and here’s what we think..

Product Overview

Wax Type: Hand poured, 100% Soy wax candle
Size: 16 oz (453 g) wax, 21 oz jar
Price: Varies. The scent of the month candles go for $19.96 while most of the regular candles go for $24.95 and some higher
Shipping: Shipping prices will also vary. These candles DO ship internationally, although higher rates will apply outside of the USA
Jewelry Surprise: Choice in rings for ladies size 5-10, men’s rings size 9-13, earrings, necklace, as well as various other pieces

Bonus Prize: Identical bonus candles can arrive in your order which can contain gift cards, vacation packages, electronics, and other prizes which have yet to be announced
Reveal Type: No online jewelry appraisal in place (visit a local jeweler I suppose?)
Possible Jewelry Value: From $10 – $10000+
Other Items Available: Wax melts

jewelry in candles

Being that we are located in Pasadena, TX USA 77503, it was a nice surprise to find a jewelry candle company that actually gave us the option to have a candle shipped to us without using a 3rd party shipping service. Although the higher shipping costs might turn off quite a few of the international customers, it is refreshing to see the option there.

The candle that we tried was the company’s ‘scent of the month’ for June 2015 in Rose Zinfandel. Going with the scent of the month will save you 20% off the regular candle price, so if you think you might like that scent you might as well get the savings while you can!

With Jewelry In Candles the customization level on your candle is quite impressive. Various size options in ladies AND men’s rings will give you the piece of mind that you will actually be able to use the jewelry that you find inside them.

Fragrance Intensity: The candle gave off a mild scent out of the box. When I lit the Rose Zinfandel candle up I fell in love with how perfectly it’s fragrance filled the room. It wasn’t an overpowering fragrance but it had great throw that remained strong all the way through

Ring/Jewelry Quality: The ring which I found in our candle didn’t look like anything special and I’m quite sure it was just costume jewelry. That is the name of the game with these candles though and I feel that luck is just not on our side in this department! With that said though, it should be noted that there is no easy way of finding out your jewelry’s actual worth as there is no official appraisal method from Jewelry In Candles

Candle Performance: Big props to Jewelry In Candles for their candle performance. We were able to get a full 100 hour burn time out of our candle with an even wax melt the whole way through. The wick needed very little maintenance at all which was also a plus

Scent Variety: Jewelry In Candles has among the largest variety of scents in jewelry candles at 74 different scents for their candles and 76 for their tarts at the time of this writing. The scents are fun and creative and you are sure to have a tough time choosing just one. I believe that the only company that currently has more scents available in jewelry candles is Jewelry Candles (different company, confusing names)

jewelry in candles review
Review Rundown

Presentation: The ring candles from Jewelry In Candles come in your standard 21 oz glass jars with lids to go along with them. The labels vary quite a bit, some look very nice while others are so-so.Find 1000's of uncommon items great for the home, giving as gifts and more!


Jewelry Candles Review

Jewelry Candles Review

Today we will be reviewing the ring candles from Jewelry Candles. These are not to be confused with the similarly named “Jewelry in Candles” which is a whole other brand completely. I found Jewelry Candles to be the all round great pick when picking ring or jewelry candles. They have lots of neat ideas with their products that separate them from the pack but they also don’t have any serious downfalls like some of the other brands do.

With Jewelry Candles review it is all about choices. Not only do they let you customize you ring or jewelry candles down to size, they also offer a wide variety of other options such as a bouquet of roses dipped in wax that you can give to that special someone (with a surprise of course) or you can go for their soaps which also contain jewelry inside. Scent variety is the other huge thing with these, at the time of this review I was unable to find any other ring candle company that more choice in this department.

With that said we will try not to make this – or our other reviews – on individual scents because of course, everyone’s opinions will differ. If there does happen to be a particular scent that we find with more or less fragrance intensity we will try and point that out where we can. If you have a favorite scent that stands out to you please share it with us all in the comments at the end of this page, we’d love to know everyone’s thoughts!

jewelry candles

Product Overview

Wax Type: Premium natural soy wax candle

Size: 18 oz (510 g) wax, 21 oz jar

Price: $28 with varying shipping rates (See website for shipping rates)

Jewelry Surprise: Rings from size 5-11, Bracelets, Earrings, Pendants, or a Necklace

Reveal Type: Fill out the form on the Official Jewelry Candle website’s appraisal page

Possible Jewelry Value: From $10 – $7500

Other Items Available: Wax Roses, Jewelry tarts, Jewelry Soaps

The candle that we used for this review was the “Dance With Me” candle from Jewelry Candle’s ring candle collection. Something that sets Jewelry Candles apart from some of the other brands is that they seem to tailor a lot more to gifting. They actually have a line of candles which they call “Greeting Candles” that are made for just that purpose. These candles are kind of like a 3 in 1 type gift in that they contain the piece of jewelry inside but they also have custom labels which act as a card that you would give to someone (and obviously the candle is included). These greeting candles are tailored to many special occasions and you can have a look as to exactly what ones on their greeting candle page.

jewelry candles ring candle

Review Rundown

Presentation: The presentation for Jewelry Candle’s ring candle’s are fairly standard. They come in a large glass jar with a seal-able lid which you can reuse once you burn through the entire candle and wash it out. The labels are simple and quite elegant and their greeting candle labels are a really neat idea because these are great gift ideas as is and this those just make it even better.

Fragrance Intensity: I found that when compared with other ring candle brands, these candles were slightly lighter in scent. They still gave off a great aroma when they were burning but it just wasn’t overly intense.

Ring/Jewelry Quality: We found quite a few nice rings inside of the candles from Jewelry Candles. We haven’t even gotten them all appraised yet but some look far better than most of the costume jewelry you sometimes find. We don’t want to give Jewelry Candles a huge ratings boost just because we did get lucky with a few of their candles but it did generally seem like they had much higher jewelry quality in general than most other brands.

Candle Performance: This candle belongs not only in the top tier of Jewelry Candles but also candles in general. The two wicks surely helped in this department, keeping the wax melting evenly across its entire jar. No tunneling here. Melt pool stayed in the 1/8 – 1/4 inch range only going larger when we had the candle burning for hours and hours on end. The only thing of mention was that after long burning sessions the wax seemed to darken a bit almost as if there was a little too much heat for the wax, but other than a slight discoloration it didn’t seem to affect the performance whatsoever.

Scent Variety: Jewelry Candles review are king (or queen) when it comes to the variety of scents that they have available. Our last count came to a total of 86 different scents! I believe that this is the highest number of scents for a jewelry candle brand.