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Magento Development Services

MagentoGuys provides quality-rich Magento development services to build your excellent ecommerce business website. We offer fully customized Magento web development services across the world at best price guaranteed! 1-year free support! Request your project pricing today!

Best Magento Development Services Worldwide | MagentoGuys

MagentoGuys, an India based Magento development services provider offers ecommerce websites that act as sales multipliers for retail/small size businesses.

Get a multi-store website just within 1 week of time.

Take your business to whole new level with high featured online store that includes

  • Single page checkout
  • Magento 2.0 version upgrade
  • User-friendly theme with SEO settings
  • Mobile responsive screens
  • Payment gateways integrations & many other functionalities.

Established in 2015, MagentoGuys has successfully completed 800+ projects and has served reputed brands such as Vodafone, Rolex, Subway, a2milk and many others.

Magento web development services are complex and IT professionals at MagentoGuys make it easy for you with
fluid communication in nontechnical language
customer centric approach
transparent process &
timely delivery

All for less than USD $20/Hr!

Contact us right now on +91-7096620202 or submit your requirements at, and project manager at MagentoGuys will bring you a free quote within 24 hours to get you an eye-catching website within restricted budget.

How to Hire a Dedicated Magento Developer for Your eCommerce Project

9 Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Magento Developers
Magento is the 2nd largest e-commerce platform in the world with 24.8% of total eCommerce sites built the on it. Internet marketing experts see a website as a unique opportunity that allows selling more. Just think about the food that is prepared by non-chef, would it be tasty? Similarly, to render a user-friendly website that generates sales by itself, we need to hire certified Magento Developer who has years of experience in related field. Read the complete story now!

Magento Migration Service | Magento Data Migration Services

MagentoGuys is committed to providing cost-effective magento 2 migration service to its clients, taking care of their business operations and data security. We are a recognized Magento website development organization offering certified professionals and services to transfer business data from older to newer Magento version, i.e. 2.x. Our magento 2 migration service is comprehensive, it includes shopping cart migration, database migration, plugins re-installation and overall site optimization that leads to enhanced performance, scalability and flexibility.
Visit here for your store migration!

7 Tips to Increase the Lifetime Value of Your Potential Customers for Consistent Earnings

75% companies bring in return on investment by launching a loyalty program, 6% can’t gain sufficient profits and remain simply don’t track or think about it.
(Source: Experian, Business Data, Analytics and Marketing Services company)

It takes 7x more costs to bring a new customer in comparison with convincing and selling to existing customer. (Source: MarTech)

Moreover, approximately 40% of companies’ revenue is generated from persistent 8% customers. Business needs to make an influence in each of its dealings with customers or they will not come back. Your salesperson may be out of the mood, yet he/she has to attend customer with great care for leaving a good impression. Learn more now!

GDPR Finally Rolls Out in 2018: Beware of Sharing or Storing Unnecessary Customer Data

Since the inception of the Internet, data and privacy have remained red mark topics. Day-by-day, we hear an increasing number of strange and forceful cases of data stealing and privacy-leak. In this text, we are going to take a fast-paced look at all aspects of GDPR, in just less than 500 words.
What is GDPR Exactly?
It is an EU data and privacy protection law, its full form is General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Its applicability starts on 25th May 2018. It imposes new types of obligations on web or app developers and ecommerce merchants. Which individuals/merchants and app developers need to concern for GDPR? If your customers who are Europe based merchants or if you are a merchant having any customer located in Europe, you ought to take measurable actions to comply with GDPR act. As per the GDPR terms, there are certain restrictions put on collecting, storing and processing data of European people. Read the complete story here!

Magento Extension Development Services Company - MagentoGuys

Custom Magento 2 extension development is useful for e-commerce website owners desirous to sell more by adding marvellous features to their online store. With meaningful Magento 2 extensions installed in website, site owners get the opportunity to make their e-commerce store more user-friendly and organized. MagentoGuys is one of the best Magento extension development services provider in USA, UK, Australia & Canada, delivering world-class services globally. We successfully undertake front-end as well as back-end Magento 2 extension development services to explore more options on your ecommerce store. MagentoGuys is recognized as the best Magento extension development company across the world. Our services include:

Magento Multiple Deals Extension
Multi-store Integration
Advanced newsletters
Single step checkout
Magento QR Code
Online order of Modules
Advanced system for store administration
SEO friendly set-up
Magento Power Pack
Magento Power Pack
Category for bulk import/export
Installation of multiple wishlists
Quick view Pro
Totally automated payment process
Unique platform for online auction
MagentoGuys is proud to offers best Magento 2 extensions/module/plugins that nurture 360-degree flexibility added to your e-commerce website.

Top 5 eCommerce Platforms to Launch an eCommerce Store Without Fail

Top 5 ecommerce platforms for the large or small business. Fair representation of the most popular ecommerce platforms, choice is yours. Remarkable Pros & Cons!

Making a website to sell something has become easier.
70% work is completed simply by buying a readymade website theme that is built on top of any of the best ecommerce platforms. In this era of technological innovations, starting an ecommerce venture has become affordable at both retail and individual level, which was not the case in the 1990s or 2010s. The frustration of Too Many Uncertain Business Parameters-
However, launching an ecommerce store cannot be considered business success.
Just before you start, think over how would you manage/make in this cutthroat competition? Read the complete updated story here!!

Magento 2 Development Services Company India | MagentoGuys

MagentoGuys provides reliable Magento 2 development services to build your excellent & fully customized ecommerce business website. Request your project pricing today. Our company uses the advantages of Magento store development to the fullest for the benefits of our clients’ business. We have developed high-quality fully functional e-commerce components that are tailor-made according to the needs of the clients. We follow strict timeline delivery commitment, as we value our time as ourselves. Every website that we develop is done by keeping in consideration Magento ecommerce SEO, SMM, keyword research, blog promotion and much more. Eventually, it improves your company’s online brand visibility. MagentoGuys sole aim is to fulfill our clients’ business goals. Know complete offer visit our website!

Hire Magento 2 Developer | Hire Dedicated Magento Developer

Hire Magento 2 developer India for your custom Magento project requirement on the full-time or part-time basis. Hire Dedicated Magento developer today!
Why Hire Certified Magento Developer from MagentoGuys?
1. Years of experience and expertise in the online commerce industry domain.
2. Extended 24/7 support for complicated projects.
3. Include OWASP(The Open Web Application Security Project) security standards.
4. Undertake various customized work for your ecommerce website like- order management, installing reliable payment gateways, setting ecommerce analytics, providing multi-language support with utmost scalability and performance.
5. Accomplish customization of ecommerce stores with modern tools and technologies, carry out application integration, third-party API integration and make your website accessible from all types of hand-held devices and systems.
6. Proficient to tailor websites of different businesses like- retail, entertainment, health, travel, media, etc.
7. Unbroken communication with the client during the entire project span.
8. Maintain complete privacy and confidentiality of the clients’ projects.
9. We offer highly tailored solutions for your specific ecommerce requirements.
Timely submission of the project as per the commitment.
For more details visit our website: MagentoGuys.

Magento SEO Services Company | Best Magento SEO Audit India

Looking for reputed ecommerce Magento SEO services company? We provide ethical ecommerce SEO services India & audit to increase ROI & Traffic. Start SEO today!
Ecommerce Seo Services Agency India
Professional ecommerce SEO services India are mandatory if you want to hype your Magento web store. Truly talented ecommerce SEO consultant can do wonders for any business. It leads to higher web traffic through search engines ultimately pointing to your website pages. MagentoGuys offers best magento SEO services & audit that result in higher conversions, and thus elevates the profit earning of online retailers. We are an industry-standard ecommerce SEO services agency that has the ability to launch well-planned SEO campaign for any complex digital marketing requirements. We offer very affordable magento SEO services & complete magento SEO audit in the USA, UK, Canada & Australia for different segments of businesses. Choose best ecommerce seo packages and plan. Visit our website to get 1st page of Google ranking guaranteed!

Magento 2.3 Release with Impressive Features | MagentoGuys

Magento 2.3 Release with amazing Features like Dotmailer integration, Magneto shipping, instant purchase, MFTF and most popular one is zero-step checkout. Choose Your MagentoGuys for Next Website Development.
Magneto is an open source software suite for online retail platform written in PHP. Magneto authorizes many retailers and bands with the best e-commerce platform. It supplies online seller with random shopping cart system, overall looks, contents, and satisfaction of their store. Magneto 2 is amazing with its features and we are impressed with it. Time to time we get an update of magneto 2 then the software becomes more attractive. The upcoming upgrade is Magneto 2.3. Learn more to know complete story!

WooCommerce vs Magento: Which is The Right Platform for You?

WooCommerce and Magento are the two most popular e-commerce development platforms in the market today. According to the sources of many debates done by bloggers, both of them have strengths and suitability for different needs. One of them is a standalone product whereas the other is a plugin.

Advantages of upgrading to Magento2

Magento2 is a digital content management system built by Adobe specifically for e-commerce. As you might be aware e-commerce is an ever-growing industry which is extremely cut-throat in nature. It is important to maintain your e-commerce database in order to understand and utilise the data for your benefit. Magento2 is here for that very purpose. In this article the main purpose is to throw light on the usefulness of Magento2 upgrade services for our readers and why they should jump on the Magento2 bandwagon. Magento2 is the future and it will become the best ecommerce solution.

Choose Best Magento Certified Developer For Wholesalers

The best Magento certified developer for the wholesaler is experienced, trained and knowledgeable. All of them focus entirely on clients and helps them in all matters. They are experienced in the back office, enterprises, interactive marketing, and order to cash or supporting well the whole eCommerce services.You must hire dedicated Magento developer that holds the specialized team of website development and can explore all their features which can make your wholesale business of e-commerce a massive hit.

Why Should You Upgrade to the New Magento Version?

Magento 2 has come with many improvements in the coding, functionalities, and UX. The new Magento version upgrade is more economical although you are not having your own servers and you are using other hosting services. Let’s see why you should upgrade to the Magento version upgrade service. To Know More

Magento is The Right Choice for M-commerce to Increase Your Business

No matter whether you own a big business or small business, both e-commerce & m-commerce has brought in new way of running your business through a perfect business model which helps you to reach to your targeted customers.When you choose Magento platform for your ecommerce store, the magento development company you hire would demonstrate you about the abundant Magento features useful for brand promotions, market the products and boost sales conversions too.


Magento 2 Chatbot Extension Enhances Customer Engagement

Magento e-commerce services are including Magento Chatbot extension features in their package to make easy to use the available data for brand promotion and also build a healthy relationship with your clients. It directly enhances customer engagement, satisfaction plus brand loyalty.

Magento ecommerce services
Magento development company
Hire magento 2 developer
Magento 2 development agency

Switching to Magento Commerce 2 to Witness Growth in Revenue

Magento Commerce is amongst the effective and result in oriented e-commerce platforms that exist in the market today.Magento development company believes that Magento 2 sites are basically 20% faster as compared to Magento 1. so we can’t ignore the array of benefits connected to switching to Magento 2 which also includes witnessing the growth in revenues, higher conversion rate, and enhanced traffic to your site.


Key Points to Consider Before Choosing The Best Magento Agency

The trend of online shopping is increasing day by day. Instead of creating a physical store of any product, online stores are more beneficial in this updated and smart world. Several entrepreneurs are not having any physical store, still, they cover a huge market and get sufficient business. To build your eCommerce store, you will first have to decide the platform and then you will have to decide about the agency you are going to select for the creation of your store. Magento is the best eCommerce platform that is written in PHP. It is a flexible platform that allows the user to create the store as per their flexibility. It is a more scalable platform among all the other platforms. Read more...

When should I choose Magento Multi-Store & Multi-Site Settings?

Magento platform offers a complete solution that lets you access multiple features for managing multiple Magento multiple websites to help your business grow. Magento lets you get complete control over everything using an individual admin panel.

Upgrade Store to the Latest Magento 2.4.3 Version - MagentoGuys

Magento 2.4.3 versions' new upgrades and improvements might help you give a better user experience to your visitors. The Magento 2.4.3 version is powerful enough to provide the best solution for your Magento E-Commerce store.

Magento 2 Go-live Checklist - MagentoGuys

Magento Developers should double-check that everything is configured appropriately before proceeding with the go-live procedure. In this post, we have discussed a Magento 2 go-live checklist.