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How to manage stress through meditation?

Life Positive Meditation Coach are certified and have at least a year of work experience. When you contact a meditation coach, you are protected by the Life Positive Trust Seal.

International Yoga Day 2018: Don't Miss This One!

This year, you must attend International Yoga Day 2018. Know why and also know how to start doing yoga daily. It’s not what you think it is.

Best Theta Healing Therapist in Delhi

Theta healing helps you explore the pristine areas of your mind: the theta state. The best theta healers in Delhi can bring you to the depths of your mind.

3 Ways to attract online famous Reiki healers in Delhi

Do you wish to connect with online famous Reiki healers in Delhi? You can attract the best healer towards you! If you are ready to heal, it is easy. Find out how.

Search Ayurvedic Practitioner Online at Life Positive

Life Positive provides best ayurvedic practitioner online. All practitioner are experienced and certified. For more info visit:

How Yoga Helps Lose Weight In 10 Days

Weight loss doesn't come easy to everybody. You may toil hard in gym but in vain. These 4 yoga asanas are so powerful you can lose weight in 10 days flat! Start now!

Benefits of Past Life Regression

Past life regression events in Delhi help to clear your doubts and educate you about this therapy. It is about healing your present life by using past life as medicine.

Where is the best life coach in Delhi?

The urge to seek a life coach in Delhi indicates that you wish to change your life. You may have sensed that something is not right or is missing in your life.

Experience the miracle of past life regression therapy in Delhi

Past life regression therapy in Delhi helps you discover certain truths of your present life. Just a few minutes of delving in your past life or lives can uncover astonishing truths.

How to Do Pranic Healing in Delhi

Delhi is a fascinating city. It is also a happening place for alternative healing therapies. Get your energy flowing right with an affordable pranic healing in delhi.

Don't Miss These 7 Steps To Pranic Healing When In Delhi

Pranic healing in Delhi is increasingly becoming popular. People are realizing the amazing benefits of this alternative healing therapy. It is easy to do a healing session on your own in seven steps. You feel refreshed to the core.

How The Best Pranic Healers Perform Miracles On You

Pranic healing is one of the most popular alternative healing therapies, especially in big cities like Delhi. You can find some of the best pranic healers, who help you balance your 'prana' or life force. Once this happens, you can enjoy mental and physical health.

Ever Tried Life Coaching In Delhi? It’s Miraculous!

Life coaching in Delhi is popular. Some need a life coach, some want to become one. Whatever your need, Delhi is the city to undergo and learn alternative healing therapy like coaching. It offers a flood of opportunities to heal yourself and others.

Best Past Life Regression Therapist Online

If you are looking for the best Past Life Regression therapists online? Here is an easy way for you, that is This healing platform provides best PLR Therapists in India, who are genuinely experienced and have healed thousands of people.

Online Best Vastu Consultant in India

If you are looking for best vastu consultant in india? Life Positive is the best platform who provides famous vastu consultant online according to your location.

Contact Vastu Consultants to Spark Love in your Marriage

If your marriage is lacking love, instead of divorce, contact Vastu Consultants. These tips to correct Vastu defects in your bedroom can save your marriage.

Vastu Shastra for Home | Vastu Consultants Advice for you

Understanding Vastu Shastra and how vastu of your house affects your destiny. The importance of direction and position explained by vastu consultants.

Dowsing Experts Talk of Mistakes that People Make in the Therapy

People make mistakes while seeking answers to questions. Dowsing experts highlight these mistakes that make your session inaccurate. Know the mistakes here.

Looking for Best Dowsing Expert in India

Are you searching for best dowsing experts in India? Life Positive is the platform who provides Experienced and certified best dowsing healer online according to your location.

Best Palmist Online Unveils Secrets of Lines on your Hands

The lines on your palms are not just designs. They hold your future and speak about your personality. The best palmist online can help you decode the lines.

Best Palmist Online in India

If you are looking for best palmist online? Life Positive offers Experienced and certified palm reading expert in India at very affordable prices.

How to Become an Ayurvedic Practitioner and Work with Nature

Ancient science of Ayurveda heals the body naturally. An Ayurvedic Practitioner knows exactly how to tune in with Mother Nature and harness the power to heal.

Find Best Acupuncture Therapists Online

If you are searching for acupuncture therapists online? Life Positive is the best platform who helps you to find online acupuncturist easily.

Palm Reading Expert - your Future Lies in your Hands

A lot of people know about palmistry, but mostly, what they know is not right or contains only half the information. A palm reading expert tells you the truth.

The Secret of Essential Oils - By the Best Aroma Therapist

Aromatherapy is a fine way to soothe your senses and treat certain conditions. The best aroma therapist tells ways to perform and benefits of this therapy.