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Harting Distributor

HARTING’s Amazing Contributions To The Railway Industry - Alltronix India

HARTING has highly contributed in the effective functioning of rail vehicles by offering various kinds of connectors, sensors, optical fibers, housings, and more that are made for ideal use in railway environments.

HARTING’s Components – A Solution To Digitalization - Alltronix

With everything getting digitalized today, and technology being incorporated in every industry, HARTING’s MICA, ETB, and Han-Modular connectors have proven to be a blessing.


How Has HARTING Provided The Best Solution For Outside Broadcasting Applications? - Alltronix India

How Has HARTING Provided The Best Solution For Outside Broadcasting Applications? - Alltronix India

To satisfy the need of today’s outside broadcasting applications, HARTING has come up with solutions of Expanded Beam fiber optics connectors to assure long-term reliability in even the harshest of conditions.
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The Specialties Of The New HARTING UHF RFID Reader - Alltronix India

HARTING’s new product – the RF-R3x0 UHF RFID reader –is based on the extremely robust MICA edge computing system, and combines a vigorous compact design with software flexibility, making it the most versatile system.

Digital Transformation At HARTING - Alltronix India

Digitalization and transformation are extremely important in this world of competence and competition. One needs to serve clients in the best possible way to satisfy their needs, which can only be done by adopting digitalization.

HARTING Highlights at Hannover Messe 2018 - Alltronix

Hannover Messe, the world’s largest trade fair held at Hanover in Germany, this year showcased amazing products and solutions from HARTING, including modular connectors, industrial connectors, Ethernet communication, and more.

What Role Has Customization Played In The Integrated Industry? - Alltronix

Creating a seamless integration at every level and giving devices a connection to interact with each other helps to create intelligent devices which can be customized to suit today’s customer-oriented industries.

Create A Smart Factory With Harting’s Electrical Components - Alltronix India

Harting is an integrated industry company that offers the latest modularized, digitalized, miniaturized, and customized products. Using these products, you can build a smart integrated factory running on smooth processes.

Han Gigabit Module Cat. 7A – An Improved Piece Of Data Transmission - Alltronix

With a range of Han Megabit and Han Gigabit modules, HARTING now brings a new improved piece – The Han Gigabit Module Cat. 7A with better shielding and housings – that allow for maximum data transmission in a limited space.

How Can HARTING Products Improve The Maintenance Of Railway Systems? - Alltronix

It is highly crucial that railway systems are well maintained, and trains are kept scheduled on time to avoid loss of time and money, and inconvenience to passengers. And, HARTING solutions can help here.

Alltronix India - Advantech, Harting & Brady Distributor in Bangalore

Harting is the leading manufacturer of a wide range of connectors, encoders, and sensors; and Alltronix is the leading distributor of all these products and more throughout the Indian subcontinent.

Han-Smart Intelligent Connectors From HARTING - Alltronix India

Han-Smart connectors from HARTING are the latest trending connectors that come with intelligent capabilities that add value to serve the manufacturing requirements of today and the future.

HARTING – Innovative Connectivity Solutions For The IIoT World - Alltronix India

In today’s world of technology, machinery, and digitization, it is important to generate added value from data gathered from these aspects. What is needed to perform this task is innovative connectivity solutions.

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