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Adonis College Of Nursing (USA)

Welcome to Adonis College of Nursing where we lead with our motto – Knowledge, Trust, and Character. Here, we help students learn and build the essential skills for a successful career in the high-demand medical profession. Adonis College of Nursing is a Dolton-based healthcare training center and our mission is to provide quality education for our students. Our goal is to produce quality, caring, compassionate, and professional nursing to match the speedy growth of nursing employment.

Nursing: Specializing in Saving Lives

One of the most honorable professionals that anyone can undertake is the practice of nursing. This profession is utterly selfless and compassionate, with complete dedication to helping others continue living the lives they love.

How Can You Prepare for Nursing School?

Deciding that you want to become a nurse is only the first step in a very long journey that will be filled with ups and downs. However, we are telling you now that the journey you will be taking to become a nurse is worth every step of it.

5 Essential Qualities of a Nurse

The job of a nurse is a combination of job descriptions of other professionals. It requires a lot of characteristics and qualities.

5 Perks That Only Nurses Get

What will you get when you become a nurse? The perks that a specific field of profession give are what often drive us towards career path.

Learn a New Skill, Start First Aid Training Today!

Are you wondering why you should bother to learn first aid?

5 Reasons Why Becoming a Nurse is a Great Career Choice

Have you always been interested in taking up Healthcare Training? Why not dive into a more concise program and study to become a nurse?

4 Reasons Why Learning CPR Is a Good Idea

CPR is a skill that many of us do not think about very often unless we see it on TV. However, this is a skill that can save a life. Chances are you may never need to use this skill but in the circumstance that you do, it will allow you to take action and help someone in need, rather than being a helpless bystander. Here are some great reasons why learning CPR is a good idea:

Save a Life: The main reason why you will want to learn CPR is that it can potentially help you save a life. You never know when this skill will be useful but when that day comes, you can rest easy knowing that you are prepared and know what to do. This can give you a sense of empowerment and it will make sure that you have the tools needed to save a life one day.

Why Caregiving Is a Rewarding Career Choice

Are you interested in getting into the healthcare field but not sure about what you want to do? There are many different choices available to you from being a caregiver to becoming a doctor. This can make it a challenge to determine what you want to do. However, you may want to consider getting into caregiving. This is a career choice that not only allows you to provide healthcare but to also help people in their everyday lives. Here are a few reasons why caregiving is a rewarding career choice:

Nursing Assistant: Is It a Worthwhile Career?

Those are just a few of the many different things that you will want to keep in mind when it comes to nursing assistants. This is a great career that can provide you with a comfortable life while ensuring others can live theirs to the fullest. If you would like to find out more about our CNA / LPN program in Illinois, please feel free to get in touch with us at Adonis College of Nursing (USA) today.

Is It Hard to Get into the Medical Field?

One of the best fields to get into is the medical field. This is for a number of reasons such as good pay, the ability to help others, and the many valuable skills you will learn when you are participating in healthcare training in Dolton, Illinois. However, is it difficult to become a healthcare provider? The answer to this question will be different for everyone as it depends on their own willingness to accomplish their goals, the particular career they are going for, and so many other factors.

Study Tips for Nursing Students

Adonis College of Nursing (USA), an exemplary Nursing School in Illinois, supports you on your journey to become a healthcare professional. If you want to acquire stellar Healthcare Training in Dolton, Illinois, enroll with us today.

Who Can Make Use of First Aid?

Would you like to have First Aid and Healthcare Training in Dolton, Illinois, but don’t know where to obtain it?

Enroll at Adonis College of Nursing (USA) today. We are a prestigious Nursing School in Illinois that offers first aid training and more!

Adonis College of Nursing

Welcome to Adonis College of Nursing where we lead with our motto – Knowledge, Trust, and Character.

Care Benefits from Certified Nursing Assistants

When your care provider received their Healthcare Training in Dolton, Illinois, you can have complete confidence that our nursing assistants are skilled and capable of giving you the attention you need for your homebound loved one. We make sure that all the knowledge and skills acquired from our training is up-to-date and will complement modern-day challenges and requirements of clients so that our CNAs can readily perform basic health and medical services when needed.

Nurses | NA Program | Dolton, Illinois | Adonis College

At Adonis College of Nursing, we train students to excel as nursing assistants through our intensive four-week or ten – week program. A nursing assistant’s (NA) job puts you on the front lines of patient care. Nursing is vital to daily operations in hospitals and nursing care facilities.

Why Nurses Are Important Components in the Medical Environment

Nurses also hold your hand and make you feel comfortable before you go into surgery. They also prop up your pillow so you can sleep better and have a more restful time in recovery. Our Healthcare Training in Dolton, Illinois welcomes anyone who is ready to be a health care provider.

Nursing School Success: Cruising Through Your Training Program

Reputable providers of Healthcare Training in Dolton, Illinois employ class instructors who can teach and guide the students in the profession they have chosen. Make the most of your instructors’ presence and expertise by listening to them during class attentively. Show eagerness to learn by understanding what they are telling you.

If you have a hard time understanding a concept, don’t hesitate to ask. They are there to help you. Take note of them if necessary.

Expectations: What Your Nursing School Life Might Be Like

When it comes to Healthcare Training in Dolton, Illinois, there will surely be no shortage of blood, organs, specimens, and others. You will have to look, inspect and study everything from the different parts of the body to various health conditions. Thus, having a strong stomach to deal with these things is an absolute necessity. Keep in mind that these will be the same things that you will be dealing with every single day once you become a professional nurse.

Healthcare Training | Dolton, Illinois

You can count on Adonis College of Nursing to provide you with a comprehensive Practical Nursing Program. Please give us a call or send an online inquiry.

Nurse Training | First Aid | Dolton IL | Adonis College

Our First Aid Training program will benefit so many students who want to get a head start in their healthcare career. Please refer your friends to ACON.

Medical Training | Class Schedules | Dolton IL

Want to get trained as a CNA? Visit the website for the latest class schedules. Adonis College of Nursing offers LPN and CNA Training.

Nursing School | Tuition | Dolton IL | Adonis College

The listing of the required tuition and fees and other related expenses for the program are listed at the end of the school catalog.
Tuition and fee payments are due at the beginning of Term I for the expenses of Term I & Term II. Tuition and fee payments are then due at the beginning of Term III for the remainder of the program.

4 Ways for Nurses to Cope with Job-Related Back Pain

Being a nurse is a fulfilling yet at the same time demanding job. Nurses have to perform a variety of duties including providing patient care and assisting the medical teams they belong to. They go through Healthcare Training in Dolton, Illinois so they can be qualified to perform such duties.

4 Workplace Safety Tips for Nurses

Nurses are expected to play certain roles in the performance of their duties.

On the Inner Workings of the Medical Industry: The Many Roles of a Licensed Practical Nurse

A few lines of description are not enough to justify the importance of Licensed Practical Nurses or LPN’s in the medical or healthcare field; after all, LPNs serve as the frontlines of the healthcare industry. These professionals spend years studying, learning, and training to care for people who are going through treatment or recovery, and providing crucial assistance to improve the condition of parents.