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Blockchain Technology at Glance - How Blockchain will Bring Revolution in the Market

Blockchain is one of the trending technologies and different industries are adopting it due to its immutability and security. Find out more about blockchain technology.

sofoChain - Blockchain Solution for Product Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management is a complex process which involves tracking of the product from raw material to finished goods and managing data. It has many challenges in terms of data security, product counterfeit and origin. Blockchain Technology is based on distributed ledger which stores the data and secures hash key. It is a boon for supply chain where data security and product tracking is a must. Blockchain technology is a Track and Trace Solution of supply chain for various industries including Food, Healthcare, Logistics and Automotive.

sofoChain is a Blockchain solution for Supply chain which track and stores the information of the product while it moves from one node to another of the supply chain and from retail stores to end users. It also helps in tracing the origin of a product which is significant in the food supply chain and pharma industry.

sofoChain is developed by Sofocle Technologies - A Global Blockchain Company offering its solutions across the world including USA, UK, Europe, Hong Kong and Australia.

sofoInsure- Blockchain Technology Application for Insurance Industry with Smart Contracts

sofoInsure is a Blockchain Solution developed by Sofocle Technologies - A Global Blockchain Company, which offers Blockchain Solutions for different industries. sofoInsure automates the claim settlement for the insurance industry by using smart contracts and digital signature.
Since sofoInsure is based on the Blockchain technology, no 3rd party authentication is required for claim as smart contracts will execute automatically to verify. You can find out more details on the official website of Sofocle Technologies -A Global Blockchain Company

sofoPay- Blockchain based Procure to Pay (P2P) Solution by Sofocle

sofoPay is a Blockchain based Procure to Pay Solution built by Sofocle which removes the complexities of P2P process. sofoPay makes the whole process seamless by using HyperLedger and Smart Contracts. By implementing sofoPay, the whole process of making payments to vendors and partners become automated. Find out more about sofoPay at the official website of Sofocle Technologies - A Global Blockchain Solution Provider offering Blockchain Solutions for Supply Chain, Finance, Manufacturing, Insurance, Pharma, Healthcare, Automobile and Electronics industry.

Custom Blockchain Technology Development Services | POC Development - Sofocle

Blockchain is one of the most talked about technologies at the present. Since its successful implementation with the Bitcoin, many other industries has been evolved where Blockchain can be use. Industries like Supply Chain, Finance, Manufacturing, Food Supply Chain, Banking and Government sector can take most of the leverage of using Blockchain.
Sofocle Technology is a Blockchain Development Company which offers blockchain based solutions and POCs across the globe. Sofocle has already done POCs for many industries and getting recognition all over the world. Find out more about Blockchain Development at the official website of Sofocle.

15 Innovative Blockchain Use Cases that has Revolutionized the Technology Landscape

Given the transparent, distributed, decentralized and immutable elements of Blockchain, forward-thinking enterprises including Fortune 500 companies are exploring new ways to use this distributed ledger technology. Here are 15 interesting use cases of Blockchain Technology by Sofocle Technologies - A Global Blockchain Company offering Blockchain Solutions in USA, UAE, Hong Kong and across the world.

15 Innovative Use Cases of Blockchain-

  1. Currency Exchange and International Remittances
  2. Peer-to-peer Lending and Payments
  3. Audit Trail
  4. Smart Contracts
  5. Regulatory Compliance
  6. Supply Chain Communication
  7. Electronic Voting
  8. Cloud Storage
  9. Government Records
  10. Digital Identification
  11. Internet of Things
  12. Smart and Collaborative Transportation
  13. Online Gaming
  14. Proof of Authorship and Ownership
  15. Eradicating Cyber Attacks
Addressing the Pain Points of Food Industry using Blockchain in Food Supply Chain

Food Supply Chain is one of those industries which can get revolutionize by implementing Blockchain. We all know that provenance, counterfeit, adulteration and missing food data are some of the major challenges of the food supply chain and Blockchain is one of the best solution to cope up with all these challenges.
Blockchain technology works as a track and trace solution for the food supply chain which holds the records of all product data which is safe transparent and immutable.
Find out more about Blockchain technology for Food Supply Chain by Sofocle Technologies - A Global Blockchain Company offering Blockchain Solutions in USA, UAE, UK and all across the world.

How is Hyperledger Framework Making Enterprise Blockchain Adoption Easy?

The blockchain technology is witnessing industry-wide adoption and businesses are continuously analyzing its usages and advantages. Hyperledger is a Blockchain platform which is mostly used for Enterprise level Blockchain solutions. Sofocle Technologies is a Hyperledger Blockchain development company which expertise Blockchain based solutions specially for Supply Chain, finance, Pharma and Governance. Visit for more details.