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Restaurant Equipment Financing

Econolease is Canada’s leading provider of financial services to the food service industries in Canada and the United States for more than 30 years. From equipment leasing and rental, to working capital loans and merchant payment processing, we offer cost-effective solutions to many of your important financial needs. Call today to learn how we can save you money. Your cash flow will grow. Think Outside the Bank.

Beach Hill Smoke House | Econolease Spotlight

Meat-eaters rejoice! There’s a new sheriff in town when it comes to barbecue and it’s Beach Hill Smokehouse. Their style is influenced by central-Texas where...

Hale Coffee Roasters | Econolease Spotlight

In English, hale means strong, robust, vigorous, and bouncy. In Arabic, it means cardamom, which is added to coffee as a cultural practice that is synonymous with coffee culture in the Middle East. They use their self-ascribed basic methods of coffee roasting and brewing to create a deliciously fresh ground cup of coffee that you could say is very hale.
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What is Econolease?

Econolease is Canada’s leading provider of financial services to the food service industry. From equipment leasing and rental, to working capital loans and merchant payment processing, we offer cost-effective solutions to many of your important financial needs. Call today to learn how we can save you money. Your cash flow will grow. Think Outside the Bank.

Mandy's Gourmet Salads | Econolease Spotlight

Mandy's is a Gourmet Salad Shop with five locations across Montreal. Mandy’s has an internationally inspired menu with classic creations from the brain of the namesake Mandy. Mandy’s also offers the ability to customize and personalize salads.
Econolease is Canada’s leading provider of financial services to the food service industry.
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Delicious Burgers Cooked Just Right | Econolease Financial Services

Numbers are our business. And wow, ours are tasty! Check out how we help restaurateurs make their dreams come true every day.
Contact Econolease Financial Services for any restaurant equipment financing.

Blondies Pizza | Econolease Spotlight Series

A little pink box-shaped building sticks out like a sore thumb on Dundas street east in Toronto. But unlike a sore thumb, it’s all good times inside Blondies Pizza. The little pick-up and delivery only pizza joint has a southern California feel to it while cooking up some of Toronto's most delicious pizza.
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Making The Perfect Salad With Mandy Wolfe | Econolease Financial Services

Mandy Wolfe has been creating Montreal’s favourite salads for over eight years. Her combinations have herbivores and carnivores alike lining up for lunch daily. We asked Mandy how she comes up with her salads and we’re here to pass along some of the tips we got from the salad queen herself.
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Wilson's Haus Of Lechon | Econolease Financial Services

The dream was realized in Cebu, a province in the Philippines where Wilson Martinito worked with his siblings at a restaurant called Four Brothers.
Serving countless hungry customers each day Wilson and his family are preparing Lechon style pork, chicken and fish daily. With the help of Econolease financing solutions, the Martinito’s have brought a little bit of Cebu to Toronto.
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Rag Doll Eatery | Econolease Spotlight Series

With Rock and Roll vibes- paying homage to culinary legends like Anthony Bourdain and rock legends like Aerosmith, Rag Doll is a neighbourhood joint to come as you are and enjoy great tunes, good company and food that will leave you full!
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How to Make the Perfect Latte With Barocco Coffee Company | Econolease

Barocco coffee company are coffee roasters in Mississauga focusing on exceptional quality coffee blends and limited edition single offerings. They utilize traditional roasting methods honed in Italy. Their approach strikes a balance between past traditions and today’s technology. We caught up with Sierra, a cafe manager of Barocco to learn some tips and tricks on making the perfect latte.
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Your Next Restaurant Could Be In A Shipping Container

When creating a restaurant there are many variables that can change even after your restaurant opens. When certain items on the menu aren’t working you can just swap them out. But what if your location or concept isn’t working? Enter shipping containers. Venture Food Trucks is creating full commercial kitchens inside shipping containers that are highly customizable and semi-permanent.

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Tony & Claudia’s Market | Econolease Spotlight Series

After working at a supermarket chain for years Tony Cornacchia knew what customers wanted when they were grocery shopping. His dream was to serve customers of his own.
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Secret Lands Farm | Econolease Spotlight Series

When "regular" financial institutions gave Sophie a hard time financing her farm, she thought outside the bank.
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Do I own the equipment I finance? | Econolease

Carlie explains if you own the equipment through financing with Econolease
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Clove Apple Cafe's review for Econolease Financial Services

Thank you so much Abdu Wahab for sharing your experience with us.
Our support team is always available to answer questions. Let's make your dreams a reality!
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RENT Restaurant Equipment

As a restaurant owner we know you require specific commercial equipment tailored for your needs. Renting your kitchen equipment allows the flexibility to adapt in an ever changing market.
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Franchise Financing in Canada

Franchises are expected to employ 19 people on average. Financing your equipment can free up capital to cover costs such as payroll. Apply Today:

Financing for Opening a Restaurant - Econolease

If you plan on opening a restaurant, you’ll be faced with countless decisions. For budding entrepreneurs, finding financing is often cited as being the most difficult aspect of the project.
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Restaurant Equipment Leasing and Renting or both - Econolease

Drinking is part of the dining experience. A great selection of beers and cocktails can help drive revenues and customer satisfaction.
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Payment Processing

Start accepting customer payments with Visa, MasterCard, Discover Network and American Express. We also process Interac debit card payments. Apply Today:

Turn stumbles into success! | Ask The Experts

Learn how the owner of a Toronto based French Restaurant learned to turn failures into success. Visit our website:

Looking to start your food service business in Canada? Learn about the equipment replacement incentives to encourage water savings through equipment upgrades today! Apply for your equipment financing loan today!

6 Reasons to finance food equipment | Piktochart Visual Editor

Planning to start a restaurant business in Canada? Know the top 6 reasons that why you should take benefit of equipment leasing to run a successful startup restaurant.

JamJar Folk Lebanese Restaurant | Econolease Spotlight

JamJar is a Lebanese kitchen with both sit-down and counter service. It started as a simple idea, Fadi moved to Vancouver and quickly realized there was no place to eat great food in a communal space that promotes friendship, community and home-style Lebanese cooking.
When opening his second restaurant Fadi called Econolease. We’ve now helped him finance and expand his business to four locations.

Welcome Parlour | Econolease Spotlight Series | Econolease Blog

When Welcome Parlour opened its doors in North Vancouver a few years ago it was a re-opening of sorts. When Ian Widgery sought to bring his ice cream parlour to the area, he didn’t realize the history the area had. After checking the cities archives he realized North Vancouver’s first ice cream parlour opened there in 1909 with the name Welcome Parlour. This establishment was formed over 100 years ago and it was a neighbourhood place for ice cream, candy, and oddly- cigars. Ian decided to lean into that heritage and bring Welcome Parlour back ice cream and candy in tow But, sorry cigar aficionados, this is a smoke-free environment!