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Transport With Care LLC

Transport With Care LLC is a non-emergency medical transportation service provider that gives you a safe ride to your destination!

Need a Ride to Your Medical Appointments?

Getting to your medical appointments can be a challenging ordeal when you do not have access to convenient transportation due to an advanced age, illness, disability, or an injury. So what are you supposed to do? Transport With Care LLC offers the solution you are looking for as one of the best providers of non-emergency medical transportation in Port St Lucie, Florida. Through our services, we can help you get to your medical appointments on time and most importantly, at your convenience. Here are a few ways we can serve you:

Maintaining Your Independence Even When You Have a Disability

Having a disability does not mean you are held back but it can make certain aspects of life a challenge such as transportation. Many public transportation services are no longer an option and driving a car can be a hassle or even impossible if you are alone.

How Can NEMT Help You Stay Independent

Our services are designed to maintain your independence and to enable you to get around with complete ease even when you face mobility issue

The Very Basics of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services and Its Purpose

When you are unable to get around town easily due to a health condition, then we have the services you need to get where you want to be.

Convenient Transportation Solutions for Inconvenient Situations

Being at an advanced age or living with a disability, can make conventional transportation options an inconvenient way to get around.

When Should You Consider a Non-Emergency Medical Transport Service?

However, even if you are relying on our services, we are committed to providing an experience that is easy, affordable, and ensures that you can remain independent.

5 Benefits of Acquiring Transportation Services

Many people doubt the transportation services industry, especially in the field of medical care.

5 Little Known Facts About Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy may be confusing for some and may even be a cause of stress for many patients.

Dialysis Treatments: The Importance of NEMT Services

Non-emergency medical transportation services provide a number of important services that ensure different kinds of people are able to receive the transportation they need. Unlike public transportation or even a ride from a family member or friend, the non emergency medical transportation in Port St Lucie, Florida is specifically designed to help individuals in need.

What Are Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Services?

The non emergency medical transportation in Port St Lucie, Florida serves a wide range of purposes. However, the main benefit of medical transportation is to ensure that people who are unable to use more conventional forms of transportation have an option to get around town, get to medical appointments, and get where they need to be. Here are a few things you should know about this service and why it is so important:

What Can You Expect From NEMT Services?

Our NEMT or non emergency medical transportation in Port St. Lucie, Florida provides a huge range of services that can help you not only maintain your independence but also make life a bit easier. Our services are designed to provide convenient medical transportation options to individuals who are unable to use conventional means. So here are a few of the many things you can expect from our exceptional transportation services:

What Are Medical Transportation Services?

Non-emergency medical transportation services are for individuals who cannot use conventional transportation. This can include senior citizens, persons with disabilities, the injured, and more. In order to make it possible for you to get from point A to point B as easily as possible, we employ a fleet of specialized vehicles. That is what separates us from other transportation services in Port St. Lucie, Florida.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation | Transport Services

Go ahead and ask us about Chemotherapy, Medical or Non-Medical Transportation. Transport With Care LLC is happy to assist! Book your trips soon.

Enjoy a Safe Trip to and from the Spa

Having safety in our service and culture, we understand what it takes to have a convenient and secure ride that will take you to your destination. We mainly provide non-emergency medical transportation to all who need to get somewhere but currently have no available transportation options. Our transport services cover trips to health facilities and both private and commercial establishments. This includes a drive to the spa.

Consider What Happens After a Chemotherapy Session

Transporting people to their needed destination is one of our goals and getting them to arrive safely is our main priority. We are in the industry of mobile hospitality where we provide transportation options to individuals or groups who need get to a medical or non-medical establishment.

Don’t Let Health Issues or Disability Hamper Your Independence in Mobility!

Having the freedom and capability to walk, move around, and travel from one place to another through various modes of transportation may be something most of us take for granted, however, some individuals would give anything to be able to have that very freedom of mobility. These individuals are those surrounded by circumstances that hinder them from moving freely and being able to go wherever they need to go any time.

How Medical Transportation Services Can Greatly Help

For elderly individuals, people suffering from various health conditions, or those who have recently sustained and are now recovering from injuries, traveling from one place to another would not only have to require a vehicle but human assistance as well—the latter is not always available. Because of the lack of freedom in mobility, you or your loved ones experiencing these hindering circumstances may feel at loss of independence and control over your own lives.

Non Emergency Medical Transportation | Port St Lucie, Florida

Transport With Care LLC is a non-emergency medical transportation provider that serves the areas of St. Lucie County, Martin County, and Indian River County.

Why Should You Get NEMT Services When You Have a Personal Vehicle?

Having your own car brings a lot of benefits. For one, it allows you to travel to your chosen destination at your most convenient time. But just as it has advantages, owning a personal vehicle also brings its own set of disadvantages. Just think of the cost you’d have to spend on licensing, maintenance, and fuel. And if you’re struggling with medical costs, maintaining a car is an expense you wouldn’t want to look into.

Transportation | Hospital Discharge | Florida

Need someone to pick you up from the hospital after discharge? Transport With Care LLC offers Medical and Non-medical Transportation. Ride with us soon!

Family Caregivers, Here Are How NEMT Services Can Make Your Life Easier

Busy, busy, busy! That’s the kind of life you’re used to as a family caregiver. There’s always so much to do at a time and there’s barely enough hours in the day to get you through. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could delegate a couple of your tasks at hand to someone else? You’ve probably thought about it before and that there’s really no one else you can seem to count on. Well, think again.

Finding the Best NEMT Services for Your Needs

When you are looking for a way to get from Point A to Point B as efficiently as possible, you will have numerous options available to you. However, when you have a medical condition, disability, or require a wheelchair, many of these options may not be practical. This is where our non emergency medical transportation in Port St Lucie, Florida can help you. These services are specialized for individuals who cannot use normal transportation options.

What Makes Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Different?

When you are looking for transportation services, you will notice that there are many options available to you. However, when you are using a wheelchair, have a medical condition, or have a disability and then many of these options may not be feasible. To get to your destination of choice, you will want to consider the non emergency medical transportation in Port St Lucie, Florida. These services are specifically designed to transport individuals, who are unable to use conventional options.

Telltale Signs That Your Loved One Should Consider NEMT

On a regular basis, you will need to keep your eyes on the road while your hands and feet maneuver the different pedals and gears on the dashboard. But for seniors who might have aching joints and other health problems, the task of driving might prove to be challenging.

6 Things to Consider Before Choosing an NEMT Provider

Non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) is an important service to the community. It allows seniors and individuals with special needs to remain independent despite their health conditions. Apart from that, the NEMT service also allows the family members of the said individual to have peace of mind that their loved one is traveling safely on the road. It’s a service that doesn’t just benefit the one using it, but those around them too.