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Employee benefits

Employee benefits are optional, non-wage compensation provided to employees in addition to their normal wages or salaries.

What can Automated Employee Benefits do for SMEs – Rahul Yadav – Medium

This makes it imperative for employers and HR leaders to adopt a universal solution that will help maximise one’s investment in this avenue. Such a solution exists in the form of automated employee benefits (Sodexo benefits are a great example of this), which can benefit employees in the following ways:

Sodexo Meal Cards, Meal Pass, Food Coupons, and Gift Vouchers Online

Here are the ways to save taxes, salaried employees will be able to plan their expenses better and enjoy tax savings to the optimum.

Profound Career Management Plan – Sodexo Benefits India

In order to advance and get the next “right fit” career, a career management plan is imperative. A profound Career Management plan, based on evaluation and learnings. Navigate to Sodexo to get relevant information about profound career management plan.

Design thinking refers to the new age problem-solving approach in the human resource sector. Primarily dealing in the talent acquisition sector, the approach can be used to improve and optimise the recruiting and hiring strategy.

4 Ways to Better Engage Front Line Employees

What is a front line employee and role of front-line employees in customer engagement? Here are four tried and tested methods to make the most of your frontline employees!

How to Create the Perfect Career Management Plan - Sodexo Blog

Here are some of the best hacks that can help you develop a good career management plan, as well as measure how successfully you're achieving your career goals.

Time to flourish your business this Diwali with fabulous gifting ideas

Custom Corporate Gifts. Enhance your brand with our carefully chosen unique and useful corporate and employee gifts. See more ideas about Corporate gifts

Corporate Gift Cards Ideas | Business Gift Cards - Sodexo

Sodexo offers best Corporate Gift and Diwali Gifting cards for your employees and channel partners. Click here to know more about Corporate Gift cards & solutions and how to get them online.

Benefits of Employee Assistance Programs

There are numerous benefits that an employee can draw from Employee Assistance Program program. Some of them are listed here

Best Diwali Gift Ideas for Employees

Wide collection of Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees, select Diwali Gifts, send diwali corporate gifts to choose the best.

A Guide to Corporate Gifting for Businesses

There are do’s and don’ts of corporate gifting for employees and clients will help you in forming a long-lasting relationship in your business.

Casual Dining made simple with Sodexo Digital Meal Card

Here are some ways how Sodexo is making dining light on the pocket and comes out like an effective solution to your food needs - anytime, everywhere.

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Sodexo is India's No. 1 Benefits & Rewards Services Company. It provides access to wide range of services that improve the quality of life of users.

Gender Equality and Pay Mind the Gap

Compare national gender pay gap information reported by employers. Learn more about the gender pay gap and how to close it.

Want more engagement at work? A little nudge should do it

Sometimes the biggest changes begin with just a little nudge in the right direction! Have a look at the nudge theory here.

Top 5 Benefits You Should Know About the Sodexo Meal Card

Employee benefits can ease the life of any working professional and the Sodexo Meal Card has helped to enhance the same with multiple benefits.

Supporting Working Parents-Follow the Guide

Happy parents are happy workers. Employers who work to create a solid work-life balance activities for their employees stand to reap many benefits.

Sodexo Meal Card: How it Works and Helps in Tax Saving

Sodexo is a saviour in a way, as it is a tax complaint solution offered by both, MNCs and small companies

5 Best Ways to Save Tax for Salaried Employees in India

Here are some allowances that can help you understand how to help your employees save tax.

Sodexo offers meal pass card, cafeteria card, celebrations pass, & premium pass to users. So use them on official outlets to get the maximum benefits

10 Simple Ways to Master Employee Engagement - Sodexo

Employee engagement is swiftly becoming one of the most important indicators in assessing work satisfaction.Looking for simple steps to master employee-engagement for your organization? Read this blog and put these simple principles to practice to have a motivated workforce .

How celebrating workplace milestones will help improve employee engagement?

The thing that many managers seem to forget once they retain a good employee is to celebrate their milestones in the workplace.

Employee benefits work as an extension and expression of an organization’s culture. Providing benefits to employees secure the advantages of attracting and retaining talent whilst boosting productivity.

  • Sodexo Benefits & Rewards Services offers a range of 100% Digital Employee Benefit Solutions. The meal benefit offerings include Meal Cards, & Cafeteria Cards. The company’s fully-digital Rewards & Recognition offerings include the Premium Pass range of solutions that include the Premium Pass Celebrations for festive gifting & Premium Pass rewards for ongoing Reward & Recognition programs. Sodexo reaches out to over 3 million daily consumers in India across 1,500+ cities nationally including tier 3 & tier 4 cities making it India’s largest Digital Meal Benefit Network with over 100,000 unique points of acceptance.

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