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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for 10 Amazing Water Sports in the Maldives- A safe haven for your next adrenaline fix
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10 Amazing Water Sports in the Maldives- A safe haven for your next adrenaline fix

The Maldives is a safe yet thrilling haven for water sports enthusiasts and lovers of the sea and the great outdoors. Here are some watersports that the Maldives offers its visitors.


Jet skiing

If one searches for Maldives places to visit and things to do, jet skiing is likely to be one of the top suggestions that will pop up on the search engine. Jet skiing provides water sports lovers with the extra kick and the rush of adrenaline they desire. Some of the best snorkelling and underwater spots can be reached only by jet skis that are eco-friendly with less noise and fewer emissions. Be one with the speed and rush that this sport offers by braving the deep blue seas in one of these fun-filled sea rides.


Scuba Diving

What better way to explore the hidden underwater marvels of the deep waters than by learning to scuba dive during your exotic beach vacation to the Maldives?



Paddle your own kayak through the vast stretch of bluish-green waters of the Maldives and enjoy a quiet quality time while breathing in the water wonderland around you.



Snorkeling is more like the comfort sport of water lovers who are a bit apprehensive of deep water explorations. Swim alongside the turquoise beauty of the flora and fauna of the Maldives's shallow waters while learning to snorkel.


Big game fishing

Fishing enthusiasts can enjoy endless deep and shallow water fishing opportunities via fishing safaris on serene waters of this island haven. Some resorts and hotels organize their own fishing trips for their guests. It is best to inquire and arrange your fishing trips beforehand.


Underwater walking

This extraordinary feat is for those few whacky travellers who get a thrill out of doing the most ordinary of things under extraordinary surroundings. Imagine how it would feel to walk on the bed of the deep blue ocean while taking in the beauty that unfolds around you like kids on a window shopping spree.


Banana boat ridding

This safe and fun way to enjoy the best of your beach vacation allows making exciting memories with your kids and loved ones.



Ride the wind and the waves of an endless expanse of space, sea and water to get the true feel of an extreme sports enthusiast. Beware; this is not for the faint of heart! If you are up for the challenge try it out.


Catamaran sailing

Catamaran sailing adventure at an affordable cost of just 90 USD per person, is the best way to taste the freedom and the excitement of gliding almost above the blue waters of this paradise. Do not forget to capture the breathtaking and serene beauty unfolding around you while gliding through the waters.


Island hopping

Exciting island hopping opportunities await you in the vicinity of Adaaran Club Rannalhi and many other beach resorts and hotels in the Maldives. Though this is not your average watersport, island hopping offers unparalleled access to hidden beaches and 'Instagram worthy' nooks and crannies scattered around picturesque islands in the Maldives.