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How can I unlock a secondhand iPhone?

Learn how you can unlock your used iPhone.

However, my carrier won't unlock my favorite phone! I have learned about jailbreaking...

If your provider decides to not unlock your cell for any reason and you actually would like to unlock your iPhone, then you're able to participate from the somewhat controversial procedure of jailbreaking, which functions by eliminating software limitations levied by iOS.

A fair warning, however: doing this completely voids your telephone's guarantee, get you locked from iOS upgrades, and may completely brick your telephone if you are not careful.


What's an IMEI number and do I need it?

What's an IMEI number and do I need it?

The IMEI number can be used to recognize legitimate devices, so in the event that you call to inquire about unlocking your phone, make sure you have your IMEI number ready so that the procedure can move somewhat faster.

Scroll a little and you will see that the IMEI number close to the base.


Is there some way I could do it from home?

Is there some way I could do it from home?

Well, no and yes.

While elderly phones let their users to just enter an unlock code with no significant adjustments to your phone's applications, the procedure nowadays is somewhat different.

Consider calling your provider (or visiting their site) and asking an unlock. This may take a couple of days to process.

If your provider decides to unlock your telephone and you've got your SIM card prepared, then you may go right ahead and remove your old SIM card and finish the installation process.

If you are still very stuck, simply bring your iPhone to the regional carrier shop.


Should I pay to unlock my own iPhone?

Should I pay to unlock my own iPhone?

It totally depends upon the carrier. Some just charge if the apparatus does not fulfill all their needs (by way of instance, T-Mobile says, "The apparatus has to be a T-Mobile device, the apparatus should not be reported as missing, stolen or obstructed to T-Mobile.

The accounts linked to the apparatus should not be cancelled and will be in good position, etc."), whereas some just unlock particular iPhone versions (here's lookin' at you, Sprint!) .

Have a look at Apple's wireless carrier service and attributes map to find out about the various carrier policies on your own country.


What is the Locked iPhone Meaning?

What is the Locked iPhone Meaning?

Should you pick your phone up at the Apple store, you are in a position to add a SIM or micro-SIM from any provider and off you go. However, what happens after you purchase a secondhand, locked mobile?

Is the iPhone tied to that company eternally?

No. A locked iPhone only means that the phone is connected (or "secured" in) using a particular mobile phone carrier, such as Verizon or even AT&T. It follows that just a SIM card with that carrier will do the job.

Years past, unlocking your iPhone has been a whole lot easier than the procedure necessary now; if you are seeking to unlock a secondhand iPhone at 2016, it is strongly suggested that you proceed through your cell carrier.

Back then, all you had to do was see a spoonful buddy of a friend or input the ideal unlock code in a specific sequence and you're free!




As technology has progressed, websites that specialized in supplying these codes, such as Trycktill and NokiaFree became unworthy and taking your telephone to receive unlocked by a friend of a friend became far harder compared to the days that the iPhone 3G roamed the entire world.