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alternator 240v


Know The Difference Between Generator And Generator


The synchronous generator Alternator is just a machine for converting the mechanical power from the prime mover to a AC electrical power in a specific voltage and frequency. Three-phase alternators are useful since it has several benefits of supply, production, and transmission. For majority power production large alternator 240v is applied in the thermal, hydro and nuclear power channel. After the rotor rotates, the magnetic top cut the stator conductor, and hence EMF induces inside them. While the magnetic pole alternating rotating N and S, they drive the EMF and current in the armature conductor which first rotate in a clockwise direction and then within a anticlockwise direction. Thus, generates the alternating current.


The alternator has a rectangle rotating coil that's rotating at the magnetic field around its axis. The magnetic field is provided by either a permanent magnet or with having an electro magnet. The ends of the coil are connected by 2 slide rings. The slip ring collects the current induced in the coil and transfers it into external load resistance R. The rotating coil is also called the armature, that's constructed of aluminum.

The significant gap between the Alternator 240v and the generator is that in alternator the armature is stationary and the field procedure rotates in the generator armature melts and field is static. The armature of the alternator is installed onto the static part called stator and field wrapped on a rotating part. While the bond of a generator is just the reverse of it.

The alternator and generator both works on the principle of Faraday law of electromagnetic induction. The generator induces both the switching and direct current and the alternator produces only shifting current. The rotor of the generator has been placed in the static magnetic area. The static magnetic field is produced by the magnetic poles. The Cable moves within the magnetic area, whereas the magnetic line of force that induces the current in the wire.

Every half rotation of rotor changes the direction of the current, that induces the alternating current. For getting the alternating current, the ends of the circuit will be directly connected to the load. However, for producing the lead current, the ends of the cable is on the commutator. The commutator transforms the alternating current into direct current.

Key Differences Between Alternator and Generator:

An alternator is a system that converts the mechanical energy by the prime mover into the AC, whereas the generator converters the mechanical energy by the prime mover into an AC or DC.

The alternator causes the AC, where as the generator causes both the AC and DC power. The generator produces the switching current, which is changed into DC with the assistance of the commutator.

The generator has a magnetic magnetic field, whereas the generator has a rotating magnetic field for the high voltage creation and low voltage stationary magnetic field is used.

The alternator takes input supply from the stator where as the generator carries input supply from the rotor.

The armature of the alternator is static, and in the case of the generator, it's rotating.

The alternator includes a wide array of RPM where as the diesel generator has a narrow variety of RPM (rotations each minute).

The generator doesn't charge the dead battery whereas the generator protects the dead battery.

The outcome of the alternator is more compared to that of the generator.

The alternator is smaller in dimension and requires space whereas the generator demands large distance.


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