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Updated by Missy Anthony on May 17, 2018
Headline for Overhaul Your Wardrobe and Travel Without Luggage While Seasons Run Together Anything Goes
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Overhaul Your Wardrobe and Travel Without Luggage While Seasons Run Together Anything Goes

The weather has been crazy the past few years. We skipped winter and went straight to spring with the following year coughing up one hour of snow --ON THE DAY WE SET OUR CLOCKS UP FOR SPRING! This year Easter lilies blossomed during a torrential spring flood in December after which we went into winter then straight to summer. How do you plan a wardrobe?


Don't store clothes by season

Don't store clothes by season

Seasons are apparently becoming a thing of the past.

It seems the four seasons we counted on are now fighting for their place in line and I personally think Walmart is partially to blame!

When Christmas Items and winter clothing are available after July 4th and Bikini's can now be bought in January it kinda throws off the balance of everything! If you buy winter clothes in the summer of course you're going to at least try them out because new clothes are exciting. This has led to people wearing anything they want anytime of the year but accomodating for the weather hence going out in a sweater while wearing flipflops and shorts.

Maybe mother nature is watching us and going

"WTF? . I thought it was Spring but people are dressing for other seasons so which one is it? "

Don't mean to pick on only Walmart (but what are they gonna sue me?)
Other retail chains have fallen into the routines trying to keep up but it's kinda sad that Walmart seems to set the precedent and others follow right along.

They aren't trying to steal Walmart's business but simply trying to hang in there and not let Walmart demolish theirs. The whole Kmart / Sears things is a perfect example. While trying to loyal to the everyday consumer they were snuffed out by Walmart's new competition with Amazon.

Pay attention to your local Walmart in the very new future.

  • Jobs are being cut and replaced by kiosks to pick up your online orders.
  • Go to the electronics section of Walmart and time how long it takes to find an associate
  • The lady who runs the fitting rooms is the "operator" you get when you call
  • And FYI - they no longer hire or promote anyone for full time to avoid benefits (a little unspoken secret)

And this is all because of Amazon. Here's the deal! Amazon didn't promise the world to employees and exploit that reputation for all it's worth only to leave them in the cold. Amazon has streamlined the entire retail concept from day one and instead of hiring someone to stock shelves hoping for a promotion they have given the average person the chance to work at home, start their own business, and be partners with them.

Amazon has multiple optioins to make money, monetize, sell your own product, become an affiliate, or dropship. In a sense they are using everyone for the extra marketing and advertising they get out of it, but in return they give everyone a chance to choose their own path.

Lastly, at Amazon you aren't being bombarded with way premature out of season items. They keep it real and appropriate while still keeping available those unexpected out of season items when you need it!

For those of us who have fallen victim to the wardrobe clutter and confusion of what and how to get rid of all the crap you bought that you didn't need or can't get rid of for emotional reasons try the 3-stage Clothing Witch Hunt on this list. It's a little guide to help you get your shit organized and streamlined without the stress of being overwhelmed by tons of clothes you "might wear that someday" syndrome.

check it out!


Don't look at the weather report

Don't look at the weather report

The weather reporter is statistically paid more to be wrong more than any other profession and is generally the highest paid person in the building.

_For a List of Secrets the Weather Reporters Don't Tell You click here. _

Wouldn't it be Nice to Go to Work and Say:


By focusing too much on the forecast your more likely to get caught in situations where you are totally UNPREPARED for what may be in store.

*Just for fun let's breakdown the word forecast. This one is pretty simple just pull out the Latin roots, and use their definition to re-describe the word. *

-** fore** | The root word Fore means in front of, previous, earlier.

                    -  forebear is an ancestor,
                    -  To forebode is to give an advance warning of something badThey are predicting wealth and "fortune" and luck.  (notice the missing "e" in "fortune".  
                    -  forecast is a preview of events to be.
  • cast **| verb: casts, casting, cast

                     -  to throw or expel with violence or force
                     -  to throw off or away: she cast her clothes to the ground
                     -  to reject or dismiss: he cast the idea from his mind

So "forecast" broken down literally means throwing an idea prematurely,
like throwing the dice in a casino.

And sadly your dice have about the same
chance as would your weather forecast.

If you plan an indoors weekend based on the chance of rain you will be extremely unpopular with the rest of your tagalongs when they find out everyone else went to the lake over the mostly dry weekend. Obviously if you see a huge blob of green, red, and yellow taking up half your state headed for you that would be a day to do the inside thing.

If you do end up taking the boat for a spin and you get a little rain here and there never fear if you start practicing the next item on the list. ...


Buy a Backpack

Buy a Backpack

Backpacks are almost a fashion trend these days so buy one that matches everything and keep the following in it at all times:

  • sweats
  • shorts
  • socks
  • tshirt
  • hoodie
  • compact raincoat
  • compact umbrella
  • mini emergency charger
  • flip flops

    One of each in that sucker (two socks) and you've got it covered! Let the weather show
    it's crazy ass all it wants! A half used roll of paper towels might come in handy also. (half used
    so it doesn't take up much space)


Ship Your Clothes To Yourself

Ship Your Clothes To Yourself

This is a vacation tip. How many of us have left the dead of winter bundled up like Ralphy in the Christmas Story, only to get off a plane a few hours later in 90 degree weather about to keel over. First off, if you know this in advance, layer your clothes. Dress for summer then cover it with warm clothes. You can start shedding gradually without giving a striptease and there's less to pack (less bags, less baggage claims). But the real secret is....ship your clothes. Pack appropriate clothes for your destination and take them to UPS or whoever and ship them. You don't need them till you get there. Then before coming home ship them back. You will leave and return in the same clothes without the hassle of baggage.

  • less bags =
  • less baggage claims =
  • less $$
  • less lost baggage
  • get off the plane and go straight to your car

Any souvenirs will also be safer than being thrown around a terminal



Overhaul Your Wardrobe - The 3 Stage Clothing Witch Hunt

Overhaul Your Wardrobe - The 3 Stage Clothing Witch Hunt

So we're redfinnig how to organize our clothes:

  • figure out how many closets, drawers, etc you have
  • pull out all of your clothes and divide them up
  • instead of winter vs summer divide by all shirts, all jeans, all dresses/skirts, etc..
  • next divide those groups up into what you wear the most
  • put away the ones you wear most (all shirts together - all seasons) etc...
  • don't touch the piles of clothes that didn't make the favorites category
  • if you have enough space keep one closet or some drawers empty
  • after all the fav's are put away go thru the left piles and do it again
  • put the second round of fav's in the empty closet or drawers
  • now here's the hard part...
  • the left pile of unfavorite's should hung in laundry room or someplace out of your way
  • (they won't be there long so just deal with it)
  • these are the clothes you will wear starting tomorrow
  • each day find something from that group of clothes,
  • if you have to cheat to match it's ok to grab something out of the closet of the unfavorites
  • remember --- do not touch any of the "favorites" at all!!!
  • soon the last group will be dissappearing
  • of that group, if there is something that you realize you flat out refuse to wear or it doesn't fit, throw it in your trunk (have a big plastic tub i the trunk ready)
  • this tub is for items you've probably had forever but have only worn once, if at all (you know the ones I mean, it looked good on someone else so you bought it and realized we're all shaped different, or it was on the $2 rack at Rue21 so you couldn't resist - it might match something...
  • during this little trial run you may realize there are some things you haven't worn in ages and found a new love for it...
  • once the "unfavorites" collection has been 100% used or put in the trunk repeat with the "not quite so unfavorite's closet"
  • this time if you need something to match out of desparation you can get into your favorites
  • since you will now be making space available in that closet you can start putting away the ones you've been wearing
  • after you've gone through both groups of unfavorites WITHOUT TOUCHING the favorites you now should go back through what is left and rethink them all
  • was there one shirt you went ahead and wore but felt uncomfortable all day?
  • was there a pair of jeans that got a "have you gained weight" comment?
  • anything questionable should go to the trunk - when in doubt throw it out
  • you have now decreased your "extra baggage" giving your remaining clothes more room to breathe and be visible making it easier too pick and choose what to wear
  • and you've just made someone happy because they are fixin' to buy your clothes next week at Goodwill for a few dollars
  • OR if there is a consignment shop around try that if you want to make a few bucks
  • IMPORTANT! When dropping off your tub at Goodwill drive straight to the back, drop it off, and leave
  • do not, I REPEAT, DO NOT go into Goodwill before dropping off your tub - this greatly increases the chances of the tub remaining in the trunk for the next six months, which in turn increases the chances of the tub being brought back in to make room for something which increases the chances of all those clothes ending up right back where they started

So you now have everything put away and comfortably organized according to item, not seasons. Remember, it doesn't matter anymore. People wear the wierdest shit and it ends up looking awesome so if you want to wear a western cowboy shirt and hooker boots go for it. I can almost guarantee someone will be copycatting any new style or un-style you can throw together.

(Hint: if there is a crazy combo or questionable clothing choice that you want to wear but are worried about it --

  • choose a day you don't really need to be anyplace
  • try it on
  • get all dolled up like you're ready to go somewhere
  • go to the convenience store or run by the post office or some place you can get in and out quickly and see the fewest people
  • (Sunday mornings are good times to try this - everybody's either in church or still in bed hungover)
  • this little trial run will let you get an idea of how people react or don't react and also you can usually tell pretty quick if somethings uncomfortable
  • Now you're new little outfit is ready for the real world whenever you want and since you've only worn it for a couple of hours just put it back away it's still clean!

Hope this helps some of you - I know there are some of us who have never actually had all of our clothes clean, dried, and put up all at the same time (unless you take it to the laundry mat where they do it all for you) . Hopefully this 3-staged clothing witch hunt will help get rid of some of those piles or baskets. Just remember though, still try to keep a tub in the trunk so if you put on a shirt one day and it doesn't fit or is missing a button - throw it in the trunk - don't put it back up or throw it in the laundry!! It isn't going to magically be like new and fit next week either!

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