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A.P. Clinic Vadodara specializes in the lost art of Nadi Parikshan (pulse diagnosis), we have successfully revived both Ayurveda and Tibetan diagnosis.

6 Vata Balancing Yoga for Pregnancy | A. P. Clinic, Vadodara

During pregnancy when Vata is out of balance, the mother feels anxious and exhausted. Here are 6 best Vata Balancing Yoga for Pregnancy.

Health Benefits of Black Plum | A. P. Clinic, Vadodara

Black plum is a colorful summer fruit. It helps to treat many health and medicinal benefits. know more about the health benefits of black plum.

6 Benefits of Eating Fruits During Pregnancy | A. P. Clinic, Vadodara

Fruit is a healthy choice to eat throughout your pregnancy so baby gets proper nutrition. Here are the 6 benefits of eating fruits during pregnancy.

Ayurvedic Netra Tarpanam Treatment | A. P. Clinic, Vadodara

Netra Tarpanam is an ayurvedic relaxing therapy for eyes. It acts as both preventive and curative therapy for maintaining the healthy condition of eyes.

Ayurvedic Herbs that help to reduce Stress and Anxiety | A. P. Clinic

Stress and Anxiety sufferers should try the following Ayurvedic herbs that help to cure or treat and reduce stress and anxiety naturally.

10 Healthy Drinks Recipes for Winter | A. P. Clinic, Vadodara

This 10 Healthy delicious hot drinks recipes for winter will keep you warm, boost your immunity system, improve digestion and keep you healthy this winter.

Ayurvedic Panchakarma Basti Treatment - A. P. Clinic, Vadodara

Basti treatment is one of the five pradhana karma of panchakarma. It is considered the best way to keep the colon healthy and in turn the vata dosha too.

Ayurvedic Summer Health Tips to Stay Cool and Hydrated -

Let's take a look at body dosha types and ayurvedic summer health tips to stay hydrated. Try these tips to beat the heat and feel fresh and energetic.