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Online End-To-End Video OTT Platform

Manage, Publish, Measure, Personalize and Monetize with Corpus End-to-End Video OTT platform. Combine the entire OTT workflow into one seamless system for better business performance and end-user experience. Corpus industry-leading end-to-end OTT solution assist broadcasters, operators, media companies, content aggregators build more engaged and more lucrative audiences, and monetize video and TV with personalized, interactive experiences across any screen

Know About Content Monetization and Its Core Ingredients

In today’s world, the technology has occupied the lives of everybody through OTT apps and services. People share their thoughts, ideas, and concepts with everyone across the world through internet.

Streaming on Wheels: How It Offers Smart Transport to People

Presently we are living in the age, where every other day brings some changes in technologies. These changes together make our lifestyle better than yesterday. OTT videos are one such example, which has made the broadcasting and communication a lot better experience for ordinary users along with the professionals who belong to media and broadcasting.

How we can use OTT Platforms as an alternate or a complement

In this blog section corpus media explaining about how OTT platforms improving customer experience and tends offer good quality content.

How you can sell your Videos at Online Platform

In this blog section corpus media explaining about how OTT platforms can be used to sell videos at online platforms and why these platforms growing rapidly as

How can Corpus Media help you with OTT Services

Nowadays, new technologies and innovations keep on arising with advanced methods of using them. The OTT apps are among the new technological developments occurring across the globe. These services let an audio, video or other media content to be circulated over the internet as a stand-alone product by allowing the streaming content providers to distribute their contents directly to the audience without any traditional media service like TV networks or satellite cable providers. These over the top services are quite economical than the traditional methods of content delivery.

Always Keep These Things in Mind While Launching OTT services by Calton Cathy

The videos viewing habits are changing now like never before as people
are shifting towards online leaving TV behind. This is due to the emergence and
advancement of network connectivity and OTT Platforms.

The television market has experienced a drastic evolvement in the last few decades. The advancement has taken the TV industry from the restricted choices of one or two channels with a limited number of shows to genre-specific stations accessible in today’s world. However, the adding up of web-centered content by OTT is changing the scenario. OTT players are showing expansion over the world by getting the customers' acknowledgment as well as popularity among the audience.

How is Video Streamlining Advantageous for Businesses?

There was a time when uploading a video and streamlining it online was a tough job due to a number of factors, such as lack of high-speed data coverage. However, these days, many businesses have switched to offering live video feeds on several devices.

How Streaming on Wheels can Transform Travel Experience?

he technological advancement has made everybody equipped with textual, audio and video content 24/7. These incorporate the innovations of smart phones and high-speed internet services, which has made people habitual of carrying the entertainment in their pockets.

Corpus Media - An OTT Service Provider — Why is OTT Media Becoming the Best Choice for...

Over-the-top (OTT) services got their first break around a decade ago
when TV and videos or movies became available on the internet. The industry has
developed much faster than the expectations, due to which users now expect TV
like watching experience on their cell phones, tablets, and other gadgets.

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