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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Best Places to Shop in Jakarta – For an Expert in the Art of Shopping

Jakarta in Indonesia is known for having the most versatile fashion choices in all of Asia. When you are in Jakarta, you might want to check out the places on this list for the ultimate shopping experience.


The Grand Indonesia Shopping Town

Located in the central part of Jakarta, this mall is close to Somerset Berlian Jakarta and similar places. If you are planning on exhausting yourself with a shopping spree before you head back to your service apartment in Jakarta, the Grand Indonesia Shopping Town is a great place to head to. From the most basic amenities like an in-house ATM to the most luxurious international brands in the world, this massive mall has it all. The biggest cinema in Indonesia can also be found inside the mall, known as the Blitzmegaplex.


Mal Taman Anggrek

Though the first mall on the list certainly is mammoth in size, the Mal Taman Anggrek still seems to be the biggest mall in the country. Locally known as the MTA, this shopping destination spreads out over 300 square metres and has about 500 stores inside of it. This seven floored might mall also has Indonesia's biggest ice skating rink, the Sky Rink. Some people even go as far as calling the rink an arena due to its size. Apart from the usual things a giant shopping mall has, the MTA also has a few exhibition halls and event locations. Some of the country's most prominent and largest concerts happen in the mall. Coming to that, the mall has yet another thing to be proud of; the LED display outside of the mall is the longest one on earth.


Plaza Senayan

Locally known as the PS, this mall has an amazing variety of shops inside of it. More than just shopping, this mall is known for the love of food. Boasting a range of international cuisines that has everything from tiny stalls to fine dining eateries, the Plaza Senayan is a popular place for lunch gatherings and business meetings. Not as big as the MTA, the PS still holds its own place in this list mainly because of the food it offers to its visitors.


Pondol Indah Mall

This is actually 3 different malls that are housed in one complex. Every mall has its own style, with shops and entertainment to match. Along with the usual brand stores, this mall also has a supermarket. A winter themed land and a water park can also be found inside the Pondol Indah Mall.


Central Park

Named as such because it is actually inside the Central Park in Jakarta, this mall has an interesting architecture. Shaped like an oval, this 5 floored building has food on the first floor, followed by other types of products on the floors above. This mall too has a Blitzmegaplex and as it is nestled among the trees in the park, the mall has an amazing view to offer, whether you are in a café or a restaurant.