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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
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Top things to do in Ho Chi Minh – Have a Fulfilling Holiday

Ho Chi Minh is an amazing place to live in and an equally interesting place to travel to. This quick guide covers a few things you can do while in the city on a holiday. Read on to find out what they are.



Vietnam has an interesting history, filled with wars, death, bombings, and trauma. The country's history is something that must not be ignored when in the city and to know of the culture and history better, step out of your service apartment in Ho Chi Minh City the likes of Somerset Ho Chi Minh City and head off to the Ho Chi Minh City Museum. Apart from the usual historic relics and information, this city also has a War Remnants Museum which is not for the weak-hearted. The photographs and descriptions here are pretty graphic and might be gruesome for some to even read about. But hey, if you love gory details of the past, treat yourself!


Lam Son Square

Considered to be one of the posh parts of Ho Chi Minh, this place certainly needs you to be dressed chic when you visit. Being the hotspot for culture, nightlife and shopping, this area also has the most influential addresses Vietnam. Close to Lam Son Square is the Municipal Theatre, which is a hundred-year-old building that has events, dances and theatre performances happening inside of it often.


Reunification Palace

After the French were done ruling Vietnam, the popular Ngo Dinh Diem built this Independence Palace to honour the strength of Vietnam. After his assassination attempt in the later years, the structure was broken now, later, the Reunification Palace was built in its place in the early seventies. The place has not changed much since then, and the meeting rooms and royal gardens are a beauty to look at even now.


Jade Emperor Pagoda

If you want to take a look at Vietnamese Pagodas, but have the time to look at just one, go for the Jade Emperor Pagoda. This place was built in the 1900s by Buddhists and Taoists and is a spiritual site that will make you drop your jaw at its architectural marvel. From intricately carved panels to idols that can be found inside, the whole place has a very serene vide to it. You will actually feel like you just stepped back in time a few hundred years or so.



If you love loosening up at a trip and trying your skills at a place no one knows you at, then karaoke is a must try when in Ho Chi Minh. Grab a cold drink at one of the many clubs in the city and get yourself ready for a fun night out. Everyone in Vietnam loves to karaoke, so you would not feel out of place or like an oddball if you do try your hand at this jolly pass time. You can also chill while to listen to the popular songs at the local clubs.