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Headline for Scenic Spots & Places to Visit in Wuxi – For the Most Serene Vacation Ever
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Scenic Spots & Places to Visit in Wuxi – For the Most Serene Vacation Ever

Wuxi is quite the beautiful town to visit, and with its share of historical and cultural buildings, there are many things to see and do here. When it comes to scenic locations, Wuxi has enough and more of it.


Liyuan Garden

Spreading out over 20 acres, this garden is the most popular lakeside garden in all of China. The amazing view of the lake is seen in every part of the garden as it was designed with this in mind. In the 20th century, the garden began to take form, and over the years, smaller additions to the gardens and has made it what it is today. If you are staying at an accommodation in Wuxi the likes of Ascott Central Wuxi, this garden is less than 3 kilometres away. The Li Lake was named after a senior state official who discovered the area on a random boat ride, and the garden was named Liyuan after the lake it was situated on. The garden has three major sections, the hilly side, the rocks, and the green pathways.


Taihu Lake

To access this scenic attraction, you must pass the major cities and visit the Jiangsu Province. The Taihu Lake is the biggest water body on the east coast of China and is also the second largest freshwater water body in the area. The Taihu Lake location is now one of the most popular natural attractions in China. The gorgeous views, scenic backdrop and more, make this a must visit site indeed. The best time to visit this site is from March to May and then September to November.


Jichang Garden

Situated at the foot of the Mount Huishan, this is a well known classical garden in the country. Locally named the Qin garden, this place used to house a group of monks back in the day. You can visit the Jichang garden any time of the year, but the bloom will be bright and lovely during the months of March and April.


Huishan Ancient Town

Another place that is located at the foot of its namesake mountain, the Huishan Ancient Town is about 3 kilometres away from Wuxi. Known for having awe-inspiring natural scenic views and locations, this place still preserves its ancient buildings. Walking into this town, you can feel the rich heritage of the place along with the whispers of the past in every building and paved pathway.


Lingshan Buddhist Palace

This Buddhist palace is not too far from the might Buddha statue and is at the foot of Mount Lingshan, thus the name. Spreading out over 70,000 square metres, this site has 3 floors, with a tower style top that stands on it all. The outside of the palace is built with reference to the Tibetian architecture and is fused with ancient Buddhist designs and grottoes caves. In one part of the site, you will find yourself near the shining wall, which is an elaborate work of art and will take you a few minutes in the least, to decipher the piece completely.