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Signs that you need Glasses – Can you read this?

If you had difficulty reading the question above, you definitely need to get your vision checked. However, there are a few more symptoms too, and this list covers them in detail.


Blurred Vision

Opticians in Sri Lanka or any other country suggest you immediately visit an optician if you have blurred vision that lasts for more than a few minutes. Sometimes, when you rub your eyes too hard, it can cause blurry vision, but it should clear up in a minute or too ideally. In addition, blurred vision can define fuzzy words, unclear and unfocused vision.


Night Vision

No, this is not about the superpower, if you have trouble seeing clearly at night or the vision fades as the light gets dimmer, you might have to make an appointment with your local optician the likes of Vision Care Optical Services. Fading eyesight in the night could also be a symptom of cataracts, thus, it is better to get it checked out at once.


Dark to Light

When you are walking out from a dark room to a brighter one, your eyes do need to adjust to the lighting. Nevertheless, the speed at which you adjust matters, if it takes a noticeable amount of time for you to clearly see what's in the bright room, then this could be a sign of weak muscles. The iris expands and contracts with the help of these muscles and as you get older, the muscles get slower and weaker.


Fatigue and Strain

If your eyes are getting tired sooner over time, it could be a sign of fatigue. If you were able to read for hours and now cannot manage to cross four pages without feeling tired or needing to close your eyes often, then it means that your eyes are under a lot of strain. Apart from age and stress, reasons like not drinking enough water could also cause this. Drinking eight glasses of water a day improves eyesight too.



If you get headaches often, it could be a sign of a bigger neurological issue, but the usual reason is connected to vision. When the process that helps lens and cornea focus on items fail, the muscles behind the eyes are made to work double time to make up for lack of support. this can lead to strain, and the strain causes headaches. Wearing glasses until your muscles fix themselves will be a good idea. However, do not try any home remedies when it comes to vision issues, always to go a medical expert and get proper glasses or medication.


Double sight

Even when drunk, double vision is not a good sign. Seeing double usually means that the muscles in your cornea have malfunctioned for some reason, and this is usually an early symptom of cataracts. Contact you, optician, immediately and get a checkup done if you are seeing double, whether drunk or sober. In addition, the same advice counts for people who see the wavy vision; when straight lines start to look curved.