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Top Rated Tourist Attractions in Bangkok – For the Best Kind of Holidays

Bangkok is everything a traveller would ever want in one place. From ancient temples to mountains and central shopping hubs, this city has it all. Let's take a look at the best of them all here.


The Grand Palace

If you don't have the time to add a lot of historic sightseeing in your list of things to see in Bangkok, this should be the one place you make time for. Certainly grand in every sense of the word, this palace is a spectacular site and is one that has been photographed in awe by many a traveller. If you are staying in an apartment hotel in Bangkok the likes of Citadines Sukhumvit 8 Bangkok, then the palace is less than an hour away. The Emerald Buddha calls this place its home and while the place was built in the year 1782 to be used as a residence for the royal family, it is now used for major functions and royal ceremonies. When you visit the place, dress decently since this is still a place that has a statue of Buddha inside of it and is considered sacred by the natives of Bangkok.


Wat Pho

You can find Wat Pho is the south of the palace grounds itself. This temple is a gorgeous piece of work and is an amazing place to walk around in. Built by King Rama the first, this is one of the oldest temples in Bangkok. For a truly cultural Bangkok experience, do visit Wat Pho.


Wat Arun

Taking a look at this structure is quite a mind-boggling thing as even the modern architects wonder how this place was built so flawlessly back in the day. You are allowed to climb on to the top part of the Wat and if you do find yourself up there during a sunset, know that you are in for a treat. You will look over the magical Chao Praya River view with the last few rays of sunshine lighting up the whole place in a golden glow that does not belong in this world at all.


Wat Traimit

Home to the Golden Buddha, this temple is popular for being unlucky over the years and striving through it. Legend has it the land around the temple was bought by a firm and they wanted to remove the plaster Buddha statue that was here then. While a crane failed to lift the statue due to a shocking weight that certainly did not belong with a plaster statue, they gave up and left it fallen on the floor overnight. It rained that night and the next morning, people walking past noticed a shiny golden glow in the statue in parts where the plaster had broken. Upon removing the plaster, they realised that the statue was actually made of about 6 tons of pure gold! The actual golden statue is deemed to have been stolen by raiders after a few years, but a replica still sits in its place.