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Updated by Jelena Cekic on May 08, 2018
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9 Reasons Bot Creation Can Give You Better Insight Into Your Business

Here is how you can get better insight into your business through using chatbots as solutions.


It’s a Very Easy Thing to Do

Thanks to the cutting edge technologies and best practices in UI and UX design, the best chatbot platform is, at the same time, one of the easiest ones to use. What does this mean? This practice enables every entrepreneur, even those with no technical background, to make, use and integrate chatbots in channels effortlessly.

The analytics and reporting of chatbots are designed to deliver highly valuable and actionable data, distributed in an easy-to-read and comprehend way. Perhaps this is why this technology has become so widely adopted, and on a stable course to becoming one of the most frequently used solutions by businesses by 2020.


Identify Patterns of User Requests

Your customers are an integral of your business and chatbots are designed to help you manage them in a smart and efficient way. In order to meet the customers’ needs, you must devote your business assets and resources to them.

Chatbots can discover patterns in users requests, making it easy for you to decide whether your marketing, service or sales department needs assistance. This can be of tremendous help when you are marketing and launching new products, as well as in crisis management scenarios. Predicting customer requests remains one of the best benefits of creating and using your own chatbot.


Improve your Finances

Chatbots can also provide powerful insights into your finances. For quite some time, they have been used as finance managers. In this scenario, you can build your own finance chatbot on the best chatbot platform or use one right out of the box.

They can become powerful allies if you use them internally. Beside using them for managing finances you can enable your employees to consult bots about their off days, compliance rules and regulations, account password resets and more.


Truly Understand your Customers

When you have thousands upon thousands of customers, it becomes very hard for your managers to deal with all the customer data, especially today when the trends tell us that our approach should be customer-centric. Understanding every customer individually seems like an impossible task.

In order to get a better insight into your business, you have to truly understand your customers and all you need to achieve that is a single chatbot that will remember the name of each of your customers and its previous purchases. With this insight, you will be able to fine-tune specific segments of your business logic and set your business on the course to success.


Collect Information from Multiple Channels

The more data you have, the better and more accurate your business insights will be. Tracking, recording, storing and then structuring the data can be very time-consuming, especially if you don't know where to start.

Well, chatbots not only know how to do it, but they can also stream the data they collect from multiple channels and store it in just one location. A chatbot can now be integrated into Facebook Messenger, Viber, Slack, Skype, live chat app, and other chat software. Big platforms like SnatchBot, have extensive template libraries you can use to find a complete AI solution for a particular problem and adapt to a particular industry on the fly. SnatchBot’s API also helps with the integration process for complex omni-channel setups.


Continually Improve Customer Service

Continually Improve Customer Service

To achieve a continuous improvement of customer service, you will have to make adjustments not only to your strategy, but also the interactions and responses of your customer service agents. To do so, you will need to get some insights by listening to hours of recorded calls and reading pages upon pages of chat transcripts.

With chatbots this process becomes streamlined. You can easily identify the poor performing interactions and responses and switch them with better ones. With the best chatbot platform, this process is very easy and involves only a few clicks.


Identify Hot Upselling and Downselling Opportunities

One of the most valuable insights for driving more sales is that regarding the purchasing behaviour of your customers. While the CRM systems can help your sale representatives with this, the process still includes a significant amount of manual and repetitive tasks.

Chatbot bots automate this entire process. A chatbot has immediate access to the database storing past customer interactions and purchases. With a little help of AI and machine learning, a chatbot can easily pick some of the products or services that might interest a specific customer, thus increasing the odds of successful upselling and downselling offers.


Improve Your Lead Generation Strategy

Lead generation and qualification are some of the most time-sensitive business processes. The insight into lead generation and qualification strategies and the results they bear is vital to business success. Again, CRM systems can be of help with these, but they still require time and manpower to work effectively.

Intelligent chatbots can handle this completely on their own, while at the same time generating powerful performance reports for you. Chatbots can be set and to automatically push scheduled messages via desired channels, thus expanding your brand reach and boosting lead generation.


Continuous Employee Development

Continuous Employee Development

Assessing the knowledge and skills of your employees from time to time is mandatory, especially if you offer continuous development programs. Having insights into the employees’ progress is vital to the success of this effort.

Now you can delegate your employees training to chatbots. They are completely capable of presenting the learning material to your employees, as well to test them and deliver the reports back to you.

Hopefully, these 9 reasons are more than enough for you to consider creating a bot to get a better insight into your business. As you can see, chatbots are very powerful and you don’t need any coding or technical knowledge to use them.



While chatbots are continuously changing the landscape of many industries, it is good to stop from time to time and take a breather so that we can look at the new developments in the field.

For instance, creating your own bot from scratch has never been easier, because we have access to the best chatbot building platforms for free. Today, we are going to go through the reasons creating a chatbot can give you a better insight into your business.

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