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Brushing and flossing regularly after waking up and before sleeping will last your teeth for a lifetime and keep your smile beautiful and healthy. Developing this good healthy habit in your routine is the best way to keep your all body disease-free

Easy Ways to Keep Your Smile Beautiful and Healthy

Brushing and flossing regularly after waking up and before sleeping will last your teeth for a lifetime and keep your smile beautiful and healthy. Developing this good healthy habit in your routine is the best way to keep your all body disease-free.

How to deal with a dental emergency while you are on holiday?

What happens if you get dental emergency while you are away from home and your regular dentist? What should you do if this happens to you while traveling?

A smile can change your look

On evaluation, we found that the patient had no missing teeth. But had an abnormal size of two central incisors. So, after assessment, we came to conclusion that the patient needs to undergo a root canal treatment for two front teeth and then dental veneers.


Piezosurgery Device – A Blessing to Modern Dentistry

Piezosurgery Device – A Blessing to Modern Dentistry

Piezosurgery device allowed precise, clean and tactile – controlled bone cutting which provides rapid healing and less swelling issues. With the help of Piezosurgery unit bone incision is made up to 1mm, then osseous ridge expansion is made from 1mm to 2mm, it gives a very predictable result.

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One and only Women-Oriented Dental Clinic in Ahmedabad

US dental is one of the most technologically advanced dental clinics in Ahmedabad today. We offer a world class dental care and known throughout the world for delivering international (US) Standard of dental care. We have established ourselves as a best dental care which can provide quality care services to our patients and their families.

Dental Treatment Option for Changing Your Smile

Dental Braces are one of the best prominent approaches to enhance the arrangement of abnormal or packed teeth and shutting holes between teeth. That is the reason why the dentist in Ahmedabad center has made the additional move to offer family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry benefits that will keep your look as well as feel good.

Dental Hospital in Ahmedabad

Some teeth indeed have a shorter life span than the other, but the teeth and gums are still prepared in such a way that it can get repaired easily by the periodontist. It also enhances the overall appearance of the restoration for creating an attractive smile.

Dentistry & Botox Treatment - Next BIG thing in the crystal ball of dentistry

This is one of the skin-repairing techniques which one can undergo for skin damages at any age. There are doubts, questions and myths all around which are related to it.

Individuals have a misconception about the energy created by a lovely smile. A wonderful smile influences you to look Confident and enable you to flourish out in the open and expert circumstances.

Get A Safe and Pain-free Dental Implant Treatment at US Dental Care

Are you looking for the well know dental implants in Ahmedabad who can help you? With the highly qualified doctor’s and the latest technologies with drastic equipment, it performs the best, complex dental procedures by addressing each one’s individual unique needs.

Get the Best Dental Implant Care in Ahmedabad

US Dental is a modernize dental care with a high state of the art equipment in it with all around of dental care treatment which is based in the city of Ahmedabad, Gujarat. It believes to cater all kinds of problem related to the dental starting from the decaying tooth problem till a complex treatment for the implant surgery ensuring the great smile on the face of the patients and providing them with the best permanent teeth to their jaw with a painless strategic implantation treatment.

Top Reasons to Choose Dental Implants

Dental implants are one of the best options that work for tooth replacement. In case of missing tooth replacement that includes choosing dentures or bridges, the slightest gap between the teeth is filled. And one such best option is a dental implant.

Dental Treatment Option for Changing Your Smile

That is the reason why the expert dentist in Ahmedabad center has made the additional move to offer family dentistry and cosmetic dentistry benefits that will keep your look as well as feel good. You may assume that all cosmetic dental administrations take significant investment or require difficult, obtrusive systems.

What Are the Advantages of Tooth-Colored Fillings?

The colored fillings consist of a composite resin that easily binds with the teeth. It means that there is no need to hinder the tooth structure of the natural tooth. This does not affect the patient’s experience and the fear attached in the mind of the patient. The fear is less, and the results are healthy and guaranteed. The tooth structure remains healthy and intact.

Prevent Your Dental Problems to Get a Healthy Smile

Here the best clinic stands to overcome all your dental problems starting from minor to major dental problems. The dentist here believes that everyone should get the proper and the best possible dental treatment and care to defeat their dental issues.

When would you know that you are suffering from Gum Disease?

Bacterial infection that surrounds the teeth and gums form plaque buildup, who are the major reason for the Gum disease. Plaque is formed on teeth after brushing, it is a sticky substance leading to formation of pus and in turn periodontal disease. at US Dental, the best Gum Disease in Ahmedabad. We have Dr. Sayma Memon who is USA trained and licensed experienced Periodontist in our team to render unmatched quality of care.

Smile enhancement-Teeth whitening, reshaping and tooth jewelry

Smile makeovers involve a wide range of treatment options such as enamel recon-touring, teeth whitening, dental veneers and much more. In this case, with the most conservative treatment, patient’s smile was transformed. to know more, contact best Dental Implantologist in Ahmedabad – Dr. Sayma Memon for more details.

Get Sparkling Pearly Smiles with Teeth Jewellery this Diwali

Teeth Jewelry can be removed and replaced anytime according to your preference. Once the teeth jewelry is been removed or replaced it has no effect on the tooth enamel. The entire process of attaching the tooth jewellery takes only 10-15 minutes and it is 100% convertible,Come to US Dental, “the best #dental clinic in Ahmedabad” , to stand out from the crowd and create a sparkling pearly smile.

Age Is Just A Number With Botox: Come, Rediscover Yourself

Botox is a pure drug that is made up of colostrum botulinum bacteria. This toxin is applied to treat muscular conditions and cosmetically remove wrinkles. It reduces wrinkles and fine lines by freezing the muscles, which means that the injected muscles can’t contract and it will cause wrinkles to stop. Now a days Botox is most commonly used in cosmetic dentistry as it enhances your appearance and make you look younger.Contact US Dental now and get younger look with Botox Treatment in Ahmedabad.

Get Your Dental Treatment Anytime, Anywhere with Online Dentistry

In this era of digitization, not a single industry has remained untouched by it. Healthcare and in that, specifically dental care industry is one of them. The advancement in technology has brought almost all the dentists and orthodontists ‘all time available’ for their patients.Our Free online dental consulting service is all in one solution for those who want information for their dental concerns by sitting at home.
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Laser Dentistry: A Revolutionary Process To Say Goodbye To All Your Pains

A laser is a device that emits light. Laser uses energy in the form of light to cut the tissue that is supposed to be removed, to eliminate the gums disease, root canal treatment and teeth whitening procedure.To know more, contact best Dental Implantologist in Ahmedabad–Dr. Sayma Memon for more details.

All you need to know about SINUS LIFT!

When the upper maxillary molar or premolar is missing, the bone remodeling procedure is used. In that case the base of the maxillary sinus expands and reduces bone thickness. Thus, in such cases, sinus lift is a very helpful procedure to regain bone space for implant placement.

Case of the month – Dental Veneers

The fact is, we are not born with a beautiful smile.  So here US Dental team can help. Veneers make your teeth and smile healthy and become perfectly-aligned.

Dental Braces Treatment in Ahmedabad

Dental Braces are one of the most effective and popular way to improve the alignment of crooked or overcrowded teeth as well as closing gaps between teeth. They are used to correct malocclusion, deep bites, open bites, cross bite and crooked teeth. Sometimes often used in conjunction with other orthodontic appliances to help widen the palate or jaws and to otherwise assist in shaping the teeth the dentist in Ahmedabad

A Parent's Guide – Oral Dental Health Tips for Kids

You cannot track your child’s health as it is a very difficult task because you have many responsibilities to perform as parents. Following are the facets to guide your child towards a good oral health.#usdental