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10 Vibrant Folk Art Forms of India that will captivate you.

From Kashmir to KanyaKumari, from Assam to Maharashtra, India has rich and vibrant folk traditions. Here are some folk art forms that have survived ages and are still so captivating.

Gond - The Vibrant Folk and Tribal Art of India

‘Viewing a good painting brings good luck.’ This belief forms the basis of a beautiful tribal art, called the Gond art of Madhya Pradesh.

Kantha Work: Traditional craft from Bengal in contemporary designs

How Kantha has transformed from a rural household craft into a style statement

Indian Miniature Paintings: Origin, Styles and use in Home Decor

The tradition of Indian miniature paintings and their use in home decor.

Pattachitra: This spectacular art of Odisha will mesmerize you

Pattachitra; The traditional art of Odisha finds modern usage

Folk art of Bengal and Kalighat paintings

Unique Patachitra traditions of Bengal, Kalighat Paintings, and initiatives for promoting cultural tourism in West Bengal.


Madhubani paintings from Maithili in Bihar

Madhubani paintings from Maithili in Bihar

Marked by geometrical figures and vibrant colors, Madhubani paintings, which find mention in the epic Ramayana, were done traditionally by the women on freshly plastered mud walls and floors of huts but now these are also used as hand loom patterns.


Warli art from Maharashtra

Warli art from Maharashtra

Warli painting is an art form of the indigenous tribes of North Sahyadri Region in Maharashtra. The simplistic form of folk art is done with minimal colors and has little or no detailing. The paintings depict the social life of the tribal people instead of mythological characters or images of deities. Yet, Warli art it is one of the most appealing folk art forms of India.