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Ovakil Online CA Services offers business registration services by CA in India. We manage business in all legal matters of the business. Business registration includes Company registration, Partnership firm registration, LLP registration, Proprietorship registration. Register and manage business with us.

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Opening a Bank Account After Private Limited Company Registration - Online CA Services in India

After registration of company in India is it necessary to open bank account for holding share capital is bank? This is big question in which even some professionals are confused. From this article we are going to put light on this question and try to provide answer for this.

Big No for the people who thinks is it mandatory to open bank account after Company Registration in India. Sometime it happens that people ask CA for Company registration and they wanted to start business after some time. Now we need to understand that if company owner don’t want to start any business after incorporation then no requirement for opening bank account for company.

Online Income Tax Return Filing Can Be Done Directly From Government Website - Online CA Services in India

By change in time the government of India also updates his feature and trying to provide all government information and work online on the government portal. Previously is was not possible to file IT return online and all have to wait in long queues.

For filing income tax return online, income tax assesses need to create account on the income tax website (which is easy as creating social networking website) and after creating such account assesses can choose income tax form from the various option.

Difference Between Composition and Regular GST Registration - Online CA Services in India

GST is new in India and people not very aware with the rules and regulations related to the GST registration. In general a person thinks that all registration are same but with the help of this article we would like to put light on the various type of registration in GST.

GST is new form of taxes comes in India in the place of various taxes like vat, service tax, custom, entertainment tax etc. It is a one nation tax which has a dream of Indian government for so many years. Now you only need to pay GST in place of other indirect taxes, which has been mentioned above.

What Documents Are Required for Income Tax Return Filing for Individual?

Income tax return filing is required for every individual, company, partnership firm, Trust and every other entity not covered above but earning money or making lose from in business. Loss making entity need to pay income tax return with the reason of forwarding loss to next year which is technically known as carry forward the loss. This loss will set off with the profit f the entity up to the next 8 years.

For online Income tax return filing can be done from the income tax portal directly. Before filing tax return online we need to have some documents with us. The lists of documents are as follow:

Ovakil Online CA Services: What Time Duration Involve For Different Type of Business Registration Online?

For doing business in India we need to use some identity, and for this purpose Firm registration online is the option to do. Aspirants of business have many option, they can chose different type of business entity.

Every business registration involves some time to get done. Now we will explain time duration with reasons for every type of business registration online.

Annual ROC Filing After Private limited Company Registration – Online CA Services

Every Private Limited Company is required to do annual filing of company returns after the end of each financial year. The procedure for filing annual return for a private limited company is simple and can be easily completed by a financial. In this article, we look at the procedure for filing annual return for a private limited company.

Ovakil Online CA Services: Complete Guide To Online Income Tax Return Filing For Fy 2017-18

Many employees believe that they are the most burdened lot, which is clearly a mental trap. The amendments have been introduced to make the online income tax return filing more transparent for assesse.

Some of the notable changes introduced under the Finance Act, 2018, include reintroduction of standard deduction, elimination of allowances (medical and HRA), long-term capital gains (LTCG) tax on equity, and increased income tax cess.

The simplified e-version of the efiling income tax form is not only faster to file but also helps the tax department to keep a strict vigil on those who under report or over report their incomes and expenditures to evade the tax net.

Checklist For Annual Filing of Company

While doing annual filing of company we need to file many forms to the department and all are confused for their attachments or for filing of forms. Here is annual filing checklist of roc for companies.

Annual filling Checklist for ROC FORMS FOR ANNUAL ROC FILLING

1) ADT-1 (Appointment of Auditors)

2) AOC-4 (Balance Sheet and Profit & Loss Account)

3) MGT-7 (Annual Return)


ADT 1 is to be filed by every chartered accountant after appointment as an auditor for annual report. In this form CA need to provide some details. This CA will provide annual report for company.

ITR 2018-19: 44 Ad Presumptive Taxation Under Income Tax Return Filing

Presumptive taxation is a scheme which was offered by the income tax filing department to the small taxpayer for paying the tax on presumptive basis rather than making books of account and calculate the profit as per books. This is benefit for the small taxpayers who don’t want to make books of account and pays tax according to presumptive tax and makes his tax simpler.

How To File Online Income Tax Return If We Don’t Have Form 16?

At the time online income tax return you need to get Form 16 from your employer if you are salaried employee. What if you don’t have form 16 at the time of return?

Here we will discuss some easy steps by which you can do income tax filing even you don’t have income tax return.

The amount shown in form 16 is also available in form 26AS which can be download in the income tax login of your account.

How To Apply For Gst Registration Cancellation?

A GST registration can be cancelled by the Tax payer himself or by the legal hires of tax payer in case of the death or any other incapability of the Tax payer. In this write up we will discuss about

Gst On Discounts After Gst Registration - Applicability, Procedure Or Invoicing

To attract customer in your business some time we need to provide then good discount which may be of following type cash discount, trade discount, volume discount, percentage discount etc. now we need to understand the applicability of GST on discount Under GST there is no bifurcation in all above discount type, but there are two category in which discount is bifurcated.

Company Registration: Mandatory KYC Of Existing Directors

We have seen that government has done so many changes like reducing the fees of company registration, launching of RUN form instead INC-1, application of din by incorporation of the company, now in the series of theses decision for ease of doing business, he government of India also want some transparency and trying to find fake directors, this DIR-3 EKYC for is coming as a part of government initiative.

Ovakil Online CA Services: Five Reasons You Should Done Your Income Tax Return Filing Before 31 July 2018

The income tax department makes it compulsory for every person to done income tax filing if his gross total income before allowing the deduction of 80C to 80U, exceeds Rs 2,50,000/- in the financial year. However this limit is 3 lakh for senior citizen and 5 lakh for super senior citizens.

Is It Possible To Apply For Revocation Of Gst Registration Cancellation?

Revocation is one of the services related to GST provided by We provide almost all Online CA services which include GST registration and others. We are the team of experience chartered accountants and all of them providing services Online. Due to this professionalism, you do only not get the best services in no-time but also save a big amount of money to get your work to be done.

Income Tax Return Mistakes In Income Tax Return Filing Can Be Avoid If You Understand 7 Rules

At the time of income tax return filing we need to avoid some mistakes which may get you notice from the department on the ground of hiding income. Its...

Ovakil Online CA Services: Mandatory KYC of Directors To Be Done Before 31st August 2018?

ROC already issued notices to companies which are not active, but main problem with these companies are they don’t have any accurate communication details of directors, now MCA has issued one form which need to submit by all director with some documents and one unique phone number and mail id. More information on roc filing on