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Updated by Ellen van Aken on Aug 21, 2023
Headline for Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos
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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool.

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Intranet - Manual de Uso (in Portuguese)

Nice demo for this SharePoint intranet. The colours are like their website, in lots of green tones, it looks very refreshing. I am also curious about the top navigation - it appears as if they have used an different "skin" on SharePoint or they have used icons for the navigation or they have customized it - I can not see that properly.
The demo focuses on the content in the top navigation.

This is for an organization that distributes discount cards in Brazil.

Uploaded September 2022

Intranet & SP on Vimeo

Not a standard intranet demo, but it contains a few nice pages with Microsoft Lists. Both the design of the list, as the page where all similar lists live.
It's SharePoint, of course!

This is for a USA-based financial service organisation that specializes in car loans.

Uploaded September 2022

FBEO Intranet Site Tutorial

This is a pretty cool demo video for a Food Bank intranet in the USA. Because it is SharePoint, of course, but also because they use Lists for Requests and they have a room booking system based on Outlook and Teams which looks pretty cool. Also because it is focused on "doing your work", which I like. It also looks good, but not extremely beautiful. Excellent.
The only thing I am wondering is if this is computer-spoken.

Uploaded June 2023.


Short teaser for a new "Reimagined" SharePoint intranet for an semiconductor (?) company in the USA.
Apparently it has smart search, quick access to relevant sites, and a News hub, and "upgraded features" for a better navigation.

The soundtrack appears a bit off.

Uploaded July 2023

¡Nuestra Intranet se nueva para ti! (in Spanish)

This little instruction video deals entirely with completing your profile. Not sure if this is really necessary in these days of social media, but it is a nice description for those who have never done it.

This organization helps female entrepreneurs in Colombia.

Uploaded October 2022.

Star Companies - Welcome to the Intranet

The good things on this people video are: we know who this person is, there is a neutral background that does not distract us from the speaker, and the speaker is comfortable in front of a camera.
But, this video is quite long (> 4 minutes) and is clearly not rehearsed so it is not very snappy.

This high-end home electronics retailer and installer (they create Home Cinema's and Smart Homes, for instance) are a small organization, but as they are very dispersed, an intranet will help them with their work and connecting with others. It is interesting that they are also allowed, even stimulated, to share personal information (such as birthdays and private accomplishments) and use the intranet for personal things, as long as it helps the connection between colleagues. Nice!

Uploaded May 2023

Glencore - DW - Launch Film

This new intranet has it all, apparently. In any case this is a cheerful video, nice soundtrack, pleasant colours, and it has a good name: The Core, which is especially suitable for a company called Glencore, which is a Switzerland-based international trading and mining company. "Connect. Learn. Grow" is the tagline, which makes a nice change from the rather worn "Communicate, Connect, Collaborate" that we see so often.

There's an extensive Newsfeed page with "your" content from across the organization, of course there is a lot of News, there are communities and other ways to connect to colleagues, you can personalize some things and it is also available on other devices.

Uploaded April 2023.

Intranet CONECTA FALP (in Spanish)

A new intranet for this Cancer Hospital in Chili. The new intranet is colourful and has lots of images and has all the info you expect, such as news, people info, organigrams, policies and access to various systems. Of course it is also available for smartphone.
They log in with Microsoft, but the intranet does not look like SharePoint, and I also noticed an app in the Google play store, so I guess the intranet is based on a different platform.

Uploaded April 2023.

DASSAULT Intranet Launch Demo on Vimeo

Phew, this is a tiring video. The computer displayed keeps on moving to the front and to the back, and the intranet itself looks a bit cluttered as well, despite the calm blue colour scheme.

This is the new intranet for a French company that builds various types of airplanes. The intranet is integrated with their systems, apparently, which is nice, and also has a lot of corporate info such as news, events, sustainability information, etc. The Cherry on top is being able to connect with your colleagues.
Sadly there is so much movement and the screen displayed is relatively small, so there's not a lot of detail visible.

Uploaded July 2023

gunnercooke - Intranet Launch Video

Nice teaser for the new intranet of this UK legal and finance services organization.
It looks like SharePoint (with some customizations) and the lovely design mimics their website.

I quite like their very prominent search boxes for Experts and Clients, and the templates section so you have no excuse that you have used an outdated template... They also use different voices during the video which is good for variety, and show some employees at the end.
Every page contains a little block with helpful info, but should "print this page" really be an option for every page?

It also has a name with "Connect" in it, yay! 😁

Uploaded December 2020.

IT on Vimeo (in Spanish)

This is not exactly an intranet promotion video, but it is interesting in its own way. This is an extensive (twelve and a half minutes!!!) introduction/demo about mission/vision, services, data protection, procedures and products of the IT department of a logistic services provider in Mexico. It is almost a learning module! 😁
Nonetheless, this may provide inspiration for any IT department that wants to describe their department.

Uploaded October 2020

Better Center Intranet Promo

This video does not want to be embedded, but you can find it here: https://vimeocom/832381650. Make sure to add a . (dot) between vimeo and com!
Nice design, nice typography and upbeat music, pretty nice teaser for a restaurant chain in the USA. Lovely looking mobile app as well. Microsoft Teams is mentioned, but the intranet is built on Interact.
It is supposed to be fast, relevant, modern, simpler, helpful, and fun!

Uploaded June 2023

Intranet launch

I always advise to make people videos that last well under 2 mins., but this one is 4 mins. and to be brutally honest, it is difficult to stay focused.
The CEO of this computer and software organization in the UK is a smooth talker and has a good story. It feels as if "24" (there is a nice reason to call the intranet that) is their first intranet, and it looks like the pandemic speeded up the launch. Of course this will function as a source of information, but that does not mean that other forms of contact and get-togethers are now obsolete.

Uploaded June 2023.


This demo starts with prompting you to complete your profile, nice! Other interesting things are: you can search through the intranet, SharePoint and OneDrive (a sort of Search Verticals), subscribe to topics that interest you, Send a WOW (a compliment) and gain influencer points by using the intranet and interacting with other people. The benefits of a high intranet influencer score are not mentioned. (I think just interacting for the sake of getting points is not a very good idea)
Nice icons, same as on their website.

This is the new intranet for a software vendor, based in the USA.

Uploaded June 2023

CarIn ist das neue Intranet der Caritas (in German)

I have categorized this as a "movie" as this is the launch party of the new intranet of this care and support organization of a German city. They have an outside party, the speaker tries to gets everyone's attention while declaring the intranet for opened, there is a band, there are intranet-related t-shirts, and project members talk about the problems this intranet should solve (mainly: being a scattered organization with different disciplines and locations, the influence of the pandemic, and the need to share knowledge and experiences), and how it has been organized with about 80 publishers for the 40+ departments.
There are autogenerated German subtitles and you can auto-translate into English, if you want to.
Oh, and it is on SharePoint but sadly we do not see anything from the intranet itself.

Uploaded April 2023

Nova página Intranet de Cooperação Internacional! (In Portuguese)

You may not understand Portuguese but SharePoint users will understand the large VERY nicely formatted SharePoint list for all projects.
This is a colourful SharePoint site for international projects of a part of the Ministry of Human Rights and Citizenship in Brazil. It contains News, documentation, and that list.

Updated April 2023.

The NEW intranet

Very decent teaser of this new intranet for a German airline.
It contains the usual topics: news, documents, access to systems and e-learning, but also information about the environment which makes sense for an airline, live maps with flight and airport information, atmospheric conditions etc.
The intranet shown in in the German language, but the subtitles are in English.

Uploaded May 2023.

Intranet Video Campaign

Colourful teaser/demo for a brand of a large media conglomerate. It is called iShare El Mundo, it is based on SharePoint and I love their colour purple and the headers. It is very much media-based, both content and design. Of course it features lots of news, but also documents, policies, HR information, a special section on diversity, and more.

Uploaded May 2023.

Intranet Promo

Not sure what to make of this teaser for the new intranet of this African bank, based in Egypt but with branches across the African continent.
The intranet has been designed to take care of feedback and interaction, but the main focus of the speaker (no idea of his name or role) is the fact that there are various groups for personal interests, such as music, sports and other culture. You can not expect that people leave their personality at the door. Nice one.

Uploaded May 2023

Intranet (in Spanish)

Well, in the meantime Powtoon has made some improvements to their animation tools. This is a teaser for the intranet of a electro-fysiotherapy clinic in Colombia. The teaser takes you through the homepage and main menu items. Nice music, no spoken word.

Uploaded May 2023.

Gemeente Midden-Groningen - Intranet (in Dutch)

This is a teaser for the intranet for a municipality (containing a number of villages) in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. It contains news, information for council employees, you can find colleagues, there are groups for various roles, and the digital case system.

Uploaded May 2023.

Intranet online (in Spanish)

The new intranet for this Colombian bank is like a house - it contains everything you need for your day.
The voice-over of this demo is a little too hysteric for my taste but it may be just me. We get a tour of the various items on the homepage and the menu - quite the topics you would expect from a bank.
It has been created on SharePoint and it looks very much like their website.

They recently also shared a video your of their "About us" part, which includes information about the bank itself, such as history, mission and vision etc. The voice-over is even more hysterical here. 😉

And this mobile app for internal communications, chat, news and the intranet is a little older. This does not look like SharePoint or Microsoft365. Interesting!

Uploaded May 2023.

Uma nova comunicação interna. Conecte-se!

This video has been made for the launch of a new intranet for this Brazilian energy provider. It is based on SharePoint.
The idea is to create more connection between the organization and the employees, but also between employees, as many of them are not in an office but working "outside". Of course the intranet is available everywhere anytime on any device. (Well, it is SharePoint)

Uploaded May 2021.


Short teaser/demo for a chain of research hospitals in Italy.
It is an animation, so we do not see the "real" intranet, but it gives an idea of what it includes: Corporate info, list of employees, medical knowledge sharing and starter information for new employees.

Uploaded April 2023.

LAM Intranet Tutorial.mp4 on Vimeo

Long but thorough and pleasant demo on this SharePoint intranet for a Lawyers association in the USA. It is shown from Teams.

I quite like the looks of it, especially the Lam(b) which turns up here and there, especially in LAM Yammer! That is part of the Fun Zone, which is the more social and informal part of the intranet.
There is a lot of content on it, including up-to-date logo's and imagery, forms (in Forms),and a News Hub, which will be updated once a week, which I think could be done more often. But perhaps they mean they will update the non-transient parts, such as Events or so.

Anyway, a nice look into another SharePoint intranet. Uploaded April 2023.