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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool.

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Hub customer SBTC shares their intranet launch video

Mitch (??? what is his role?) explains there is a new intranet and what it does. It is called the Hub (which is always a good name for an intranet) and it does all the things you would expect and intranet to have. "Think of it as the S-drive but then easier to use". It is overall supposed to save people time.
It is a good people video - it contains a few jokes so it is easy to watch and not too long.

This is probably a small-business advocacy organization but I am not 100% sure - there are many organizations with this abbreviation.

Uploaded August 2023

INTRANET (in Spanish)

Interesting intranet, as most of it is open for everyone (give it a try - the link will be shown in the video).
This is the intranet for students of a Peruvian education institute for creative professions, such as interior design, cinematography and fashion design.
All things you may expect from a schoon intranet: classes, courses, news, schedules etc.

Uploaded January 2024

MyWater, a nova intranet AdDP e SIMDOURO (in Portuguese)

Beautiful imagery, all in blue, and MyWater as a name, which fits for the Portuguese water provider.
Unfortunately, there is too much going on in this video to see properly what this is about. The intranet is innovative and versatile, and available on all devices, but it is a bit hard to see what the content is. I would not classify it as a demo, but as a teaser.

Uploaded January 2024

SP Company Intranet Showcase

An intranet called The Pier, for a company that deals in fishing equipment. And a fish as logo. Nice one!
A bit of a repetitive demo, with music only, of a SharePoint intranet with a big focus on their many locations. I like their list of shared services contacts which is very visible.

I could not find a website to check if that has the same colour scheme.

Uploaded August 2023.

Goldbell - Intranet Video

Well, who sees immediately that this is SharePoint? I did not until it was mentioned. This intranet is from 2013 and it shows, but the video has been uploaded in 2024.

It is a demo for an intranet for a Car company in Singapore. It has/had news, commercial info, birthdays, all domain names, collaboration on documents AND an employee discount advert! The sound is not really good but otherwise a decent demo.

Uploaded January 2024

intranet (Copy)

This video does not like to be embedded, so please click "Learn more" when you get the privacy message.
Pleasant demo (especially the music) of this SharePoint intranet for a Spanish manufacturer of car wash machines.

The site looks very much like their website design and looks as if they are using custom icons. I did not see any hover-over texts.
I also saw coloured folders in their "Productpedia" for Marketing. All pictures have their DSC_ name. If this is for all the organization, it could be a tad more intuitive. If they do not want to change every file name, they could make the Tiles view the default.
They are also a bit inconsistent with regards to all caps and camel caps.
Anway, there are a lot of procedures and processes, products, images etc.

Nonetheless, there is a lot to see in this demo, which stops at about 2.11 but only really finishes when the music stops.

Uploaded April 2024.


Teaser for a new social intranet (well, that took some time!) for this Dutch datacenter host.
As this intranet is meant to connect people, and the organization has an x in their name, it makes sense to call this ConneXion.
It is a better way to connect, communicate and collaborate.

"Coming to a screen near you" - a classic phrase in intranet promotion videos!

Uploaded February 2024.


Lots of spoken text in Spanish, but I think you will understand the gist of it without copying and translating the available transcript. This is the intranet for a Columbian software company. In this video you get a high-level summary of the homepage.
It has all the usual suspects, such as navigation elements, a rotating banner, recent news, search etc.
The dropdown top-left, called "Herramientos" (tools) is an interesting one as it contains icons rather than texts. I hope everyone knows what those icons mean, as there is also no alt-text.
In case you want to add News, you have to submit it to the secretary of the CEO, if I understand correctly. Oh, and by now you will understand this is not SharePoint. 😉

The video below is an explanation of what is behind each item of the left-hand-side menu

Uploaded April 2024 (but the video shows news from 2022)

SWK - Intranet - Erklärvideo (in German)

Animated teaser for this intranet for the municipal services for a German city. Sadly we do not see any real images of the intranet, but there are nice animations of processes, so they can be an inspiration for your own video. The name of the intranet is KOSMOS, and it is used for information exchange, idea generation, networking, collaborating on documents, ask questions to experts. In short: it makes collaboration easier and is a new way to work.

Uploaded March 2024

Intranet TU/e teaser

You may have seen this teaser before, but it now has two accompanying videos!

We have seen it before: the old intranet can sometimes be a jungle, where you can't find anything. And sometimes it hides scary things....
This is for a university in the Netherlands. We are ever so curious what has happened to Sebastian, who has been sent to the old intranet to find a file. Goodbye searching, hello finding!

Uploaded February 2023.

In this video, Sebastian is still looking for the file. He is running around campus with a big jungle knife. (I wonder why other people stay so calm 😁) But finally he finds the desired file. Goodbye static content, hello dynamic content!
Uploaded: February 2024

Sebastian wants to file something to the intranet and he finds out he can do that himself. Goodbye bystander, hello participant!
Uploaded February 2024

Acceso a Intranet (in Spanish)

How to access, update and navigate the intranet for a education institute in Peru, specializing in ICT and Food and Beverage processing.

Uploaded July 2023.

FT Intranet Info Video

An intranet demo of 6 minutes of a slow talking person can be a bit much, but this demo for an technology education institute in the USA has a few interesting things. And you can use subtitles and speed up the video a bit 😉

  • It is called FT Connect. You know I am partial to intranets called Connect 😁
  • It is built on Simpplr, an unknown platform for me. Nice to see how that looks.
  • For profiles they use a cover image which you are requested to add. Hmmm, I wonder why that is necessary and how many will be going to do that. (It is not a profile picture, but a background image)
  • On someone's profile page you can see what they have published.
  • There's not a navigation in topics, but in applications. You can find all topics and sites you re interested in (or member of) under "sites".
  • It has a "must read" option for important documents, e.g. policies. You get notified you have to read it, and then have to sign after reading. Now, a signed document is not necessarily a read document, or an understood message, or an desired action taken, but it is interesting that organizations think this works. It reminds me of Chris Tubb's: “A page view is not an idea understood, a behaviour changed or a user engaged” when talking about intranet news reading statistics.
  • There are search verticals. Nothing exciting, but it may help you find things.

Uploaded September 2023

We're Launching a New Intranet!

This is a nice teaser. Different people talk about the new intranet, and of course it will have...all those things that modern intranets have. I really like the approach.
The only thing is that it is shot vertically, so you do not have a lot of real estate.
This is for a Canadian health care center.

They also have a video for how to access the intranet...and guess what, it is called BCHUConnect! Another Connect one 😁

Uploaded January 2024

SAP S4 Intranet Launch Video

I know that SAP is a necessary business software, but I have always hated the total lack of flexibility of it, and the most un-intuitive language to get something done. So it gives me great pleasure to see an "intranet" built on SharePoint to inform staff about a SAP project. Nice upbeat music, colourful screens, a QR code: quite a pleasant video actually.
This is for a South African company that produces sugar and sugar products, so I can imagine they will benefit from a robust SAP-solution.

Uploaded February 2024.

Intranet RRHH (in Spanish)

I do not know for what organization this is. It is a problem-and-the-answer-is-this-intranet video, from Colombia.
I am not particularly impressed with the quality of the video, as the text is static and takes a lot of real estate, while the screenshots change and are more informative. Watch on full-screen, I would say. It may provide inspiration for the HR-related content on your intranet.

Uploaded December 2023


There's a lot you can say or show in 37 seconds!
It is on SharePoint, it has a great Search, it has News and is available on multiple devices. All introduced by different people. Nice!
This is a German media company for B2B. The thumbnail may be in German, but the spoken word is English, btw.

Uploaded October 2023.

Introducing The Encore Loop Intranet

Excellent teaser for this USA real estate company. The intranet is (again) a solution to the well-known problem of dispersed information. The intranet "makes it easier to work from home" which may sound logical but it means they take WFH seriously. Screenshots are mostly on the smartphone (it is an app for iPhone and Google) and the background images are beautiful. All the usual content such as news, benefits, company directory etc. The only thing that I hope can be customized (=turned off) is a notification to answer a poll while you are out sailing 😁, as I would find that pretty intrusive.

Uploaded January 2024.

INTRANET launch (in French and Dutch)

This teaser, for the intranet of a Belgian webshop in electronics and household products, is available in French and Dutch. Let's start with French, as more people speak that. The Dutch version is below.
It is a classic scenario of a problem, where the solution is an intranet. It shows a diverse set of people in home environment, in office and in another workspace. The promise is "it is easier to find information in a central place, such as news and events, benefits, logo's and other imagery. It is easy to find as it is the start page of your browser." And available on multiple devices, obviously.
The intranet looks very nice, clean, and in the design of the webshop.

The Dutch version:

Uploaded February 2024

Bridge Intro

More and more we are seeing intranets running on Microsoft Teams, and Viva Engage. This, for a supermarket chain in the USA, is one of those. The language is rather pompous, and I would use simpler and more engaging language for this workforce, but the intranet looks nice and the teaser is mobile-only, which is interesting.

Uploaded October 2023

Kick-off video Linck (Dutch with English subtitles)

Soon coming: Linck. A platform to connect all 1.700 employees who work for AutoBinck Group. Share news & knowledge, connect, innovate and learn.

This teaser starts with all information and opportunities that employees would like to have in order to work better, in interview style. After 2 mins someone (no mention of his name or role) explains the name of the new intranet that will help employees with their work. And of course it is supposed to be interactive.
The ending is quite funny.

This is a Dutch conglomerate of companies that does something with cars, car lease, EV's etc. To be honest, their website is full of woolly language that does not really say what they are doing, but they started out as a car dealership.

Uploaded January 2024.

And Our Intranet Name Is...

It must be casual Friday 😁

Nice video in which the Chairman of this American project management services organization discloses the name of the organization's intranet. He explains what the intranet is, what it should do for the organization, and finally what the name is. I am not going to share that name here, but I like it. It is a good video, with subtitles, so please watch it and find out!

Uploaded July 2023.

New Intranet Walkthrough

This is the new SharePoint based intranet for the Transportation Department of a state in the USA.
I do like their "important phone numbers" in the top navigation. It may not link to something, but I can imagine this is useful information, so why not. Sadly, some topics are hidden behind the ... so shorter words in the top navigation may have been better, if you can shorten them at all.
I also like the people first when you click on any office link - no hiding behind a link, but everyone's name, picture and role is there, so you know who does what.
The video quality is a bit low, especially on full-screen, and I do not like that Google bar on the bottom. Also, the homepage is only partly visible during most of the demo.

Uploaded November 2023.

GO Further

Upbeat music and a fast pace of scrolling and clicking. With almost 2 mins this is quite long for a teaser, while too fast and not detailed enough for a demo.
This is the upcoming intranet for a North American building design and architecture firm.
It contains all the usual components, including a nice directory of completed and under-construction projects (buildings).

Uploaded November 2023.

New Intranet Popping

On the one hand the popcorn is a reference to the "coming to a screen near you" meme that is used so very often when it comes to introducing intranets.
On the other hand, this 10 sec video is very impactful due to the visuals.
I think this is for an insurance company in the USA.

They have an another video for the same launch on September 15, 2020, with some more info about access to work applications:

Uploaded September 2020.

Connect (in French)

Intranets called "Connect" have my special interest, as I used to work for one, too. 😁

This video is for introducing the Connect intranet to an organization. There is no clue as to which organization, as the video uses wireframes only, and no real content. This is a pity, because they explain the concept behind the intranet very nicely (less email, find colleagues, better collaboration across the globe etc). The visuals of a day in the work of a project manager are also very to-the-point.

Uploaded September 2020