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Updated by Ellen van Aken on Mar 26, 2023
Headline for Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos
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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool.

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MDS Intranet Introduction

Decent demo for a Dental School in Australia. It is a tour of various functionalities. It does not look like it is for students, as I would have expected more Roster and progress items. Perhaps this is for staff only?
Some things we see twice, such as the Quick Resources. It ends rather abruptly.

Uploaded March 2023

Welcome to Aloha Intranet (AI)!

"Welcome to Aloha Intranet (AI)! We are thrilled to share the upcoming launch of the Aloha Intranet!"

Well, this is a teaser, a demo, a talking-head video and a sales pitch in one! It is a sort of explainer for new personnel of this hospitality staffing agency in Hawaii.
There's only a glimpse of the intranet.

Uploaded August 2022

Intranet medianot (in French)

This intranet (for a French notary organization) appears to have four goals: simplifying the exchange of information, centralizing knowledge and documentation, collaborating better and unifying internal communications.
It is a pleasant-looking colourful place, and it contains news, a calendar, documents and what not. All items are highlighted with some extra comments in this demo.

Uploaded 2016 (no further details)

Het Nieuwe Intranet - NHL (in Dutch)

"The new intranet is very user-friendly", is the first line of the voice-over text.
Still, they need a pretty long video for this intranet for a university in the Netherlands. It is both for students and staff and is group based. You are automatically a member of your department or class group, and membership of other groups is optional.
I like the colour scheme for the announcements: depending on topic, the title of the post is in different colours. Interesting! The intranet itself is rather white; I would have liked some more colour.
Of course you can find and connect to other students, check your lecture schedule, search or use the site map to find something.

Uploaded April 2012

CCC_Intranet_Scroll (in Polish)

No sounds, but the intranet is in Polish. Strong colour scheme, 4 columns and generally nice and clean looking. There is News on the top left web part, there's a Calendar, My Profile, a Poll, a graphic and links to other things. This intranet is from a large shoe manufacturer.

Uploaded October 2020

WUR - Teachers Lounge Intranet introductie (in Dutch)

This is more of a testimonial than anything else. This teacher at my Alma Mater (Wageningen University and Research in the Netherlands, where I studied Food Technology) likes to shared ideas and questions with other teachers, so they do not all reinvent the same wheels. This part of the intranet is especially for teachers. She also likes the fact that it can be accessed via mobile so she can use it from anywhere anytime.

Uploaded September 2020

APG - Team APG intranet introductie

Show, don't tell! This video shows the benefits of online collaboration in a short story about a presentation. The conversation tool is embedded in the intranet, which you see only briefly. It does not look like SharePoint, although I see some references to Outlook, Word and Exchange. I guess this person is on a "My...." page as the conversation part takes up most of the space of the intranet page, and the rest is also focused to "Me". I can understand that this setup will make communications like this easier than emailing them.

The organization is a manager of pension funds in the Netherlands.

Uploaded September 2020.

When to use HCBG Yammer

Short demo for the basics of this Yammer community for a health care and pharmaceuticals company. They are using this as a main channel for communications. Interestingly, this community appears to be strictly controlled, so if YOU have something to share, you are being redirected to another community.

Uploaded April 2022.

Axione lancement plateforme Intranet - communication interne (in French)

Teaser with a common setup: it was difficult to find information, but all will be well once the new intranet has been launched. The team has listened to users and made things simple, intuitive and it will evolve. And intranet that resembles you, and it is accessible anytime, anywhere.

This company provides fiber optics services.

Uploaded March 2023.

MuenchenDigitalErleben im Social Intranet (in German)

Interesting teaser for the social intranet for a digitalization project in the city of Munich, Germany. This "intranet" or perhaps community, will help people to move the project forward. At least, that's what I think is the purpose.

Uploaded January 2022

The New KW Daily

Keller Williams Madison West office intranet -- agent to agent communication, training calendar, email all associates from one location.

Quite an old intranet, but it is a decent demo. Jessica goes through all parts of the intranet and shows what it is for and how to use it. This is for a real estate agency, where different agents are working in different office locations but all need to work according the same procedures. You can also determine personal settings and how many emails you get.

Uploaded July 2019

Intranet 2 (in Spanish)

Short funny teaser of an organization where everyone points to the intranet as the place to find answers to all your questions.
This is for a technical university in Colombia.

Uploaded March 2021.

The Beacon - Kennedy Krieger Intranet - Introduction

For a teaser, this is quite long, but it has an interesting setup: 4 people are talking on a web meeting (on Teams I would expect 😉) and talking about the new intranet. A lot of things are being discussed - the name ( as it turns out, all their communication tools have a nautical theme), the migration (are they really migrating ALL content on their legacy systems to SharePoint online? I hope not), the functionalities, the fact that it will be a work in progress...quite nice actually.
This is for a health care organization, specializing in care for children with disabilities.

Uploaded September 2022.

Erklärvideo Intranet neu (in German)

Colourful and pleasant teaser for the new intranet for the city services organization of the city Vienna in Austria.
The intranet introduces itself in a male voice with the name Intranett. (although it appears to be able to shift shape)
Of course it is available on all types of devices. You can personalize your content, find colleague with special skills, and there is an intranettiquette!

Uploaded November 2022.

NOVA INTRANET (in Portuguese)

Short teaser for the new and changed intranet for this Brazilian electricity transporter. "Working life is much easier with the intranet". I like that!

Uploaded December 2022.

intranet inicio (in Spanish)

To be honest, this is a bit of a spooky video. All that black, and that lady looks rather stern and her voice sounds like it is machine-spoken. My apologies if I am wrong, but it all looks pretty "robotic" to me.
Anyway, this is a teaser for a new intranet for a Spanish real estate franchise. You have to use it in order to be successful.

Uploaded February 2023.

Vítá Vás HUB/Intranet (in Czech)

Silent demo for an intranet for a Czech religious academy. I like the hand-drawn images as buttons, but otherwise it is rather plain looking.

Uploaded January 2023

Fortress Intranet Video

This is an American bank and their intranet is called "The Fort". Nice!
I always like People videos because first of all I am interested in the person talking (this one does it well) and secondly in the location they have chosen. Would the lady in the red coat, arriving at the office, know she is in this video too? Also, what a boring brown office! And having your family's pix out there for everyone to see, might not be the best idea. Keep that background neutral, folks! 😁

Apparently this intranet is a new phenomenon for this organization, as the speaker explains what an intranet is. There is a plan: Communication and networking first, document standardization second, and then there will be more. As they want to be a billion-dollar bank, it is important that they have everything in place. Honest and motivating, I would day.

Uploaded February 2023


Cheerful and colourful introduction to this Chilean bank intranet, which appears to be app-only. Loud music and most of the video is how to log in (but there is a lot to that apparently) but at 1.00 you finally get a small glimpse of the SharePoint intranet.

Uploaded February 2023.




Long but useful demo of the intranet of a global Marketing and Brand agency.
All the usual trimmings but I would like to draw attention to the Profile Completion Score, which is 100% when you have uploaded a picture and added your timezone, expertise, job start date and LinkedIn profile. Nice!
This demo can also be used for new joiners, so money well spent.

Uploaded January 2018.

Introduction to Intranet

Something between a teaser, a demo and an explanation, this intranet introduction for a university in Finland. It is made in the hand-drawn style that many people love, but which irritates the heck out of me because it is so distracting. 😁

The intranet is targeted at students and has all the elements that you can expect: lecture schedules, study information, news and instructions. I do like the way in which the drawing shows how the intranet incorporates it all. You can also personalize the homepage. The content of this video, as well as the final screen, is good, I just do not like the "live drawing".

Uploaded June 2020

RTE - Teaser du nouvel intranet (in French)

A powerful high-energy teaser, with loud heavy metal music and large images and bold letters, fits very well with the business: this is an (electric) power supply company in France. It is also a little over-the-top.
The new intranet will be cooperative, invites you to take part and exchange (information and knowledge, I assume). It is intuitive, ergonomic and made to measure. And modern!
I would like to see it!

Uploaded September 2022.

La nostra nuova intranet (in Italian)

Stylish teaser for the intranet of an Italian bank. The soundtrack is jazzy, brassy, which makes a nice difference from those free tunes.
Apparently there is a new design (which looks nice and colourful), all your work tools, news, podcasts, videos and employee services.

Uploaded December 2022.

The CPQi Intranet Portal

A video detailing the use of our Intranet and how fellow employees within CPQi can use the social page to interact with one another.

An Intranet on Teams! That is cool. They have added SharePoint News too, so you can comment and like and share information with you "company family". You are invited to let everyone know the places and restaurants you are going to. That would not be appreciated in the organizations I worked for!
I like the subtitles but they are a bit subtle so they do not read too well.

This company "is the leading provider of end-to-end transformational services, managed services and resource augmentation for financial markets businesses across the Americas". No idea what that means but let's categorize them under Financial Services.

Uploaded August 2021.

Company Intranet

Short demo for the Employee Resources part of this website/intranet. One enters through the website and you need to log in to find the intranet. You can find policies, jobs, templates, news etc. there. Very functional.
Nice design, very calm and lots of white, but the buttons are a bit childish.

This is a recruitment agency for medical personnel in the USA.

Uploaded February 2023.