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Updated by Ellen van Aken on Jun 23, 2019
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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool. Please use the Filter option to select language, organizational type etc.
And please let me know if you have an addition, or if you see that a video is no longer available.




Turn up the volume as the voice-over is rather low volume.
Nice teaser with great graphics for the new intranet at this bank, founded in Bermuda (!) but now a tad more widespread.
The intranet is for news, policies and procedures, colleague search, and it will replace lots of emails, such as from HR or info bulletins. Interestingly, you can send questions and feedback to the Marketing department, not to Communication, HR or IT!
Uploaded May 2019.

PSN INTRANET (in Spanish)

Long, silent demo of the intranet for this Spanish-Portuguese insurance company.
It looks like a PowerPoint saved as video, which is an easy way to create a video but it does not always provide the most appealing results - with > 5 minutes and no sound and a rather slow sequence this is quite a job to watch. But it shows their main navigation (in fact, the whole Homepage is navigation) and that is always interesting.
Uploaded June 2015.

New_intranet_ECCO (in Russian)

To be honest, my Russian is not that good so I do not really know the details of this video. However, it is clearly for the Russian employees of a global shoe brand, and the images will give you an idea: News, maps of the stores and sales points, document storage, floor plans, etc.
Uploaded June 2019.

Het nieuwe intranet van ROC Leiden (in Dutch)

Despite the black screen, this video is available, just hit the Play button!
This video, for a high school in the Netherlands, has been uploaded in 2010 and it shows, especially in the offices of employees :-) was mobile accessible even then, so they were ahead of the curve.
It is meant for employees and students and contains news, a people search, information about the curriculum and schedules, etc.
Uploaded October 2010.

5 Steps to a Successful Yammer Channel (and a vibrant community)

Thank you, Phil Worrell, for the suggestion!
Not exactly an introduction video but a cheerful and helpful one for anyone who is trying to make Yammer successful in their organization. Count me in!
Five tips, of which the "3 baskets" suggestion is the one that appeals to me most, but that is personal.
Uploaded June 2019.

Philips: Transition to Yammer

So, Philips (we have another of their videos somewhere in this collection) has replaced Socialcast with Yammer as they obviously want to make the most of their Office365 investment. This video is an announcement and also an invitation to share something in order to get used to the new platform.
Uploaded May 2019

MS Teams is Totally Rad!

That computer! That sweater! That typeface! This is a fun quasi-retro introduction video for...Microsoft Teams, created by a University in the USA. Students can easily collaborate on papers, discuss them and also make calls and what not. And it even works without wires! You know I like this kind of silliness. And I really like Teams, so I guess after the Yammer intro videos I will also have to look out for Teams intro videos!
Uploaded April 2019.

TAMU Intranet 2019

Well, this is an interesting video! Lots of styles in the beginning and then an elaborate log in procedure. I would have re-done the log in until it went smoothly! :-) After you have logged in, you see a rather outdated look-and-feel. I could not spot any dates, but the date in the task bar says "2019" so I guess this Law Faculty of this American University is still using this.
Uploaded May 2019.

Intranet Agglomération Bayonne Pays-Basque (in French)

Interesting teaser/demo for the intranet of the French-Basque region (governmental unit) of Bayonne. I expected a version in Basque as well, but this is French only. The mockups do not show a switch to Basque, either.
Anyway, the interesting take of this video is that it is shown as a journey, i.e. it discusses the steps you want to take and the places on the intranet that you need to click in order to do what you need to do. I do not see that very often; in most cases all functionalities are mentioned but not in a specific sequence.
Uploaded May 2019.

Hendrix Genetics - Our New Digital Workplace

Teaser for the new "Digital Workplace" at this Dutch-founded genetic research and engineering organization. The focus is very much on efficiency and being smarter. They also expect that this will be a big change as they promise that a new team will take you through the introduction and that you will get time to adjust to the new ways of working. Which is good but also a bit threatening.
Uploaded June 2019.

Featured Service Portal: Fairfax Intranet Portal

Cool advertisement/demo of this intranet for an Australian media company. Nicely designed ("per page") intranet, a tad on the corporate side, but it looks quite usable, has interaction etc. It appears to be based on the ServiceNow platform.
Uploaded December 2017.

Bounce Fitness Intranet Demonstration

It looks like a long video, but at 2.28 it stops, the screen goes black and the soundtrack continues.
Demo of an intranet of a chain of fitness clubs in Australia. The intranet has the same styling as the website. While the special offers on the top bar suggests this intranet is full of fun facts for fitness instructors, in reality it is a very straight-forward and functional list of corporate information and templates. The templates need to be downloaded first - that is a bit sad - SharePoint allows you to do that online! :-)
Uploaded January 2018.

TI INTRANET (in Portuguese)

Introduction video for the new intranet for an insurance company in Brazil, with options for automated signing off documents, ordering business cards and other things. It is an animation so unfortunately no tell-tale screenshots.
Uploaded January 2018.

Uitleg animatie intranet (in Dutch)

This is one of the videos for the Dutch intranet that is mentioned in the teaser below, for the Safety Region Brabant-South-East. This is a demo for search and this turns out to be an Office 365 setup.
Uploaded February 2019.

Animatie aankondiging intranet (in Dutch)

Dutch intranets have the annoying habit of having a human name, and quite often the "human" is speaking in these videos. "Hello, I am xxxx". Perhaps it is because I am Dutch that I have noticed this, but check out my Dutch examples of this collection...
Anyway, this is a teaser for Jip, a new intranet for the Safety Region Brabant-South-East in the Netherlands, a combination of fire department, ambulances, calamity care, crisis management etc. in the region. The speaker has the regional accent, which is a nice touch. The new intranet will have a good and fast search, you can personalize news, and a social part to find and meet colleagues.
Uploaded February 2019.

ANSM Teaser nouvel intranet (in French)

Teaser for a new intranet for a French healthcare organization, that is responsible for safety and regulation of medicines.
Uploaded April 2019.

HSC - New Intranet (in Vietnamese)

My first Vietnamese video! This Vietnamese financial institute (investment bank) has a new intranet. It looks nice, social and well-designed It has a calendar, chat option, news and places to talk with colleagues, but I am afraid I do not read Vietnamese so this is all I could find out.
Uploaded April 2019.

Raíz, la intranet del Área Metropolitana del Valle de Aburrá (in Spanish)

Animation for the new intranet of the local government for a region in Columbia. It is meant for the employees and contains a lot of information about the region, events, internal processes and applications. Based on SharePoint/Office365 and accessible on all devices.
Uploaded April 2019.


This is totally hilarious in style and content. I will not reveal too much, you must see this one for yourself! A new (Office 365?) intranet for this Dutch engineering company. Uploaded April 2019.

FINAL Intranet promo

A “brand spanking new intranet” for this UK-based Fire and Rescue service organization. It is called the Fire Engine House which is pretty apt. Those parts of the intranet that you see, match very well with their website which is no-nonsense masculine, which goes well with the organization, I guess.
Uploaded April 2019.

Intranet Welcome Video

Nice, but rather generic, introduction for the intranet of an rehabilitation (mental and other support) organisation in the USA. Mostof the usual things, like news, but also Business insights. I like that.
Uploaded April 2019.

Heathrow HUB+

Interesting animation for the Digital Workplace of Heathrow Airport (UK). It is very much focused on mobile usage as most employees are not sitting in an office with a laptop. This is based on Office 365 so it is no surprise that you can manage your calendar and email, chat and meet online, work with documents. You can also share ideas and of course find lots of flight information.
If you are interested to learn more, this podcast may provide good additional information:
Uploaded February 2019.

The Spirit of EQX CONNECT

Equinox employees share why EQX Connect--their new digital hub--is going to make life at Equinox even better.
Lots of energy in this video of a USA fitness club as employees share what they expect. Screenshots show a very stylish black-and-white intranet, in line with the website. It shows many items related to work and industry specifics and SharePoint is mentioned as well.
Uploaded September 2018.

Santander For Intermediaries - Introducer Intranet on Vimeo

Well, we can debate whether this is an extranet or an intranet - but it is something just for employees/intermediaries for this bank. This is the place where vendors of the services of this bank go to to process requests. It all looks extremely functional and process-based and has no room for personal things, fun or other topics that glue an organization together, but I like the focus on the processes and the clean design.
Uploaded January 2019.

L'Arche new intranet

Simple animated presentation for the intranet of this Canadian charity to promote integration of people with an intellectual disability. A charity often does not have the budget to create something as slick as commercial organizations can do! At the moment of uploading, it featured document sharing and some collaboration tools for teams, but more is coming up!
Uploaded January 2019.