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Updated by Ellen van Aken on Feb 12, 2024
Headline for Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos
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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool.

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Introducing The Encore Loop Intranet

Excellent teaser for this USA real estate company. The intranet is (again) a solution to the well-known problem of dispersed information. The intranet "makes it easier to work from home" which may sound logical but it means they take WFH seriously. Screenshots are mostly on the smartphone (it is an app for iPhone and Google) and the background images are beautiful. All the usual content such as news, benefits, company directory etc. The only thing that I hope can be customized (=turned off) is a notification to answer a poll while you are out sailing 😁, as I would find that pretty intrusive.

Uploaded January 2024.

INTRANET launch (in French and Dutch)

This teaser, for the intranet of a Belgian webshop in electronics and household products, is available in French and Dutch. Let's start with French, as more people speak that. The Dutch version is below.
It is a classic scenario of a problem, where the solution is an intranet. It shows a diverse set of people in home environment, in office and in another workspace. The promise is "it is easier to find information in a central place, such as news and events, benefits, logo's and other imagery. It is easy to find as it is the start page of your browser." And available on multiple devices, obviously.
The intranet looks very nice, clean, and in the design of the webshop.

The Dutch version:

Uploaded February 2024

Bridge Intro

More and more we are seeing intranets running on Microsoft Teams, and Viva Engage. This, for a supermarket chain in the USA, is one of those. The language is rather pompous, and I would use simpler and more engaging language for this workforce, but the intranet looks nice and the teaser is mobile-only, which is interesting.

Uploaded October 2023

Kick-off video Linck (Dutch with English subtitles)

Soon coming: Linck. A platform to connect all 1.700 employees who work for AutoBinck Group. Share news & knowledge, connect, innovate and learn.

This teaser starts with all information and opportunities that employees would like to have in order to work better, in interview style. After 2 mins someone (no mention of his name or role) explains the name of the new intranet that will help employees with their work. And of course it is supposed to be interactive.
The ending is quite funny.

This is a Dutch conglomerate of companies that does something with cars, car lease, EV's etc. To be honest, their website is full of woolly language that does not really say what they are doing, but they started out as a car dealership.

Uploaded January 2024.

And Our Intranet Name Is...

It must be casual Friday 😁

Nice video in which the Chairman of this American project management services organization discloses the name of the organization's intranet. He explains what the intranet is, what it should do for the organization, and finally what the name is. I am not going to share that name here, but I like it. It is a good video, with subtitles, so please watch it and find out!

Uploaded July 2023.

New Intranet Walkthrough

This is the new SharePoint based intranet for the Transportation Department of a state in the USA.
I do like their "important phone numbers" in the top navigation. It may not link to something, but I can imagine this is useful information, so why not. Sadly, some topics are hidden behind the ... so shorter words in the top navigation may have been better, if you can shorten them at all.
I also like the people first when you click on any office link - no hiding behind a link, but everyone's name, picture and role is there, so you know who does what.
The video quality is a bit low, especially on full-screen, and I do not like that Google bar on the bottom. Also, the homepage is only partly visible during most of the demo.

Uploaded November 2023.

GO Further

Upbeat music and a fast pace of scrolling and clicking. With almost 2 mins this is quite long for a teaser, while too fast and not detailed enough for a demo.
This is the upcoming intranet for a North American building design and architecture firm.
It contains all the usual components, including a nice directory of completed and under-construction projects (buildings).

Uploaded November 2023.

New Intranet Popping

On the one hand the popcorn is a reference to the "coming to a screen near you" meme that is used so very often when it comes to introducing intranets.
On the other hand, this 10 sec video is very impactful due to the visuals.
I think this is for an insurance company in the USA.

They have an another video for the same launch on September 15, 2020, with some more info about access to work applications:

Uploaded September 2020.

Connect (in French)

Intranets called "Connect" have my special interest, as I used to work for one, too. 😁

This video is for introducing the Connect intranet to an organization. There is no clue as to which organization, as the video uses wireframes only, and no real content. This is a pity, because they explain the concept behind the intranet very nicely (less email, find colleagues, better collaboration across the globe etc). The visuals of a day in the work of a project manager are also very to-the-point.

Uploaded September 2020

New Intranet Announcement

Decent intro to a relaunched Wordpress-based intranet for this USA mortgage provider. Nice touch that the person who is taking you through the site is visible when the video starts.
The homepage is a tad crowded, with two full columns, but I guess that is just me who has a slight problem with that. I wonder how this is shown on smaller screens (yes, this intranet is available on all devices).

Lots of financial dashboards, of course, but also a ton of company information, including a tab called "Departments" where all departments are listed with the word "department" after each name. Why? The fact that this is under "Departments" should be enough to just add "Communication/HR/CEO Office" etc. It reminds me of my former employer AkzoNobel where all items on the intranet were called "AkzoNobel this" and AkzoNobel that" and all HR stuff was labelled as "HR this" and "HR that". Very redundant!

The Department pages are very focused on the people working there, and you can get in touch quickly by clicking a button to start up a Teams conversation.

Uploaded August 2020.

Campbell's Digital Transformation Intranet

I hope this is a design prototype and not a demo for employees. The scrolling is too fast to make sense, there is a lot of "Lorum Ipsum" and repetitive articles so I guess this is not the final version. I was rather looking forward to a demo from this major food manufacturer from the USA.

The intranet looks very clean and on-brand. I would suggest to make the various tags (news, capabilities, microlearnings) in different colours so people see at a glance what topic an article has. But then I guess the red is more on brand. Oh, and this is built in Google sites, I think.

I hope a final version will be published soon as I am very curious! (Once a food technologist, always a food technologist 😁)

Uploaded October 2023.

Teams App Challenge (in French/English)

To be honest, I do not quite understand what I am looking at here. 😁
In any case this is Teams, and apparently a group has created a local intranet, with maps and a password generator (???), a Planner, and other stuff but otherwise this is beyond me.
Still, it is nice to see an intranet with no design, just Teams.

Uploaded June 2023.

IMQ_intranet (in Italian)

Teaser for an Italian company that provides certification, audits and the like.

Design is very nice, colourful and tasteful, in their corporate style. It looks as if it is very corporate, with information about the organization and HR.
I do not like the "Lorem Ipsum" texts, as this makes it look as if design is more important than content, nor the slanted view of the pages. On the other hand, this is a teaser and not a demo so just a hint of what it looks like should be sufficient.

Uploaded December 2023.

NCN Intranet

Not the most exciting intro video, but one can never have enough SharePoint homepages and it does contain a short demo on how to request service from IT or Facilities, albeit in a different system.
I like their tiles for the various applications - I only hope they have alt text so everyone can understand what they are about.

This is for a health care organization in Australia with several health care facilities, e.g. GP, Emergency, dental care, elderly care etc.

Uploaded November 2023.




You may have seen this video earlier with a launch date of January 11. Apparently the launch has been postponed.

Nice teaser for this SharePoint intranet, which will be (re)launched on January 18.
Dramatic movie music (Jurassic Park?) shows that this is a major event.
Fortunately you will find all your content, but than in a new design, simpler and better. You can also interact, such as sharing comments and liking.
This organization provides digital skills mediation service in France. This service connects businesses with digital service providers.

They also have a sort of "Goodbye Phase 1 intranet" video, published a month ago, see below. The final screenshot has been blurred, only to be revealed now:

Uploaded Dec 2023/Jan 2024

Intranet Update

This teaser for an intranet relaunch shows an intranet on Wordpress. I am not sure if this is the old or the new one. To be honest, the site shown is a tad outdated design-wise, but that might be because I am so focused on SharePoint. This is a medical centre/hospital in the USA.

Uploaded December 2023.

Intranet Overview Video

At first glance this looks like a very old Office365 Homepage, with those blue tiles, but this is a modern SharePoint intranet.
You will notice they have not implemented the organization's logo in the top bar, as the logo has 3 lines and it is probably unreadable when it is condensed in that top bar. The top bar, 2 navigation bars and the logo make the top part a bit heavy and cluttered, but underneath it is very clean.
This is a health care organization in the UK.

This demo is quite long (8+ minutes) and yet it does not provide too many details. The content is good, but the voice is a little nasal and monotonous.

When you scroll down, you reach the "personal dashboard" part, such as saved pages, recently viewed documents and your Feed. In case you wonder what those web parts are, please read my post "Your very own SharePoint page" where I explain the options.

There is quite some time dedicated to interacting with the content, such as saving, liking and sharing. I also like their contact info per speciality.

Uploaded December 2023


Short teaser for a medical intranet, designed to help you learn more about your profession.
It is from Peru.

Uploaded January 2024.

Welcome to the New Compass Intranet!

Standard teaser for this intranet of a travel agent in the USA. It is called Compass, which is very apt.

It has all the usual trimmings, such as news, policies, events, conversations, contacts etc. Of course it can be accessed from any device, but it is also customizable and available in 15 (!!!) languages. Nice feature, and I wonder if more people do that now than when the concept was first introduced. Does anyone have any data on that, perhaps?

Uploaded November 2023.

Das neue Intranet@TAS_DE (in German)

Now what the heck is this? It is a teaser, a demo and a people video in one. At first I thought it was a talking head, and I was afraid that it would be extremely boring to have over 6 minutes of that, but fortunately this is a scripted and rehearsed Q and A about the intranet, so it is quite entertaining. Not sure if the German/Swiss language and subtitles are easy to understand for everyone.

Apparently this Swiss security services provider had another intranet, and an S-drive for document storage, but these have been moved to the new SharePoint-based intranet, and integrated with all the other Microsoft365 tools. The new intranet is of course much better and it is easier to find information. But whether all employees have the urge to look for the Mission and Vision? I highly doubt it.

Uploaded November 2023.

The new IT intranet is coming soon!

A true teaser from this logistics company in France. The IT intranet, based on SharePoint, will contain news, teams, projects and... well, you will have to wait until launch, I think.

There is also a version in French:

Uploaded November 2023.

Intranet Jones

Lovely colourful home page with large images for this Brazilian advertising agency. I also love the Jones typeface 😁
Well, there's news, policies and procedures, employee information and what not. No sound, by the way.

Two other videos should show some more detail of parts of the intranet, but again it is large clickable images, so we do not see any real content.


Uploaded June 2023.

Intranet Tour: Highlights from AE2S's Transition to Synthesis 6

This is a VERY long video but I decided to include it because it is a story of an intranet redevelopment and a demo by a very knowledgeable person (Marketing Manager and Intranet Champion) in one. Sometimes the focus is too much on the tool (Synthesis, never heard of it) but in general this gives a good insight not only in the intranet, but also in the transition and the organization.
The first part (about 15 mins, starting around 1.30) is the real demo and story, then we dive into questions from the audience.

Some interesting content tidbits, such as a page with floor plans, a page with the names and profiles of the drone pilots from the organization, and an extensive use of a project database to create various useful views.

The organization is an engineering company in the USA.

Uploaded May 2023.

Video tutorial para intranet corporativa (in Spanish)

Solid demo for a transporter of crude oil within Colombia. You can see the layout of the pipeline on the top of the intranet home page!
The name is GREEN letters. Most confusing 😁 But "red" in Spanish means "network" which is a perfectly suitable name for an intranet, of course.

All elements of the corporate intranet are discussed. The menu, news, banners, profiles, search, documents etc. You can also add your own widgets, such as links, mailbox etc. The intranet does not appear to be made in SharePoint but otherwise there are various Microsoft apps shown.

There is only one thing I do not like about this video and that is the voice/sound level. Otherwise a very nice demo video.

Uploaded April 2023.

Welcome to the Neighborhood!

Pleasant concise demo for this colourful SharePoint-based intranet for an American producer of sweet bakery products, coffee, other food and pet foods. It also has a great name, the Neighborhood!

Uploaded November 2023.