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Updated by Ellen van Aken on Apr 17, 2019
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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool. Please use the Filter option to select language, organizational type etc.
And please let me know if you have an addition, or if you see that a video is no longer available.


This is totally hilarious in style and content. I will not reveal too much, you must see this one for yourself! A new (Office 365?) intranet for this Dutch engineering company. Uploaded April 2019.

FINAL Intranet promo

A “brand spanking new intranet” for this UK-based Fire and Rescue service organization. It is called the Fire Engine House which is pretty apt. Those parts of the intranet that you see, match very well with their website which is no-nonsense masculine, which goes well with the organization, I guess.
Uploaded April 2019.

Intranet Welcome Video

Nice, but rather generic, introduction for the intranet of an rehabilitation (mental and other support) organisation in the USA. Mostof the usual things, like news, but also Business insights. I like that.
Uploaded April 2019.

Heathrow HUB+

Interesting animation for the Digital Workplace of Heathrow Airport (UK). It is very much focused on mobile usage as most employees are not sitting in an office with a laptop. This is based on Office 365 so it is no surprise that you can manage your calendar and email, chat and meet online, work with documents. You can also share ideas and of course find lots of flight information.
If you are interested to learn more, this podcast may provide good additional information:
Uploaded February 2019.

The Spirit of EQX CONNECT

Equinox employees share why EQX Connect--their new digital hub--is going to make life at Equinox even better.
Lots of energy in this video of a USA fitness club as employees share what they expect. Screenshots show a very stylish black-and-white intranet, in line with the website. It shows many items related to work and industry specifics and SharePoint is mentioned as well.
Uploaded September 2018.

Santander For Intermediaries - Introducer Intranet on Vimeo

Well, we can debate whether this is an extranet or an intranet - but it is something just for employees/intermediaries for this bank. This is the place where vendors of the services of this bank go to to process requests. It all looks extremely functional and process-based and has no room for personal things, fun or other topics that glue an organization together, but I like the focus on the processes and the clean design.
Uploaded January 2019.

L'Arche new intranet

Simple animated presentation for the intranet of this Canadian charity to promote integration of people with an intellectual disability. A charity often does not have the budget to create something as slick as commercial organizations can do! At the moment of uploading, it featured document sharing and some collaboration tools for teams, but more is coming up!
Uploaded January 2019.

HERIGE (in French)

Interesting demo. Apparently this intranet runs on Office365 (top left) but the design is very different. The intranet is called "Bonjour", but only at the end of the video you see the name of the company, a building and constructions company. There is no logo on the intranet at all!
It has a lot of good things: work groups, a special corner for managers, communities, Yammer feed, actions you have to take, etc. A good new daily habit to use this intranet!
Uploaded January 2019.

Spafax Intranet: In Conversation with Niall

Nice interview with the CEO about the intranet of this inflight entertainment production company. He has been looking forward to having one place to share everything between this global organization and he will even be sharing stories himself - although he admits he needs some help with it.
Uploaded January 2019.

Welcome to Yammer! (In Spanish with English subtitles)

Nice introduction to Yammer at this pharmaceuticals company. They want to use it to communicate better, develop new ideas, share good practices and ultimately increase performance. So far so good - I like Yammer being used for business purposes. The fact that employees are considered to be "assets" bugs me a bit but I assume it is meant positively.
Uploaded January 2019.

New intranet clip

This extensive demo is in Greek, although many of the menu items are in English, so you should be able to get a grasp of what it contains. This is the intranet for an airport, with content to match. There is quite a lot happening on the homepage, with lots of menu's and scrolling. However, what I see is good content and they use quite nice imagery (photographs).
I do not think the intranet is on SharePoint, but they use other tools of Office365. (Noticed that on a carousel image).
I love the coloured airplanes as bullet points in many lists! And they even have a Retention Policy of documents open for everyone to see!
Uploaded December 2018.

Moral Intranet 01-แนะนำหน้าต่างการใช้งาน on Vimeo

My first intranet video in the Thai language!
This is the intranet of a branch of the Ministry of Culture. I do not understand much of it, but the intranet has useful functionalities such as email, addresses, calender and news. There are a number of colourful dashboards on the homepage.
Uploaded December 2018.

Intranet Cafeto (in Spanish)

Nice demo of a nice-looking intranet which does not look like any others. This is a software company (from Colombia) so I guess it is custom-built. I am a bit surprised that you have to log on to it, I would have expected SSO. There's lots of white space, large buttons and cards and nice photography.
Uploaded December 2018..

Welcome to our new intranet

Not the most visually enticing video, but a solid demo of this Public School intranet. It has relevant info for staff and students, and is available on your mobile.
Uploaded November 2018.

Church's Chicken

"Infographic corporate video for Church's Chicken employee intranet, under the creative direction of Little Big Bang Studios, Miami"
Very nice and stylish animation for this fast-food chain's new intranet. The intranet is only shown as a mockup, so it is not clear if the real thing looks like it, but it looks very good. It is available in all locations and on all devices. People can find eachother, work together, find training materials, download collateral and order work materials. There's News, idea sharing, employee-related information, etc.
Uploaded November 2018.

MY LHH - New Global Intranet

This item is related to the one before, but now for the global organization of this HR/Outsourcing services organization. Good combination of people talking and a short demo, on a mobile device. It could be SharePoint, judging from the Share, Follow etc. icons but it may have some extra styling.
Uploaded November 2018.

JC Intranet Introduction

This is a nice combi of a CEO introducing the intranet, and an instruction. She looks at the place you are supposed to look. For myself a spoken instruction like this does not really work, but I am sure it will be great for others, and it makes the video extra interesting.
This is a global HR/Outplacement services organization, but this video is for the UK/Irish part of it.
Uploaded October 2018.

NDS Intranet Demonstration

Short nice demo for this intranet. It does not look like SharePoint, but they use Yammer as you can see in the video.
I like the option to store links - functionality which is sorely missing in Office365 today.
Uploaded October 2018.

Introducing Yammer

A natural presenter who looks at ease explaining what Yammer is and how the organization wants to use it. The Connect, Collaborate and Community trinity appears briefly, but the main reason for using Yammer is to strengthen employee communication - whether that is between colleagues, top-down or both is not clear. Sadly there is no mention of the organization.
Uploaded July 2018.

Puratos- why & how we will launch Yammer

This video is an introduction for the new intranet and for Yammer of this food ingredients company. Quite a long speech by a Communication Manager who becomes more passionate as the video proceeds. The intranet and Yammer will become a part of a better and more open organization, but it can not work without everyone's involvement, so employees are empathically requested to share questions and practices.
Uploaded October 2018.

Bulgari_Yammer_Explainer Video

A rather cryptic video about Yammer. But I like the last two phrases: "Increase your sense of belonging to a team or a project by joining a community" and "because every day you experience something worth to share".
Uploaded July 2018.

SELLBYTEL intranet NEO – The features

Long but good demo of this intranet for a global (German-originated) outsourcing company. People search, news, document management, workspaces, it has it all. Some parts look like SharePoint / Microsoft. Access to other company systems is also available. Feedback and commenting is also possible.
English subtitles available.
Uploaded September 2016.

Welcome To NewsGroup Intranet

This "Digital Insights and Engagement Company" has a new company-wide intranet to enable more teamwork. Actually, better collaboration across the globe is one of the main company goals for 2019. Product and other news announcements will be an important part of the new intranet, as will events and best practices. Everyone is invited to share their ideas and content.
Uploaded October 2018.

Social Intranet (in Dutch)

Some time ago it was necessary to characterize intranets as "social" but right now it feels a bit redundant. Nonetheless, this "social intranet" for a Dutch health care organization mentions the word frequently. It appears to be an instrument for a necessary organizational change.
The intranet is meant for finding colleagues, guidelines and protocols, and provides an entry into the organization's various computer systems.
You can personalize your homepage (and possibly other pages) and find colleagues, build teams, ask questions, etc.
This video has subtitles and a transcript in Dutch, but the animations are quite helpful to give non-Dutch speakers an idea of what they are talking about.
Uploaded April 2017.

Aegon Mobile Ad (1 of 3)

This is one of my "ghost videos", a video that no longer lives on Vimeo or YouTube, but can still be played on, where my videos used to be shared. Please click the title above the preview to open the entry on It may take some time before it is ready to play. Very curious how long these can be played!

One does not see too many intranets with a strong focus on mobile, so it is interesting to see no less than 3 videos for the mobile intranet of Aegon, a Netherlands-based bank and insurance company.
The first of the three focuses on interaction with your colleagues - finding them, chatting, calling etc.
Uploaded December 2016.