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Updated by Ellen van Aken on Aug 16, 2022
Headline for Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos
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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool.

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Intranet Pole - Teaser (in Portuguese)

Short bright teaser for the new intranet for this Brazilian food manufacturer (or supermarket).
It has been especially created for you and will contain events, news, a shop, programmes and projects, vacancies etc.

Uploaded May 2022

This must be the first intranet video shot from within a hospital operating room! 😁 (or so it looks)

Shot vertically, with dramatic music, someone in medical protective clothing demonstrates how to access the intranet and find the protocols and procedures for this Parisian hospital. This has been uploaded in 2021, but I guess this video is older, as you can access it by opening Internet Explorer (!!!) and the intranet design looks a little outdated.

Uploaded January 2021

Employee Intranet: "On the Radar"

This is the teaser for the demo shown as the next item, under this one.

This organization (an energy provider in the USA) has listened to their employees and created a new intranet, called Connect. (yay!)
Personalized experience, robust search and mobile access are the main new features.

Uploaded November 2021.

Employee Intranet: "Functionalities"

This video starts as a teaser ("we have listened to you with regards to the intranet") and then turns into a demo of this intranet for a energy provider in the USA.
It's called Connect which is fun - it must be one of the most used intranet names! 😁
You can personalize your news and events, share news stories via social media, keep for later. All tools and apps are integrated, there's tons of HR documents, and there's social stuff as well.
The top bar looks like Office365, they mention OneDrive, but the intranet does not look like SharePoint.

Uploaded November 2021.

Sansiri Digital Workplace

When I search for the term "Digital Workplace" an intro of the Office365 suite often comes up in the results. This video indeed introduces the Office 365 suite to the organization, a construction company (houses, hotels) in Thailand.
Nice animation style, and so clear that you can guess what they mean even if you do not understand Thai.

Uploaded November 2019.

video nueva intranet (in Spanish)

Demo of the policies and procedure documentation of this Spanish logistics services provider. You see a short glimpse of the landing page, but quickly we go into the detailed information.
It is SharePoint, you can see that from the link, but it does not really look like it, and as soon as we go to the procedures, there is some waiting and then something totally not like SharePoint shows up. It looks like a nicr extra layer of navigation through the P&P.

Uploaded May 2021.

Intranet Promo.mp4

Nice teaser/demo for the SharePoint intranet of a house rental organization in the UK. It is called "Our Place" which is a good name for any intranet, but especially for a housing organization!

It includes a bit of Office 365 tools and they will have a DocHub for all formal documentation.

"We have built more than just an intranet, we have built an ecosystem".

Uploaded May 2021.

Exploring the Intranet

This tutorial is quite long, but it is SharePoint so you may want to take a good look.
First screens can be seen at around 1:45.
Quite extensive walkthrough featuring News, Quick Links, Incorporated systems, Search, Footer, the menu, etc.
Check out their list of Quick Links - it is an alternative navigation! (14:33) Fortunately you can filter to reduce the noise.
This is a health care organization, so lots of focus on health and nursing. The design is very clean and has a similar colour scheme as their website.

Uploaded January 2022.

Me@SXU Introduction

Learn more about Me@SXU as well as how to set up an account to track your academic career.

I am not a fan of this animation style but the video in itself is fine. How to create an account (not sure if logging in as Bruce Wayne is a good plan though) for this portal, how to upload your resume and other relevant papers, and apparently you can collaborate with others on your work. It is not exactly an intranet, (I do not see anything about News and organizational info) but you can do all that and increase and maintain your network, so I am sure it is a very effective tool.

Uploaded June 2017.

UE Social Intranet with MS Yammer

Yammer introduction for the University of Europe. It first shows integration with Teams, but suggests that people go to Yammer to create an account. As this video is uploaded very recently, I would expect that this organization has Office365 and a separate Yammer log on should not be needed!

Uploaded August 2022

We Change the Company | COSMOTE

For a teaser, this would be quite long, but this looks more like an overview of intranet/digital workplace capabilities in this Greek mobile network operator. (But it is also no demo)
You will see some glimpses from a rather outdated intranet screen, to be followed up with a multi-device, single sign-on modern design. It has workflows, e-learning, business dashboards and much more.

Uploaded December 2021

Châteaurenard - Tutoriel Intranet de la commune (in French)

Interesting combination of talking head (the HR director, who is also the instructor) and a demo for this intranet for a French town called Châteaurenard (Fox Castle). The intranet is called Le P'tit Renard (The small fox) which is quite nice actually.
The intranet looks very much like the website and it does not look like SharePoint. It is meant for communication and collaboration and is available for all devices, including at home. We are shown how to log on, main navigation, HR-forms, searching for documents and going back to the home page.

Uploaded May 2021.

Ergon Pipeline Intranet V5.mp4

Silent, very short teaser for this intranet of a petrochemicals company. It is nothing more that a sequence of two things that belong together. Pipeline is a really nice name for an oil processing company!

You can get a glimpse of the intranet below. A new intranet news item is being added.

Uploaded July 2022.

Business Capability Programme_ Digital Workplace

When you search for "digital workplace" you often find a different type of video, generally a lecture about improving digital skills and digital processes within an organization. Or, like this one, it is about the introduction of the Office365 suite.
This is for a well-known global manufacturer of soft drinks, and they will start using the Microsoft Office365 suite for their work. Lots of expectations on improving work and efficiency, I hope it has come true!

Uploaded February 2020

Welcome to our new intranet - Bristol Airport

Short sweet "talking head" video for the new intranet of Bristol Airport. They have learned from social media to make this the best possible platform. The focus is on "information exchange" and not so much on "doing your work" but I guess you have to focus if you only have 37 seconds. :-)

Uploaded October 2014.

Website at

Please copy and paste the link from the title, as unfortunately this video does not want to be embedded.

Nice pre-launch video for this renewed intranet for a Saudi renewable energy company. Various people involved in the redesign tell what they did and what they like about the new source, and at the end we are asked to use the intranet to keep updated on what's going on in the company and beyond. Design is nice and clean; I like the colours!

Uploaded July 2015.

in-kontakt final Video.mp4 (in German)

Very nice concept: each person in this video throws a ball of knitting yarn to the next person, and they all share what they take out of their new intranet (in Contact). Well, you get the idea: for all of them it means a way to be connected, to share information, to be more effective, to be part of the team, in whatever way works for them and for their role.
Audio quality is not that good with lots of echo and outside noise, but you will get the idea.
This is an organization to help people with limited work options and experience to have meaningful work and integrate.

Uploaded September 2021.

Spirent - Intranet Teaser

Nice teaser/demo for this intranet for a telecom testing service provider in the UK. Based on SharePoint, it looks nice and clean and will provide News and Events, allow you to find and meet up with colleagues, comment, collaborate and save stuff for later.

Uploaded July 2022.

Website at

Please copy and paste the link in the title, as this video does not want to be embedded. This is very unfortunate, since this is a really nice teaser with tons of visualisations of business processes.
This organization of accountants in New Zealand has very high hopes of their new digital workplace. You can share information better, will be more efficient, save time, meet colleagues, etc. I hope they will not be disappointed.

Uploaded June 2022

Intranet Launch - Opening.mp4

This is a series of videos, about 20 minutes in total, for the launch of the intranet at this USA organization. This intranet is called Freedom Forum.

The Opening video (thumbnail) shows a nice journey metaphor, although I am no fan of those “real-time hand-drawn images” (for lack of a better description, I know it is an animation), as I find this very distracting.
The “one stop shop” idea is still very much alive here. In the Closing video there’s a few calls to action. All in all, nicely done. I also like the fact that different people show you around.
The complete collection is here:

Uploaded June 2021.

Kellogg Intranet Teaser #1

This breakfast cereal and snacks manufacturer generally has nice videos, and this is no exception.
And guess what…also this intranet is called K-Connect! 🙄
The first one (above) contains a lot of puns, based on Kellogg’s products.

The second one (below) gives a little more information, such as the reasons for change and what they aim to achieve. Lots of nice visualizations of business processes. I think it is a nice idea to have speakers with various accents from across the world; it shows that this is a global intranet. Oh, and it is on SharePoint!

Uploaded May 2021.

L'Yonne - Teaser lancement de l'intranet

I thought by now we would not need to think of an intranet as “something from the future” anymore, but this teaser has the space theme all over it. The visuals are very nice, though. The intranet is called Y-Connect (“Connect” appears to be a very popular names for intranets these days). I am not sure what they mean to say exactly with the examples, but apparently YConnect is dynamic, intuitive and efficient.

Uploaded May 2021.

Teaser for the mobile app and Teams app of Yammer in this department of the Australian government.

Uploaded April 2022

A teaser for the revamp of Yammer for this Australian government department. I guess they have moved to Native Yammer, as they feel the need to explain some changes.

Uploaded April 2022

A welcome message from Baljinder Kuller

This platform does not really like vertical videos, apparently, so please click Play on the thumbnail below.

This short intro by the managing director of this recruitment organization in the UK focuses on sharing good news on the new app Workvivo. The whole message looks a bit rehearsed, or maybe he is reading from an autocue. Relaxed person, no distractions, which is good. No screenshots or demo, sadly.

Uploaded February 2021.