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Updated by Ellen van Aken on Jul 03, 2022
Headline for Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos
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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool. Please use the Filter option to select language, organizational type etc.
And please let me know if you have an addition, or if you see that a video is no longer available.

Intranet Tutorial_1

Decent demo for an intranet that you access with Google, so I do not think it is SharePoint! 😁
Two things jump out for me: a section in "Meet the Team" especially for New starters, and a big button about the Mental Health fiest aiders - this must be a organization with stressful jobs. It turns out this is a real estate organization.

Uploaded September 2021.

LCEF Connect Intro Video

This is a demo for another intranet called Connect. Well, in this case LCEF Connect. It is based on SharePoint so you will see some familiar design elements. Focus of the demo is on the navigation.

Uploaded June 2022.

Lanzamiento Yammer - Kimberly Clark (in Spanish)

Animated teaser for the launch of the Yammer network at a Spanish-language branch of Kimberly Clark.
They focus on the app, as they ask people to download the app and register.

Uploaded August 2020.

Nueva Intranet (in Spanish)

This video starts with some movie clips, showing how difficult it was to get information before the intranet was launched. Of course all those problems are solved now that this Chilean logistics and construction company has an intranet! 😁(BTW, the log-in page is accessible from their website).

All regular features are available: people search, documents (in SharePoint), HR processes, news, social features, and much more. This is the corporate intranet for a number of different businesses so I do not see much day-to-day-work related stuff, like schedules. I assume this will live elsewhere.

Uploaded April 2022.

Webinar: Learning about Lucy

Join us to discover our amazing intranet!

A few months after the teaser (below), this healthcare services organization from the Dominican Republic publishes a demo for Lucy. You can see here how it works in more detail.

Uploaded April 2022.

Welcome to Lucy!

This video is a "people video", teaser and demo in one!
I always like videos with the name of a person. This one, for a health care service center based in the Dominican Republic, is called Lucy and that stands for “Linking Us ContinuouslY”. Interesting name!

The VP of Human Resources and the local Marketing Manager show News, training courses, colleagues, work procedures, well, everything you need to make your work life easier. They encourage you to "explore it and make it your own".
The intranet looks very much like their website.

Uploaded February 2022.

Cpaulo Intranet (in Spanish)

Teaser for the intranet of the court of Ecuador, if I have understood it correctly. It looks as if this will have all the necessary features: News, Videos, interest groups, forms.

Uploaded June 2022.

New! Intranet App

"Download the intranet app today where you only need to sign in once to stay connected with your global teammates".
Nice introduction to the new intranet app for this German wind energy company. I can imagine this is very useful for people on the go!

There is also a video on how to install then app, with some good guidance for profile photos!

Uploaded April 2021.

Intranet Renaming Competition

Not so much a launch video, but the introduction of a naming competition for the new intranet for this pool maintenance service organization, which should be replacing a shared drive? (Unless the old intranet is called Drive 😁 )
This is from November 2021, but sadly I have not seen a video with the new name.

Uploaded November 2021

Coach Intranet Overview

This is not a regular intranet, but a (very nice and clear) demo about the Visual Merchandise tool for this fashion brand. It has lots of interesting jargon, and the Photo Exchange is not just a collection of pics on store shelves, but serves as an audit mechanism! Relaxing music, classic typography.

Uploaded October 2021.


If you would want your intranet to do one thing, what would it be? In this video you get so many options, that the original question is lost. In any case, this intranet for a chemicals manufacturer can do many things: quick search, easy to work with, find experts or collaborate with colleagues, etc. Nice simple visualizations.

Uploaded September 2021.

CLN Intranet

This is an interesting improvement in efficiency for this global logistics operation! They are focusing on connecting everyone in the organization and beyond.
Now EVERYONE has access to the list of logistic partners, while this used to be only one person per company. 🤯 The new app (they are not calling it an intranet) has a social wall, messaging, and lots more.

Uploaded November 2020

Video bienvenida intranet IND (in Spanish)

Several people sing the praise of the new intranet for the Department of Sport in Chile.
The intranet is very picture-oriented. It will not surprise you that it contains news, policies & procedures, events, weather, documentation and HR information.

Uploaded March 2021

GBMB Intranet Announcement

Fun, sympathetic video from the "boss" of this religious organization, introducing their intranet, which sounds as if it is their first.
The goal is to make everyone better and more efficient. He also thanks everyone involved, which is a nice gesture. There's also some screenshots - it's SharePoint!

Uploaded May 2021.

This video does not want to be embedded. Please copy the link from the title.

This CEO has almost single-handedly arranged that there is a new intranet (this attitude irks me a little, sorry about that!) which has a better, more updated look, easier to navigate, better for information exchange. There's some screenshots which look nice and clean and modern and has all current features and content: News, upcoming events, procedures, an update by himself, blogs,.

Uploaded April 2022.

Silvano Pasquali presenta la nuova intranet (in Italian)

I had to see this video twice because I was very much distracted by the visuals. 🙂 Ah, Italian design! Starting with the classic Italian building behind the university of Verona’s CIO, moving to interesting modern buildings and halls, a row of bespectacled phone users (Myopia will be an epidemic as more and more people spend more and more time on small screens) and an enormous touch-screen whiteboard.

But back to the intranet. There are no good visuals, which is sad, but it should be the place where all students, teachers and personnel can find their information, reserve rooms, communicate quickly, collaborate in project groups and what not.

Uploaded May 2022

ZEPPOS komt eraan (in Dutch)

Well, this is a real teaser as it is just a screenshot in a picture, repeated over and over. 😀
The teaser is for the government department of Culture Youth and Media in Flanders, Belgium.

Uploaded October 2020.

Welcome to Varsity Central

This is the intranet for an American organization that creates/sells sports wear for students. The intranet has news, employee profiles, personalized job suggestions, information about the company, etc.

Uploaded March 2021.

Le fil, le nouvel intranet nomade de Grand Chambéry (in French)

Animated demo of the new intranet for a cluster of cities in a part of France.
It has been launched in February 2022 and is accessible on all devices. It has a lot of easy-to-use forms and other practical information. Good people profiles (I thought the French were not allowed to publish telephone numbers and related personl info on intranet), document transfer (with WeTransfer, so this is definitely not SharePoint), news, a personalized space, and other goodies.

Uploaded April 2022

Yammer update

A message from the Chief Executive to use Yammer for two-way communication within the company. The "talking head" is interspersed with shots from their actual Yammer, which is nice.
Employees are allowed to share everything, work-related or not, (pets, holiday pictures) and even encouraged to post about work things or processes that don't work, AND tag the Chief Executive in it!

Uploaded February 2022.


Teaser for a new intranet for the Sales Division of this global food manufacturer. The video starts with some comments about the old intranet, but the new one looks like a real sales system, with all information easily accessible. This is a work horse, not a communications tool. You can also personalize it to your needs/liking.

Uploaded 2021, but dates on the video show 2010.

Mobile intranet NLMK (Russian; English spoken)

Very nice animation about a mobile app serving as the intranet. This app has everything you can expect from an intranet: News, colleague finder, procedures but also lots of business process interactions: Idea submissions, reporting of hazardous situations, requesting holidays, etc.

There is an interesting case study about this intranet. An excerpt in English:
NLMK Group is developing a digital working environment for 50,000 employees through an intranet and a mobile application that brings together office staff and production workers. Everyone can be provided with a corporate smartphone and connected to free cellular communication. 35.000 Production workers do not have access to PCs at workplaces, so a mobile phone is used.
Office employees support the production process: these are HR managers, lawyers, logisticians, developers, sales managers and many others. They have access to work PCs and the ability to use mobile phones while working.
In 2018 they revamped their intranet, and its main role is to eliminate the digital inequality between production and office employees, to create a single working and information environment without restrictions.
Thanks to the updated corporate portal and mobile version, 48 thousand employees of Russian enterprises received full access to the company's services, information, communities, competitions, vacancies from any devices.
To communicate important changes, managers no longer need to use different communication tools for specific audiences.
the Intranet has its own YouTube service, where the system automatically collects all videos published on the Intranet within 24 hours. Videos are sorted into playlists. You can subscribe to updates to this section and use separate intranet playlists. Immediately after the launch, this particular section got into the TOP-5 of the most visited on the corporate portal.

The whole story is very interesting and can be found here (in Russian):

Many thanks to Elena Bogdanova (@lenyska) for sharing this!

Uploaded May 2022.

TOTAL WAT_teaser (in French)

Nice animated teaser for the new intranet WAT for a brand in the petrochemicals industry.

It shows that everything is united now - from 46 intranets to one, for 20.000 employees. It is personalized and targeted in many ways, by role and geography etc. It is also a time-saver, a more efficient communication tool and a social network. I really like the imagery - very clear.

Uploaded March 2015.

Het Nieuwe Intranet (in Dutch)

Teaser (but with screenshots of what's coming) for the new intranet for this city in the Netherlands. Apparently they have a new City Hall and introduced "The new way of working" (hybrid, open plan office, tablets, phones - this is 2013!) so a new intranet had to follow. I have seen worse reasons for a new intranet! The big pro appears to be you can now share your own information easily in your own (SharePoint) sites.
The video is shot like a movie trailer, complete with title sequences and exciting music.

Uploaded March 2013.

The Kennel: a look into Pets at Home’s digital workplace - Anna Milnes, Pets at Home

Anna Milnes from Pets at Home talks about their digital workplace "The Kennel" and how it is transforming their business.

Great name for this intranet! The presentation-with-slides is a bit on the long side (18 mins) but it is a nice overview of the vision for the intranet and the way they got there, and what benefits and challenges they have found. It is not really a demo but as it is on SharePoint, I thought I'd include it anyway.
Around 8 mins you can finally see what the intranet looks like: cheerful and older SharePoint.

Uploaded June 2015.