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Updated by Ellen van Aken on Feb 03, 2023
Headline for Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos
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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool.

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Welcome to CBSR’s intranet

Nice welcome video from Sharon McLennon, aka SuperSharon 😁 She introduces this intranet for a real estate organization in Florida, USA, and the purpose is to help eachother. It has just started and will expand over the next few weeks.
Nicely done with a blurred background which does not distract, but is also not as bland as other backgrounds we have seen.

Uploaded January 2023.

Mazars Intranet 2023

This global financial services organization has a new intranet, which has easier navigation, is more in line with their website, has a "frequently asked questions" bar for all your questions, and a very nice part of Shared Services information. Sadly, that is very visual but it is at the bottom of the page. A little weird.

Uploaded January 2023

Intranet Promotional Video

Another totally over-the-top video. I saw the "space" theme when it started and I thought "Oh no, not another space adventure" but it is quite funny actually. This is a crew exploring the intranet, and they ask help from the home base. I think the voices are machine-generated which gives a strange effect.
And it is SharePoint too!

This is for the intranet of the Internal Services Department for the County of Los Angeles. Worth a view.

Uploaded January 2023.

Nova Intranet: Login (in Portuguese)

This is a series of demo videos for an organization in Brazil that "wants to increase the competitiveness of Brazilian industry by influencing the policy environment. To this end, it engages in policy dialogue with Congress, the federal government and the judiciary."
They log in with Microsoft, although the intranet does not really look like SharePoint.

Uploaded January 2023.

More videos:
Voice messaging:

Updating your profile (mosyly adjusting the colour scheme):

See News: (and you can also subscribe and share, if I have understood correctly)

Fine the people you work with:

Lanzamiento Intranet (in Spanish)

I am afraid this is not such a good example of a teaser for a new intranet. The person introducing this appears to be a bit tired. It must have been a very difficult project. 😉
In any case, this appears to be the first intranet for this shop for construction and household building materials in Argentina.

Uploaded October 2022.

Intranet émergence (in French)

This is the introduction for an intranet to accomodate a merger between different organizations, all in the housing sector in a region in France.
It is mainly a document repository, a place for news, and a discussion page for the merger. It appears to be in development.

Nice people video, although I would like to know who the speaker is, as well as his role, in combination with an animation. No distracting background or movements.

Uploaded January 2023.

Totems-L'intranet de l'Eurométropole de Strasbourg

The name of the intranet, the figures that show you through the intranet, and the music all come together very nicely in this video for the city and surrounding environment for Strasbourg, France.
(You may want to watch it twice to fully appreciate the clever soundtrack!)
The intranet has news, internal and city events, links to various business tools, a video channel and a social stream. It can also be personalized a bit.

Uploaded January 2017.

Fresenius Fred

Get to know Fred - the Fresenius intranet.

There is a LOT going on in this delightful teaser video. There's Roy Liechtenstein, Andy Warhol, Superman, other references to comics, accompanied by American jazz age background music.
You can personalize your news feed, ask questions, like, comment and what not. You will have to see this a few times before you will have noticed all.

Below is another masterwork - or a collage of masterworks really, dealing with the collaborative aspects of Fred.

Fred is the new intranet for a German provider of medical products and medicines.

Uploaded January 2022

Fred Collaboration

Find out how simple and easy collaboration at Fresenius can be - with Fred, our group-wide intranet.

Another delightful addition to this collection. These Fred video makers are on fire! Just as in the original teaser, there is a LOT of visual interest, this time a collage of world-famous artworks. You will have to see and hear this a few times before you will have noticed all.

This video highlights the options to collaborate with Fred, on projects etc. In order to do that properly, you need to fill and update your profile, obviously.

Uploaded March 2022

SQHub Intranet HR introduction video

Introduction and highlights of the HR-section of the intranet of an aviation company in Singapore. It is SharePoint based but some pages appears to have a custom design, with different typeface and buttons.
They have made the content easier to understand by providing information according to the "employee journey". There is a separate section for new joiners, for instance.
They are also using many icons. I hope everyone understands them and that they are accessible for non- or partially sighted employees!
For an airline, I would have expected a focus on mobile content, but that is not mentioned.

Although this part has been introduced in 2020, the video has been uploaded in October 2022. But...better late than never as we can learn from all videos!

Uploaded October 2022.

3277H Intranet launch Intro.mp4

Nice music, interesting typeface. This is a teaser for an intranet for a financial services organization in Botswana. (This is my first video from Botswana!) The mail goal is to improve communications.

The video below shows the introduction by someone from the organization. Unfortunately we do not know her name and her role. She explains what the intranet (apparently the first in the 46 years that this company has existed) does.

And the last video in this series (below) explains some of the features of the intranet. Because the two last videos are in a different format, does not display them properly when I add them as individual items. They look better embedded like this.

Uploaded November 2022.

Floreer HR-Intranet.mp4 (in Dutch)

Sneak peek for a SharePoint-based intranet for a Dutch collective of schools. This overview deals with the HR-section and introduces the people involved.
The intranet looks clean and informative. As most topics appear to have at least one page, and this is only the HR-part, I wonder how many pages the complete intranet will have...

Uploaded December 2022.

Intranet DE.mp4 (in German)

Standard animated teaser where the problem of too many different unconnected tools is solved by a Microsoft Teams-based intranet. Next to providing news, events and other company information, the intranet will be the connecting factor for OneDrive, Jira, Confluence and hard drives. At least, that's what I understand from this video. The organization is a Swiss supplier of all kinds of materials you may need in road traffic, varying from reflective paint to complete signalling systems.

Uploaded December 2022

Introducción Nueva Intranet

Stylish teaser for this Argentinian biochemistry college (not sure about the exact level). It only shows that it is accessible on all devices, and the main part appears to be the agenda/curriculum, but there's nice photography of chemical equipment and microscopes in between, which warms my food technologist's heart. 😊

This intranet is quite recent, so I found a reference on the website, also showing this video:

Uploaded December 2022




The intranet for this French telecom provider is called "Hello" but sadly I do not see that on the pages, only in the first seconds of the video. Instead, they show the company name in the top left. Colour scheme is very much like their website. This is a demo for the content and functionalities - they have integrated Yammer and it has all the regular functionalities and content.

Below is the teaser for this intranet.

Uploaded March 2022.


This French telecom organization has a Digital Workplace based on Office365/Microsoft365 and their new intranet is called Hello. Nice name! Instead of doing everything via Outlook, you can now also work with Yammer (although I wonder if screaming "Help" on Yammer will really work 😁) , videocalls, SharePoint, OneDrive and what not.

Above this video you will see a demo of the final product.

Uploaded January 2021.


No sound.
This large global bank has an intranet especially for their Brazilian employees. You can see that in the very large Useful Links menu. There is also no other "local" intranet. That is a bit weird, but perhaps this is a temporary thing until this can be properly integrated into the main intranet. Nonetheless, the Brazilian section appears to be recently redesigned. It looks as if all the regular useful HR-things are there: payment information, news, holidays, procedures, training etc.

Uploaded August 2021

The Intranet! 2nd Draft.mp4

This teaser is made by employees and it looks like they had fun making it! This financial services organization from Texas, USA is in need of one place for all kinds of information, like employee directory, holidays and who is selling that unused exercise bike. The Super Six team has now created an intranet, SuperSix!
There's a sort of glitch in the first scene; while all three people are on the phone, one phone keeps ringing until one of the callers finishes his current call. 😁 Oh well, as long as they enjoyed themselves!

Uploaded November 2021

SWZ Intranet Promo (in Dutch)

Teaser for a new intranet called SAS (but you do not see this anywhere; I would have liked to see a logo). The intranet is for a Dutch house rental organization. "It is similar to Facebook, but then for colleagues". It is based on a timeline, and is connected to a knowledge bank. You can add task to your own page. The intranet homepage can be personalized with widgets. By working in groups and using the functionalities, you will receive less email and who does not want that?
Interesting animation style with the hands and words. Unclear why the normal spoken parts are in colour and the animated parts in black and white with an extra colour. It makes things a bit cluttered.

Uploaded August 2022, but this video has been created in 2018.

Intranet_TRAILER_final2 (in French)

Jurassic Park-like teaser for an intranet for a French (branch of an international) insurance company. I had to view it twice as the decor is rather distracting and I expect a dinosaur to pop up any time. But that is just me!

It looks like SharePoint (and I seem to remember that parent company Aviva was one of the first to move to SharePoint Online) and we are promised that you can find a whole new world there! It has a super strong search engine, you can be informed about the organization and news, find and join communities, find information and much more.

Uploaded September 2022.

Hastings Intranet tutorial update

Very nice demo with both spoken and written word and clear explanations.
Another SharePoint intranet, called Connect (OK, it is actually 4C's Connect but you know I am partial to intranets with this name), this time for a British insurance company.
Apart from a rather overwhelming top menu under "How do I" this looks like a decent intranet.

Interesting: they have also created a Teams instruction video (Jan. 2021):

Uploaded October 2022

The Compass Employee Intranet Site Hype Video

The Compass is SouthPoint Risk's employee intranet site! This self-service intranet site will be your one-stop shop for all company information.

This intranet for an insurance company in the USA is based on SharePoint and contains a lot of relevant stuff. In this teaser ("hype video?" 😁) they also promote the mobile app ad mention that they have a SharePoint support desk. Cool!

Uploaded August 2022.

New Intranet Launch

An intranet demo from the Teams interface, how nice is that! Yes, it is a SharePoint intranet.
This Dutch Sea Research organization has chosen not to replicate the organizational structure in their new intranet, but to make it more intuitive. They use an extensive menu to navigate to various parts and groups and themes of the intranet. Language is English and the colour is blue, of course!
I see "Quick Links", "My Links"(nice use of the "My saved items" web part), events and news, of course.

Uploaded September 2022.

Intranet KFW Gebärdenvideo.mp4

Excellent, an intranet demo in sign language. I would have preferred subtitles, as that would perhaps have a larger audience, but I am glad that the organization has realized that not everyone may benefit from a talking video.
This is for a German bank, and it looks nice and clean, with a mega menu on top with a ton of options, and that is only the 4 words in the horizontal navigation! But I expect this will be necessary for a bank.

Uploaded October 2021.

Intranet (in Spanish)

This brand-new intranet for an outdoor advertising agency in Mexico uses large visuals on their homepage. The images in the rotating carousel are a tad cluttered, but the rest is quite calm, in nice shades of blue and white and with a nice header font. The intranet has all info you would need in a commercial organization, such as news, events, suggestions, birthdays and more. No sound, so I just have to go by the look of it.

Uploaded July 2022