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Headline for Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos
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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool. Please use the Filter option to select language, organizational type etc.
And please let me know if you have an addition, or if you see that a video is no longer available.

The Kennel: a look into Pets at Home’s digital workplace - Anna Milnes, Pets at Home

Anna Milnes from Pets at Home talks about their digital workplace "The Kennel" and how it is transforming their business.

Great name for this intranet! The presentation-with-slides is a bit on the long side (18 mins) but it is a nice overview of the vision for the intranet and the way they got there, and what benefits and challenges they have found. It is not really a demo but as it is on SharePoint, I thought I'd include it anyway.
Around 8 mins you can finally see what the intranet looks like: cheerful and older SharePoint.

Uploaded June 2015.

Gemeente Haarlem - Hint (in Dutch)

This video is meant for the relaunch of the intranet of a Dutch city. Nice name: HINT is a combination of Haarlem (the city) and INTranet. The relevant information from the old intranet is still available, and the new intranet is based on finding and being found. Colleagues, expertise and documents can be found together. There is also an option to create groups to collaborate, e.g. on a project.
The Dutch have (had) this irritating habit of having a fictional person as the tour guide, so for some time almost all Dutch intro videos started with: "Hello, I am [Dutch name]". It may be nice in one occasion, but I have seen too many :-)

Uploaded March, 2013

Macmillan - Campus Digital

Macmillan Science and Education employ 5,700 people all over the world in a vast range of disciplines and roles. To make sure everyone can communicate and share information with each other they set up Campus Digital. An intranet which can be accessed by everyone within the organisation.
This animation was used to introduce this to their employees.

A simple, social place for all employees. It is supposed to make work easier. No screenshot in sight, this is only the teaser.
Uploaded November 2014

CSWb Intranet

Teaser for the intranet for a school in the Philippines. Friendly visuals and texts, it appears to be aimed at supporting everyone (learners, parents and teachers) in their work.

Uploaded July 2020.

Tutorial Intranet - Nido Birmingham

A very nice colourful demo of the intranet for a nursery school (1-5 years of age) in Peru. How nice, the 1st level are Bunnies and the 4th level are Bears! It has the usual things like curriculum and events, and the video ends with lovely pictures of the students.

Uploaded May 2020.

Time 4 GLOBALIZED Intranet

Test item for the thumbnail/preview.

The ATI Intranet

A new intranet for this all-purpose service provider in the Philippines: water, fire and smoke damage; documents restoration; electronics and machinery restoration; contents cleaning and restoration to name only a few. The intranet will bring employees together and share news, information, and employee awards. This is the teaser.
Uploaded November 2019.

Agência Nacional de Águas - Nova Intranet (in Portuguese)

Everything is white and blue in this intranet for the National Water Agency in Brazil. Makes sense. Nice design, not SharePoint but there are other parts of Office365 used such as Yammer and PowerBI. Interactive, lots of search options, communities, fat header, meeting room booking, it has lots of useful stuff!
Uploaded December 2019.

UPB te enseña: Conoce la Intranet (in Spanish)

This explanation of the intranet is a bit simplistic, but you may be able pick up some hints when introducing this to your own organization. This is the intranet for a university in Colombia.
Uploaded October 2019.

Matters transitions to the Intranet: Virtual Tour

SharePoint intranet for a technical college in Wisconsin, USA. In an accompanying video the new owner explains that governance is moving from Marketing to Employee Learning and Organizational Development, which is interesting! It is pretty much News-based (with a SharePoint News Digest - 3 times a week!) and features the lunch menu in a prominent place 😉.
Uploaded December 2019.

#WeAreCanvas: We Heard You - A New Intranet is Coming Soon(ish)!

Not your regular intranet promotion video, but it is a nice one as these people are embarking on a SharePoint intranet journey and they are going to do this in 6 months time! Well, they have narrowed the scope down to the important company documentation, so that may actually be a workable timing. Nice to see people talk about their expectations of SharePoint. They are talking servers so I guess it is on-prem.
This is a Colorado, USA based financial services provider.
Uploaded May 2019.

Wiz - Nova Intranet (in Portuguese)

Demo-teaser for the new intranet of a Brazilian financial services provider. It does not look like SharePoint, but I do see a Teams logo in the menu to the right, so they are using parts of Office365! In any case it looks nice and clean and modern, although I do not understand all of it.
Uploaded August 2019.

Schibli Intranet (no sound)

Nice short silent demo of a mobile intranet for a Swiss engineering company. It features news, the company directory, procedures and work instructions for engineers, who are often working on different locations and with different customers. It looks very efficient if you are not always at the office behind the desk. I would like to see some more collaboration features, or a Q&A section where you can ask questions, but I do not see that in the menu. Still, nice and short demo.
Uploaded October 2019.

CLAFIS Ingenieus - Het nieuwe intranet (in Dutch)

Teaser with a lot of text explaining the modern intranet: from top-down to co-creation, from sending to collaboration, from informing people to sharing knowledge. There's not a lot of concrete info given, except the name BERT. No clue what that means and sadly it is not explained.
They have another video with one of the employees telling more about the value of the intranet: (in Dutch)
Uploaded September 2019.

HS Intranet User Guide Video

Interesting video mapping the old intranet (which looks rather ugly and outdated) to the new version. This is the new intranet for a county in USA.
Uploaded May 2019.

VCU Health Intranet Introduction

This is not the hospital's corporate video - after about 30 secs this turns into what you are here for! A new intranet is announced, after feedback from employees. It has all the usual topics of a modern intranet: News, documents, apps, profiles, available on multiple devices, social elements. They are using Office 365, although the intranet does not appear to be built on SharePoint.
Uploaded June 2019.

Intranet Adexus 2019 (in Spanish)

Rather long demo for this Latin American solutions provider of business intelligence. (I think). But it is always nice to see what an intranet looks like and what it contains. News, documents, profiles and a lot of org charts - I hope they have an easy way to keep those up-to-date!
Uploaded September 2019.

Grupo ODA - La Intranet (in Spanish)

Introduction demo for the intranet for a Spanish travel agent. Sadly only the navigation part of the intranet is shown and there is a spoken explanation of the contents. With over 7 minutes this becomes a tad boring.
Uploaded October 2019

Het sociaal intranet 'VeurMekaar bij Azora' is live (in Dutch)

The moment of launch! I do not know anything except that this is the intranet for a Dutch health care organization.
Uploaded October 2019.

Trailer de Lancement de l'intranet Moët Hennessy

Nice classy trailer from this famous Champagne, wine, brandy and other spirits company, based in France. It is too short to determine of the content is as good as its looks! Available on PC, tablet and phone.
Uploaded August 2019.

TheHUB - The new HAVI & TMS intranet

Another transport/logistics organization, another intranet called "The Hub". Nice demo with lots of detail, personalization, feedback options (for the intranet) etc. It is partly Office 365 based, but the intranet itself looks something else than SharePoint.
Uploaded July 2019.

ONE Intranet (in French)

Square screens and tablets. They are in need of a clean desk policy :-). Is this the company video or an intranet video? The large focus on the work at this Swiss producer of building materials makes you think this is the company video, but it is actually the intranet video. One is the intranet that binds all the various companies and brands together.
Uploaded July 2019.

Russell Intranet Animation

Teaser for the intranet of a British logistics and transport organization. You may think at first that this is the company video, but halfway it comes to the point: a new intranet to have one source of information, to share, learn and develop. No screenshots or live demo, sadly.
Uploaded July 2019.

Stanford childrens Intranet on Vimeo

Very long demo of the intranet of an American children's hospital and medical center. The URL shows me it is SharePoint, but the look-and-feel does not give that away as it looks very much like their internet site.
Tons of interesting info, but about the whole idea and about the actual intranet. It is a bit much though.
Uploaded July 2019.

Intranet Profiles

How and why would you connect with your colleagues, and how to find them? This Spanish/global insurance company shows how to make best possible use of people profiles.
Uploaded October 2018.