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Updated by Ellen van Aken on Oct 21, 2018
Headline for Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos
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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool.

Yammer Education For Employees

Funny "education" video for Yammer. No cats and food pictures allowed but a Yammer group for bow tie fans is a good idea :-) . Oh, and by the way, you can also use it for work. Thank you, Noah Sparks, for bringing this to my attention.
Uploaded April 2017.


Very nice teaser for the digital workplace (intranet + business tools) of this global (originally French) Logistics company. Colourful, great visuals. News, information, access to the G-suite for office software, access to business tools, communities etc.
Uploaded October 2018.

Friedman LLP’s New Intranet (FLiP) Launch Video

Enjoyable Wizard of Oz pastiche, acted by real employees with a low budget and lots of fun. The intro will be familiar: "I can not find anything on the intranet" and then they go on a quest to find the new learning and information portal. The last minute is credits. This an accountant and financial advisor company from New York, USA.
Uploaded January 2018.

Intranet Heinrich (in German)

I thought only Dutch intranets have the annoying habit of having a human name and introducing the intranet, but that was before I discovered Heinrich :-) ! I like his voice though - he is rather laidback and not as hysterical as other intranet promotion videos.
Heinrich is the intranet for a German institute for communications technology. Heinrich is meant to inform you, and help you with work. He also has team rooms for projects, and a dashboard with widgets that you can personalize. Pages contain options to chat with the author, and there is a forum and other ways to connect and give feedback. All in all, a very heavily styled intranet with a lot of good stuff, especially if you know that this video is from early 2016.
Uploaded January 2016.

CMS Employee Intranet

This looks rather old, as I see MS Vista and IE 6,7, 8 mentioned in the requirements, but it has been uploaded in 2018, so I guess it is still valid.
Functional demo for the employee intranet of a school in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA.
Uploaded August 2018.

Jägermeister Intranet

The new Jägermeister intranet is a digital manifestation of the Jägermeister brand world. Okay, this must be text from the design agency :-) This intranet for a famous drink is supposed to strengthen the brand values - which are rather masculine. It is responsive and heavily designed. It sports a social Q&A to facilitate Knowledge Management, which always scores points with me. It has an expert directory and a modern search. At the end you also see some metrics after introducing this intranet.
Uploaded July 2018.

Launch video for Ørsted digital workplace

The setup is familiar, but this video is less hyperbolic than the one for Argos and Velux. Still humourous, though! Nice demo for an Office365 digital workplace, featuring Yammer, Delve and SharePoint, and with focus on completing our profile and expertise finding. And I wish I could work my way through ROT like that! :-) Thank you, Ivalo Andreassen, for making me aware of this.
Published May 2018.


Teaser/demo for the intranet of this French multinational that wins minerals and produces ceramic building materials. Very clear colourful layout, with strong search, links to global applications, news, commenting options, etc. I like the colourful circles that represent "like, comment, feedback, share, connect".
Uploaded July 2018.

Welcome to MyHub Intranet on Vimeo

Very simple demo (probably a PowerPoint saved as .wmv file) for the intranet of this USA Real Estate brokers. Lots of business and employee information.
Uploaded July 2018.

Housing Plus Group

This new intranet of a UK Housing organization must give all employees a ton of fresh energy, as employees appear to get very tired of not having one. Nice teaser, with real employees, for the new intranet, with news, announcements, a people search, policy documents and many other useful things. Launched December 8 (2017 I think), video uploaded March 2018.

Intranet Promo on Vimeo

Solid teaser/demo for a new intranet for a US financial organization. Nice clear design, personalization options and weather information is always available! The content highlights employee-related information and News more than anything else, but I assume the "real work" is done in other systems.
Uploaded June 2018.

EVANTI – Video

Please click on the title above the preview to open the video.
This video tells a story about the Office 365-based intranet that was built top-down, but got improved using a bottom-up approach. Nice illustration of the hype cycle. As this is not a video on a regular platform, I do not know when it has been uploaded, but I expect this is from 2017 or 2018.

NSW Health Intranet video

Ellen van Aken's insight:
Teaser for the "next steps" of the intranet of this Australian health care organization, adding new features based on employee suggestions, such as an Employee Directory that you can update yourself, adding favourite pages and a chat function. The information updates will be sent via email...
Uploaded March 2018.

New Intranet (1) - Hi, I'm Zug

Ellen van Aken's insight:
And what do you think "Zug" stands for?
This is a series of short fun animations, each published on a subsequent Wednesday.
In this first video Zug explains why he is going to Belgium to create a small social network for a Belgian Real Estate agency.
And there is a naming contest as well.
Uploaded October 2016.

Yammer (in Norwegian)

Ellen van Aken's insight:
Thanks to the Microsoft Edge translation add-in I have figured out the language is Norwegian.
In any case, this company recognizes that Yammer may be considered as a time-waste, but it is really job-related.
Fast information and available on mobile.
The comms team will help if you have questions.
I think this is for an organization of Norwegian Employers.
Uploaded November 2017.

Perform Kitbag - Yammer

Ellen van Aken's insight:
Another company that makes the comparison to Twitter and Facebook when launching Yammer.
This UK sports organization has rolled out more elements of the Office Suite, see their Skype-for-business video here:
Uploaded March 2018.

Grundfos // Yammer

Ellen van Aken's insight:
Nice personal welcome to Yammer by the Community Manager. It is good to see a real person taking the responsibility.
Uploaded March 2018.

Sainsburys N05 Yammer Video

Sainsburys Warrington colleagues promoting Yammer colleagues.

Ellen van Aken's insight:
Not exactly a launch video but interesting enough to show this use case for Yammer. Good news is spread, liked and compliments are sent to all involved within this supermarket location.
When will Yammer facilitate emoji? They are used quite heavily but Yammer does not have them at present - would be nice though.
Uploaded November 2017.

SDL Yammer - Let's connect

SDL Yammer launch video

Ellen van Aken's insight:
Interesting to see that they consider Yammer as "a bit of Twitter YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook".
I also like the "Going where no email has gone before".
This is for a Real Estate company in the UK.
Uploaded March 2018.

New intranet new features

Ellen van Aken's insight:
Beautiful and colourful animation but the triple-split-screens make it a little noisy - but that may be my age :-)
This is the new intranet for a European Bank and it is very personal - you can tailor it to your needs.
It is meant for communication, connecting with colleagues and collaboration. Search is also important, of course.
Uploaded March 2018, but the video has been created in 2017.

RS Connect Engagement Intranet trailer

RS Connect - Employee Engagement Officer Official trailer to the Employee Engagement meetings, News, and support.

Ellen van Aken's insight:
Short teaser for the intranet of RS Connect, a telecom service and car lease provider in the UK and Ireland.
The new intranet is supposed to provide announcements, updates and the latest news - sounds a bit redundant to me. I also do not like the word "engagement" mentioned in front of employees, but I may blog about that one day :-)
Uploaded February 2018.

Carrefour Connect, l'intranet du Groupe Carrefour ( in French)

Le Groupe Carrefour a révolutionné sa communication interne avec le lancement de l’intranet Connect en 2017 !

Ellen van Aken's insight:
This French supermarket chain has a beautiful intranet, with lots of images, a video portal and a lot of personalization options for country, applications, interests etc. With 400.000 employees, personalization is more than welcome, of course.
The video does not show collaboration or social elements.
It is also available on every device.
Intranet launched in 2017, video uploaded Jan. 2018.

Connect - Grupo AP (in Spanish)

Connect la nueva Intranet del Grupo Accion Point

Ellen van Aken's insight:
And another intranet called "Connect"!
This one integrates a number of tools such as Google, Zoho and Redmine. It is collaborative and social, and of course can be used on all devices. This integration reduces log-ons and saves email.
Everything happens on Connect!
Uploaded March 2018.

Rather harsh lighting on the person introducing this new intranet for this health care services organization in California, USA. It does not look very glamourous, but it is a beta version and invites feedback on every page.
For the rest, it has a lof of useful information, but does not look very social or collaborative. Perhaps the next version will take care of that.
Uploaded February 2018.

Living on the Edge-Yammer

Ellen van Aken's insight:
Great video showing a very specific use of Yammer: pictures from sales employees from shops to see how campaigns are being picked up by customers and how displays look. As a food technologist who has worked for the consumer market I really like this. And it is easy for sales folks: make a picture and upload to the correct group in Yammer while you are in the store.
In between there's a short guide with do's and don'ts.
All in all, a nice mix of an excellent Yammer business example, real people, loud music and helpful guidance.
Uploaded November 2017.