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Updated by Ellen van Aken on May 28, 2023
Headline for Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos
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Ellen's Intranet Promotion Videos

Videos to celebrate or inform about the (re)launch of an intranet or enterprise social tool.

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Intranet Video Campaign

Colourful teaser/demo for a brand of a large media conglomerate. It is called iShare El Mundo, it is based on SharePoint and I love their colour purple and the headers. It is very much media-based, both content and design. Of course it features lots of news, but also documents, policies, HR information, a special section on diversity, and more.

Uploaded May 2023.

Intranet Promo

Not sure what to make of this teaser for the new intranet of this African bank, based in Egypt but with branches across the African continent.
The intranet has been designed to take care of feedback and interaction, but the main focus of the speaker (no idea of his name or role) is the fact that there are various groups for personal interests, such as music, sports and other culture. You can not expect that people leave their personality at the door. Nice one.

Uploaded May 2023

Intranet (in Spanish)

Well, in the meantime Powtoon has made some improvements to their animation tools. This is a teaser for the intranet of a electro-fysiotherapy clinic in Colombia. The teaser takes you through the homepage and main menu items. Nice music, no spoken word.

Uploaded May 2023.

Gemeente Midden-Groningen - Intranet (in Dutch)

This is a teaser for the intranet for a municipality (containing a number of villages) in the province of Groningen, the Netherlands. It contains news, information for council employees, you can find colleagues, there are groups for various roles, and the digital case system.

Uploaded May 2023.

Intranet online (in Spanish)

The new intranet for this Colombian bank is like a house - it contains everything you need for your day.
The voice-over of this demo is a little too hysteric for my taste but it may be just me. We get a tour of the various items on the homepage and the menu - quite the topics you would expect from a bank.
It has been created on SharePoint and it looks very much like their website.

They recently also shared a video your of their "About us" part, which includes information about the bank itself, such as history, mission and vision etc. The voice-over is even more hysterical here. šŸ˜‰

And this mobile app for internal communications, chat, news and the intranet is a little older. This does not look like SharePoint or Microsoft365. Interesting!

Uploaded May 2023.

Uma nova comunicaĆ§Ć£o interna. Conecte-se!

This video has been made for the launch of a new intranet for this Brazilian energy provider. It is based on SharePoint.
The idea is to create more connection between the organization and the employees, but also between employees, as many of them are not in an office but working "outside". Of course the intranet is available everywhere anytime on any device. (Well, it is SharePoint)

Uploaded May 2021.


Short teaser/demo for a chain of research hospitals in Italy.
It is an animation, so we do not see the "real" intranet, but it gives an idea of what it includes: Corporate info, list of employees, medical knowledge sharing and starter information for new employees.

Uploaded April 2023.

LAM Intranet Tutorial.mp4 on Vimeo

Long but thorough and pleasant demo on this SharePoint intranet for a Lawyers association in the USA. It is shown from Teams.

I quite like the looks of it, especially the Lam(b) which turns up here and there, especially in LAM Yammer! That is part of the Fun Zone, which is the more social and informal part of the intranet.
There is a lot of content on it, including up-to-date logo's and imagery, forms (in Forms),and a News Hub, which will be updated once a week, which I think could be done more often. But perhaps they mean they will update the non-transient parts, such as Events or so.

Anyway, a nice look into another SharePoint intranet. Uploaded April 2023.

Cala Intranet Naming Reveal

Apparently this construction company in the UK had a naming content for their intranet, and the chosen name is Cala Housing Intranet Platform, aka CHIP.
While the words chosen are pretty bland, the word CHIP is OK and also reminds one of woodchip boards. So I quite like it!

Uploaded April 2023.

Video instructivo Intranet (in Spanish)

This intranet for a Columbian organization that supports women entrepreneurs is divided into three parts: Corporate, Social and Collaboration. I like the quote: "In the social part, you are the main player". You are clearly invited to take part and to like, share and add your comments.
Colour scheme is a strong yellow and blue, in line with their website. The music is a tad loud and annoying.

Uploaded November 2021.

IntranetSeneca_v45 on Vimeo

Not sure why the thumbnail says "Internet" while this is clearly a teaser for a new intranet. Lots of promises: intuitive, personalizable, the way to connect, accessible on all devices.
This is a polytechnic college in Canada, which is surprising as there is no mention of schedules, classes, study points etc.

Uploaded June 2022.

Intranet (in Spanish)

Decent video for a decent intranet. There is nothing very remarkable here, but it is always nice to see another SharePoint intranet!
This is a manufacturer of paints and coatings in Argentina.

Uploaded April 2023

IAG Serenity on Vimeo

Uh...right. This is a totally ridiculous video, my apologies for being so blunt.
This is a video for explaining the digital transformation in an Australian insurance company. Please read the description on Vimeo.

I must be getting old. šŸ˜

Uploaded October 2021.

Medinfar Intranet (in Portuguese)

Nice teaser for this revamped intranet for a pharmaceutical company in Portugal.

I think this is a beautiful design: colourful, lots of white space, calm and readable lettering. Lovely!
The video is more of a portfolio showcase than a real teaser for employees.

Uploaded May 2022.

Intranet Commercial.mp4 on Vimeo

And here's another SharePoint intranet called Connect!

This one is for a law firm in the USA and the demo is very much focused on work. I always like that. The intranet can be personalized for various overviews.
There's an employee directory, of course, and the Search is advertised as a "robust guided Search". "Because it is on the latest version of SharePoint Online, it is fast and reliable". Now you hear it from someone else!

Uploaded April 2023.

Lancering af Folkekirkens Intranet (in Danish)

Sympathetic video from the launch event of this Danish church intranet, in a church, with organ music and a ribbon.
It is meant for church personnel, parish councils and other interested parties. I saw a few things that I recognize, such as News (Nyheder).
Good points: subtitles (in Danish, unfortunately for me) and the names and roles of the persons are in the description text.

They also have a (long, 20 minutes) walkthrough which will show you what it looks like.

Uploaded April 2023

Intranet IRTP (in Spanish)

This demo, for a broadcasting station in Peru, has annoying background music and a rather hysterical voice-over, but I like the custom-made icons. It is meant for communication and collaboration, and is available on all devices, of course. It is based on Google sites and you log on with a Google account.

Uploaded April, 2023

Getting Started With Intranet-The Homepage

A pleasant voice, bar music, you could almost forget that this is an intranet demo!

Hank (who, judging from the homepage, rocks and is outstanding), talks us through the homepage and navigation of this intranet. The organization behind it is a center for addiction medicines and treatment, so it is no surprise there is also a Sobriety Anniversaries calendar, celebrating who has been sober for how many years. It might be a bit too personal, but I guess it makes sense in this kind of organization.
For the rest, all the info and tool you would expect.

Uploaded October 2020.

Intranet_Christian (in German)

Now this is a nice way to demo a new intranet! This person walks you through the homepage and informs you what you can find. Apparently this is a social intranet, where everyone has their own personalized "homepage" with profile, sites you follow, timeline and blogs as the main parts. They are looking forward to party pictures and the blogs appear to be the main news publishing channel.

This is a financial organization specializing in handling medical bills, so your doctor does not have to be bothered with all the admin.

There are two more videos in this collection:
Another one in the same style where someone is looking for the person above, and while he waits and looks, he is impressed by what he sees. He calls out attention to the workspaces, which contain all the collaborative and strategic projects, and updates appear in your timeline.

And a silent overview of homepage and main navigation.

Uploaded January 2021

CIAN_SoriguƩ (teaser) (in Spanish)

This organisation has redefined their communication strategy, and the intranet is one of the first visible results. It is called CIAN, after their corporate colour. You will see a few glimpses at the end of the video.
Purpose of the communication strategy and therefore the intranet: Inter-connecting, Informing and Inspiring. (A sort of Connect, Collaborate, Communicate) .

This is a building and infrastructure and energy company in Spain.
Uploaded April 2021.

CWPT new Staff Intranet launched

Teaser for the new intranet for this health care organization in the United Kingdom.
It starts with the pain points from the former intranet; they have been taken care of and now everything will be much better!
It is SharePoint 2019, by the way. All the content you would expect from a health care organization.

Uploaded March 2021


Interesting animation of the intranet for an Australian broadcasting company. It is meant to provide information and connect employees across Australia. It has a helpful guide for new employees, access to work tools, and of course employee information and policies.
The TechHub (on SharePoint!) has information on technology. And if you do not know where to look, there are actual people you can contact.

Uploaded September 2022.

Nuova Intranet per Gianni & Origoni (in Italian)

Stylish teaser for the new intranet for this Italian Legal company. The new intranet is for collaboration, meeting, connecting and is an example of the corporate culture.

Uploaded March 2023

UNICEF - Private Sector Intranet; web page

Very nice looking SharePoint-based intranet for this well-known children's support organization. This intranet has been created because the work is similar across the globe, and it is important that they learn from each other. My knowledge management heart appreciates the fact that case studies, knowledge sharing and toolkits are an important part of this intranet. I also like the consistent mentioning on every page of who is responsible for the content and where you can go with questions.
Much thought appears to have been given to finding information - there's A-Z's, search, filtering and browsing, depending on where you are looking.
Of course it also has News, Documentation, Policies, etc.

Uploaded March 2023

Hari Intranet Video

This person (we know his name, but not his role in the organization) introduces the new intranet, meant to connect people from various locations in the business. It sounds as if all the usual stuff is there: news, projects, company info etc.

With more than 3 minutes a bit on the long side, and there is no screenshot or anything of the intranet itself.
On the plus side, the video contains subtitles, and the whole setup is quite neutral and not distracting.

Uploaded February 2023.