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Top Home Improvement Articles

Whether we're getting ready to sell the house, or just interested in doing some great renovations, this compilation list will come in very handy!

Best She Shed Resource

For women who wish they had a private space, now is a great time to put the wheels in motion and start planning for your very own little garden oasis.

Utilize the tips provided in this detailed guide to get motivated or continue the journey towards creating, using, and enjoying your future she shed.

5 Bathroom Design Trends to Avoid

Homeowners adore their bathrooms, so whenever the renovation bug bites, this will be the first room in the house that is always due for an upgrade.

However, there are a few trends that are finding its way down the proverbial toilet due to impracticalities and untrendy décor.

This article discusses a number of bathroom design trends to avoid!

How to Transform Your House Into a Home

This 'how to guide' on how to transform your house into a home has a number of easy tips in making sure you can quickly turn that house into a warm home!

A home is more than a place to rest your head and keep your stuff. We see a home as your very own place; a space that is loved and lived in.

Start dreaming of how you could improve the space to suit your personal tastes!

4 Tips For DIY Décor and Design

Too many people think that decorating or (re)designing your home can only be done by a professional.

This isn’t true at all: DIY home décor and design isn't rocket science and can be done by anyone!

If you’re interested in finding out how you can create your own décor and design without a professional, check out the advice in this article on how you might tackle doing your own home decorating and designing!

5 Signs You Need To Update Your Kitchen

If you need to update your kitchen, it can go quite easily if you know how.

This article discusses a few tips that will brighten, expand and liven up the kitchen area in no time! Here are 5 signs that show you need to upgrade your kitchen!

Is It Possible To Do Home Improvements On a Low Budget?

Home improvements: most of us who hear these words, immediately think of money and expenses. A lot of expenses.

However, as this article will point out, this isn’t really the case as it's possible to do home improvements on a low budget!

7 Quick Bathroom Updates You Can Finish in a Single Weekend

Redesigning your bathroom might sound like a fortune to execute, but it can be very simple and easy if you work smart!

This article discusses some helpful bathroom updates you can finish in a single weekend!

8 Things You Need to Fix Immediately When Buying a New House

Moving into a new place is a very exciting experience, but then you move in and all of a sudden, you need to start fixing quirky things that you did not see when you first looked at the house!

So, it’s good practice to set some money aside for the following quick fix and repair projects when buying your home as mentioned in this article!

Homeowners: Is DIY The Way To Go?

*Are homeowners doing their own home repairs or calling in professionals? At what point is DYI the way to go? *

This article discusses a few important points to consider re: DIY!

6 Smart Renovations To Make Aging At Home More Comfortable

Still living at home during your golden years might require some adaptions and changes to the home, so that aging at home turns into a smooth process.

It might be necessary to make some adaptions and changes (perhaps call it senior proofing your home) so that aging at home turns into a smooth process.

This article discusses 6 renovation ideas to make aging at home a more comfortable situation!

Should You Renovate Your Home Before Selling It?

You decided to sell your home, a home that has been properly lived in for the last few years.

Question now is: do you renovate your home before selling it? Check out this article to find out more!

Have You Been Keeping Up With Your Home Maintenance?

While it might be a short-term hassle to be keeping up with your home maintenance, the long-term gain is definitely worth it!

By putting a maintenance schedule in place, you’re able to figure out and deal with the issues that are most prevalent in your home long before they build up and become overwhelmingly expensive.

Take a look at some examples of what maintenance you should be regularly checking (and what the potential could be if you don’t deal with them)!

5 Steps to Bathroom Renovations Without Ruining Your Finances

*Chances are pretty good that home renovations will cause a lot of stress - mostly due to the incorrect projections of the costs associated, especially in the bathroom. *

Make sure to follow these steps to bathroom renovations if you're not looking to ruin your finances! Plenty of great tips inside!

5 Renovation Mistakes Homeowners Make When Selling Their Homes

Selling your home is just as big a step as buying a home.

Not only are you putting a lifetime’s worth of memories up for sale, but you are also selling an investment that has worked for you over a long period of time.

This article discusses the renovation mistakes homeowners make in preparation!

6 Easy Tricks to Declutter Kids Toys in Your Home

Parenthood is a joy for all…until you step on a Lego block. Then it becomes painful. Extremely painful! Kids make messes and they often leave half their rooms strewn throughout the house! If your kids’ toys are making your life a cluttered misery, then follow these simple tips to declutter kids toys!