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Top Open Houses Articles

Should a homeseller be looking into holding open houses? Do houses actually sell during those open houses? Any risks one needs to keep in mind when holding an open house?

Home Sellers: Avoid these 10 Real Estate Open House Mistakes

This article discusses some simple open house mistakes you can easily avoid!

10 Home Seller Tips For A Successful Open House

Ready to make that first impression? Unfortunately, a home buyer will give you one and only impression! Check out these home seller tips!

9 Reminders Why Open Houses Are A Lot Like First Dates

Could This Be The One? This article discusses 9 reminders why open houses are like first dates!

6 Reasons Why Sellers Like Show Houses

Plenty of buyers have been conditioned to look for houses to buy through Sunday show houses (aka open houses or show days). There are a number of reasons why sellers like show houses as discussed in this article!

5 Personal Items to Never Leave Out During a Show House

Event though it might be obvious for some, most people don't reaalize there are certain personal items to never leave out during a show house!

10 Questions to Ask the Real Estate Agent During a Show House

Which would be the questions to ask a real estate agent when visiting a show house? As an interested home buyer, this is a great opportunity to ask away!

Does an Open Houses Put an Owners Interest First

Real estate agents host open houses for a number of reasons. Is one of them to put the sellers interests first?Find out here whether open houses do or not!

Who Attends Real Estate Open Houses?

There are many different types of people who attend real estate open houses. It's important when buying or selling a home to know who to expect at opens.

The Real Estate Open House Lies Agents Tell

Some things to consider before you allow your Real Estate Agent to host an Open House in Your Home.

Best Questions to Ask The Listing Agent at an Open House

See the top questions to ask a listing agent at an open house to find out more about the property and the sellers circumstances.

Avoid Getting Robbed From an Open House

If you are going to open up your house to visitors in hopes of selling it, it is only realistic to wonder if any of the strangers that come through your door are looking to steal something. You don't have to be terribly suspicious by nature to want to protect your home and your valuables from unscrupulous individuals.

Pros and Cons of an Open House

Many people think about an open house as this great activity that gets a home sold. Unfortunately, this is far from the truth. The fact of the matter is you should be able to sell a home without ever holding an open house. In the article, you will see the pros and cons of hosting an open house. You should understand the drawbacks before having an open house.

Are Open Houses Necessary?

When you go searching for a real estate agent, you are likely to hear a number of sales pitches speaking of the necessity and desirability of an open house. Many agents will speak of their enthusiasm for open houses and how they will do well for you with all the traffic they draw.

The Drawbacks of an Open House Some Realtors Won't Tell You

Real estate open houses are one sales tactic that may be more about the hype than about results. Some real estate agents play up the benefits far more than they should, considering how many drawbacks there are to the process. The fact is, open houses are rarely conducted to sell a home.

Top 6 Truths About Open Houses

It’s time to sell your house. Better get started with your plans to hold an open house to attract buyers. Right? Learn the truth about open houses!

Avoid These Ten Real Estate Open House Mistakes

An open house is a potential way for buyers to see your property, but avoid these 10 Real Estate open house mistakes to enhance your chances of success.

Read Bill's article and ask yourself whether 2% chance of selling the house during an open house is worth it - perhaps think of the 98% odds of failure to sell it?! Would you still go ahead with the event?

5 Reasons an Open House Won't Sell Your Home

Open houses don't sell houses.

So, why do brokers still have them, and who are they really for?

Read Chad's article about the 5 five reasons you can bet your bottom dollar why an open house won’t sell your home!

Items Never to Leave Out At An Open House

Do you know what items you should never leave out at an open house?

Open houses can be a magnet for crime. Holding an open house increases your odds of being robbed.

See what Bill discusses what should never be left out when having an open house.

Open Houses - Do They Work or Not?

Do Open Houses work?

Check out this article and you'll quickly realize how Jeff feels about the topic.

He will give you the pros and cons based on his experience of selling homes for sellers.

Is A Real Estate Open House Necessary To Sell Homes?

Why Real Estate open houses are popular but not that effective as a marketing activity?

This may mean renovations, hiring a reputable Realtor and maybe even a public open house, but you should be aware that when it comes to putting on a public open house, you might be wasting your time.

With less than 2% of homes selling from open houses nationwide, the efforts of you and your Realtor may be better spent elsewhere.

Yes, you read that correctly, a mere 2 percent of all homes are due to a public open house!

Check out Bill's article to see whether open houses are necessary to sell homes!

Top Five Real Estate Open House Myths - BUSTED!

One of the most controversial topics in the real estate industry are open houses.

Ask 10 real estate agents their thoughts on open houses and you’re more than likely going to get 10 different opinions.

As with most things, there are PROs and CONs of open houses. If you’re thinking about selling a home, it’s critical that you know whether open houses are going to be a part of your strategy.

In this article, Kyle discusses the top 5 real estate open house myths! Before deciding whether you’ll use open houses as a vehicle to sell a home, you should be aware of some of the most common open house myths.

What Type Of People Attend Real Estate Open Houses?

Whether you’ve purchase or sold zero homes or ten homes, a real estate term that you’re likely familiar with is open house. Like with almost everything, there are pros and cons of open houses.

One of the biggest drawbacks of an open house is that you truly have no idea who will be attending.

While it’s impossible to predict exactly what type of people who will attend an open house, it is fairly predictable.

In this article, Kyle discusses the 6 types of people who you can expect will attend real estate open houses.

The Pros And Cons Of Open Houses In Real Estate

Open houses in real estate are a highly debated topic both by homeowners and also real estate professionals.

In fact, this article is sure to spark some debate between home owners and also real estate professionals.

The truth is that some sellers will insist that having open houses are something that will sell their homes, others will want nothing to do with open houses, and some sellers will be on the fence. The same can be said about some real estate professionals. Some will swear that open houses are a critical event to have, other agents will never hold open houses, and others will periodically have open houses.

So, if you’re selling a home, should you have open houses?

Behance article by Bill Gassett

One question that arise often is regarding the effectiveness of OPEN they actually sell home?!

There's an absolute truth that many real estate agents don't want you to know: Open houses are usually attended by those who are not qualified to purchase, the neighbors and others that have nothing better to do than to look at a home on a weekend. They are not "real" buyers for the home being held open!

If this is true you might be wondering why do real estate agents hold open houses?

LinkedIn article by Bill Gassett

The woman above looks pretty skeptical doesn't she? The reason is she was just asked if open houses are a useful marketing activity in the digital age. Clearly she is not so sure!

And in case you're wondering, rarely do open houses actually cause a home to sell!

Actually, open houses are usually attended by those who are NOT QUALIFIED to purchase: i.e. the neighbors, and others that have nothing better to do than to look at homes on the weekend!