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Beauty, Health and Fashion in Singapore

This is my list of interesting articles and resources on all things from the beauty, health and fashion world and industry in Singapore

Cambridge Medical Group - Rejuran Healer for Pigmentation

There has been a lot of talk about Rejuran Healer or rather 婴儿针. Most clinics promote it as a general anti-aging agent and collagen stimulator for acne scar treatment. However, a lesser know and often overlooked application for Rejuran Healer is in the control of pigmentation problems like Melasma and PIH (Post-Inflammatory Pigmentation). In short, Rejuran Healer is a product that consists of DNA material called PN Polynucleotide extracted from Salmon eggs. The fascinating properties of Rejuran Healer include the promotion of healing, reduction in inflammation, stimulation of collagen production and reduction in pigment production amongst others.

A Surgeon's Guide To Back Pain Treatments In Singapore That Work from DoctorXDentist

What do TCM professionals, Orthopaedic surgeons, Sport medicine doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors have in common? That's right, all of them see Singaporeans with back pain. Back pain therapy is a multi-million dollar business in Singapore - obviously, the issue afflicts many people. It's no surprise that tons of advertising money is poured into targeting back pain sufferers.

The Doctor’s Guide To Fat Freeze CoolSculpting In Singapore - Doctor×Dentist

DoctorXDentist - fat freezing and CoolSculpt cost in Singapore - On the flip side, the CoolSculpting process permanently reduces fat cells from the treated area using one session. This also suggests that should you place the weight back , it won't appear in these treated regions ! Personally, I discover fat freeze are the most powerful. While heating fat will help to debulk and discard general regions of fat, I'd choose fat freezing any moment to get a more concentrated and precise contouring. Fat freeze coolsculpting can target particular fat lumps, and moisturize your body without impacting other non-treated places.

4 Biggest myths about Rejuran Healer | Kids Injury

BlogDaisy - The Most Popular Rejuran myths - Everybody's talking about the Rejuran Healer, and for good reason- it's a wondrous procedure for curing skin from within and anti inflammatory consequences, as it naturally regenerates damaged cells to make healthier skin and enhance skin elasticity. The Rejuran Healer fixes and helps decrease damaged skin tissues with PDRN, biologically increasing the metabolic activity of cells from the epidermis. In layman terms, it will help stimulate cells in the body to regenerate by"awakening" old cells to make them work again.

What is CryoSculpting by GaiaGuides

Do you ever believe you could never be slim enough, not simply because you're morbidly obese but due to sagging tissues and stubborn fat areas? As a normal girl, I do often feel like that. No matter how slim I am or how frequently I exercise, some fats simply stic. Find out more about addressing these fats in GaiaGuides.

Follicle - Comparison between Minoxidil and Grey Hair Defy

Grey Hair Defy from Follicle Singapore utilizes medical-grade RF HAIR technologies to provide the solution effectively to the scalp. This state of the art apparatus by Inogen Technologies (Israel) is the 1st in the world to exploit the applications of RadioFrequency for non-ablative drug-free delivery to the scalp. Apart from being pain-less, Grey Hair Defy is completely SAFE. Additionally it is drug-free and causes no injury to men and females. Its effectiveness is well researched and proven to promote hair thickening, prevent baldness and induce baldness. This makes Grey Hair Defy a superior and highly beneficial hair regrowth treatment.

What to consider when getting a Breast Reduction In Singapore - Breast Augmentation

Women who deal with disproportionately large breasts often find themselves not being able to take part in sports that involve running and jumping as well as many other ordinary physical activities. Bigger breasts may lead to stress injuries during exercises, particularly the ones that require repetitive movement. With help from breast reduction surgery, you'll find it much easier to perform physical tasks with a heightened sense of balance and freedom.

Singapore Beauty - Top Hair Loss Centres in Singapore

The scalp places centered around the natural and herbal solutions to hair problems in Singapore are Notion are PHS Hairscience, Beijing101, TK Trichokare and Yun Nam Hair Care.

Follicle Hair Singapore on the other hand, which is a part of doctor-founded, develops their own hair loss treatment, Meso Scalp Remedy. It's a medical-based treatment specially designed for hair thinning and baldness, developed by naturopathic physicians and is based on scientific research proven to improve your scalp condition.

Knowing that the differences will help simplify your decision-making process when it comes to choosing the best scalp treatment for your hair loss concerns.

Singapore Tatler - Traditional Threadlift vs Korean V Lift

Getting that V-shaped face you've always desired Is no longer a problem and you don't have to get painful surgery done. How? You have Dr Lee Mun Heng from Cambridge Medical Group to thank for this. He's uncovered and popularized this new, innovative skin-tightening treatment and it's quickly gaining popularity due to its effectiveness and fast results.

DoctorXDentist - A Gynaecologist's in-vitro fertilization guide in Singapore

This guide will explain all you need to know about IVF treatment in Singapore, as well as address the most frequent questions that patients who are trying to get pregnant commonly ask me in clinic. IVF involves a set of daily injections, which generally begins in your 2nd day of menses. There'll be ultrasound tests done after 1 week of shots to appraise the progression of these eggs. Sometimes, last minute adjustments to work schedules could be critical. Not every woman will require IVF from the beginning. A lot of moment, my patients can become pregnant quite easily once they know their menstrual cycles, and understand when is the ideal time to try. Your gynaecologist (particularly one who deals with fertility problems ) are going to have the ability to pinpoint your fertile interval through ultrasound scans, and also let you know which day to begin trying.

Facelift For Saggy Cheeks by Dr CY Chua

In contrast to popular belief, a manly jaw/square jaw isn't necessarily brought on by overgrown joints. A bulky lower face may also be the consequence of sagging out of aging. The next instance is due to fat burning and NOT a massive muscle! Botox face slimming isn't hard to comprehend and shows remarkable results. Asians are blessed with powerful jaw muscles , providing many girls a squarish jaw along with a manly appearance. By relaxing these muscles with Botox, the muscles shrink along with the squarish jaw appears much thinner with a smoother shape.

HC Ortho - surgical and non-srugical plantar fasciitis treatments

Plantar Fasciitis is the most common cause of heel pain in adults and it occurs when the plantar fascia is inflamated. The plantar fascia is a tough band of tissue that links the heel bone to the feet. It supports the arch of the foot and makes it possible to walk. At HC Ortho, we'll do a comprehensive history analysis, radiological and physical exams to exclude other causes of heel pain like stress fractures, known as pain or nerve entrapments, before advocating a suitable treatment procedure of Plantar Fasciitis. Based upon the seriousness, plantar fasciitis treatment in Singapore is individualized and can be broken up into non-operative therapy and surgical therapy.

What You Ought To Know About Double Eyelid Surgery in Singapore by DoctorXDentist

This article covers all the most popular questions I receive from patients about double eyelid surgery in Singapore. Double eyelid operation in Singapore (or blepharoplasty operation, in medical talk ) is definitely the most common plastic surgery completed locally. Many Singaporean ladies need a double eyelid fold to accentuate their eyes, seem brighter and more alert, in addition to decrease their requirement for attention makeup. Men have a lesser need -- funnily enough, one eyelid is occasionally deemed more appealing in men! I am confident that you've seen lots of Korean celebrities that have single eyelids.

Complete acne scar removal by Vanessa Missy Love

Since I was sooo desperate, I decided to check out this place called Cambridge Medical that has a renowned acne and acne scar removal treatment. This treatment is known to effectively remove acne scars along with the acne, but more importantly for me now, the acne scar removal is permanent.

DoctorXDentist - Plastic surgeon's guide on droopy eyelids

Your trusted source for medical information. Many Singaporeans that come to my plastic surgery practise do not realise that droopy eyelids is not only a cosmetic issue. Droopy eyelids could lead to a entire host of additional real world issues. It is common to encounter annoying symptoms, including blurry vision, headaches, fatigue and heaviness of eyelids. Eyelid ptosis is frequently asymmetrical, meaning that one facet is droopier than another. Post-pregnancy moms generally have the traumatic kind of ptosis. This is probably because of the strain of carrying out the newborn child, in addition to pregnancy hormones. Droopy eyelids therapy is Medisave claimable in Singapore! Many individuals don't realise that droopy scar treatment is Medisave and Insurance claimable, since it is really a health condition, rather than a decorative one.

Plastic surgery for men by The Business Times Singapore

: THE BUSINESS TIMES Wellness - Advanced technology has produced such good results in cosmetic procedures that even men are getting it, not just women.. Read more at The Business Times.

The Business Times - Prevent Knee Injuries

: THE BUSINESS TIMES Wellness - THEY say there's no gain without pain, but what happens when the pain becomes too much to bear?. Read more at The Business Times.

The Skinny On Svelte - Jamie Chua - Gaia Sports Injury Guides

Given the many vacations that I take regularly and my love for gourmet dining, it does get tough keeping that body svelte and looking good for pictures especially if it calls for a swimsuit shoot! The story of my life…eat and eat then OMG, NEED TO LOSE THOSE INCHES RIGHT NOW!!!! It is such a challenge for me, one who does not exercise yet eat so much. It seems I am asking for the world, to have my cake and eat it too! Even as I am typing right now, I am snacking on a plate of spring rolls and enjoying my ice-kacang! I just know that I would be a very sad girl if I cannot enjoy the food that I love.

RunwayMummy - Ultraformer skin-tightening review

Back for my annual aesthetic treatment… Yup, these days, all I need (or more honestly, have time for) are my daily skincare routine, an occasional mask and some help from an aesthetic expert like Dr Chua at Veritas Medical Aesthetics to maintain my skin.

My Botox Journey with Dr Chua Veritas - Retrace Health

Today, I am sharing with you my Botox journey. I know… the first thing that comes to your mind about Botox is definitely negative. There are too many misconceptions associated with this treatment. The clinic that she introduced me was Veritas Medical Aesthetics at Capitol Piazza. It is located at the mall just right beside City Hall MRT.

Rejuran Improves Pigmentation by Dr Chua Cheng

More than half my patients ask for help with anti-ageing. Some have no particular concerns, and just need to look younger and fresher. Others have a long list of issues such as dry skin, wrinkles, pigmentation, and dark eye circles, dull skin... the list goes on. In 2017, Rejuran, a Korean tech, changed the anti-ageing landscape in Singapore. Rejuran relies on infusing healing DNA-building blocks (polynucleotides) directly into the epidermis, thus unleashing its healing potential. Rejuran is injected using a microneedle. The entire process takes about 10-20 mins and should ideally be achieved by hand. Make sure that your doctor is using the manual method of Rejuran injection! This technique of injecting Rejuran is advocated by the experts who invented it and it leaves no bruises on the skin.

The Essential Guide To Health Screening In Singapore - Doctor×Dentist

This post explains exactly what health screening tests you need in Singapore.

Jamie Chua - Cambridge Therapeutics: Genosis - Gaia Sports Injury Guides

As the Hair & Body Ambassador of Cambridge Therapeutics for the last 1 year and counting, I would like to share my experience with the Genosis Hair Regrowth and Scalp care treatment developed by doctors. I have been going for very regular Genosis treatments for a while and I find much new hair growth around my crown area and it has also effectively combatted my hair loss problems.

The Ultimate Guide To Getting A Hair Transplant In Singapore (2018) - Doctor×Dentist

Your trusted source for medical information - learn everything you need to know about hair transplants in Singapore, from the cost to which treatment is best for which condition, how to determine the best course of action and where and when to seek help.

What to consider when getting a Breast Reduction In Singapore - Breast Augmentation

Too small, too droopy, too pointy, too asymmetrical: Almost every woman has some complaint about the shape and size of her breasts. But there is a category of women whose boob woes are not only confined to appearance – it also affects their health. Women with disproportionately large breasts may suffer from multiple problems such as neck and back pains, poor posture and even the inability to perform physical activities. In the long run, excessively large breasts may lead to serious or permanent health problems that affect the back, neck and shoulders. In such cases, a breast reduction procedure should be considered.