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How Chatbots are Revolutionizing the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare industry is currently exploring chatbots for handling non-trivial tasks, but the day is not far when these bots would be used to handle complex medical situations.

Drive Adoption & Accelerate ROI on your Enterprise Chatbot Roll-outs

A closer look reveals the enormous cost of developing these “integrated solutions” using a manual coding approach. We all understand that there is glory at the end of a successful chatbot project rollout that delivers significant business value to your end user.

Super Charge your Digital Transformation Journey with AI and Chatbots

With this new revolutionary technology, companies can now also begin to organize their unstructured data into structured data at runtime. Streebo Chatbot builder, also includes the IT Governance platform wherein the IT still centrally controls the deployment, security and access control of all information flowing in and out of the Chatbot system.

Build Enterprise Applications with Drag and Drop Technology

Many mobile app development providers are moving towards low code technology to make creation and management of enterprise applications easier, faster and less costly. Accelerate time to innovation to meet increasing customer expectations without worrying about the challenges associated with integrating partner services to existing applications.

Move Your Enterprise Processes to Mobile with our powerful Form Builder Tool

Field workers carrying out inspections, amassing customer information are usually working in remote locations. With prepopulated fields, complicated computations are done automatically.

Selecting the best NLP for your Enterprise Chatbot

A #chatbot is an intelligent system that can chat with you like a human being while continuously learning from every interaction. Many enterprises are betting on chatbots to improve customer interactions and drive engagement and sales.

How Chatbots Are Helping The Retail Industry.

Technology has been advancing at an accelerated pace and it becomes difficult for businesses to adopt the latest updates and stay up-to-date all the time. Implementing an innovative technology involves a lot of time, money and resources, so you need to do a detailed analysis of whether any technology adoption is worth the investment.

Insurance Industry – Chatting (Betting) High on Smart Bots!

With the potential to reduce the paperwork and unnecessary steps involved in the entire insurance lifecycle, chatbots have made inroads in many insurance enterprises of different scale. Here are the ways some of the Insurance companies are transforming the way they do their business and benefited immensely.

AI & Chatbots – A Paradigm Shift in Digital Banking

With their ability to offer a personal touch and conversational abilities, Chatbots have attracted lot of investments and traction from banks and credit unions in creating a differentiator in a highly commoditized landscape.

Digitalization of HR Process

Chatbot is being included in applications like Leave Application System and Employee Assistance System to give all the users an amazing experience. The digital transformation not only helps us to be process oriented but also ensures optimal output.

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How Airlines Use Chatbots To Promote A Stress-Free Travel Experience

An interactive and conversational approach is imperative to boost sales, address customer grievances and maintain customer relations. Today, in the age of automation and mobility this responsibility is shouldered by Chatbots.Airline passengers are increasingly tapping into the power of mobility and expect instant responses and relevant information 24*7.

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Why Invest in a Construction Site Safety App?

Effective communication can prevent any major accidents at a busy construction site. Here, construction site safety app integrated with a Chatbot comes in handy!A construction safety chatbot acts like an assistant available 24×7.

Build Applications Without Breaking Budget While Keeping Up with Customer Need.

The low code tooling simplifies the work for the developers and guides them the way to efficiency, whereas the No-code tooling aims to support the line of business users in developing and maintaining their application.

A Step for Customer Gratification – A Leap for Increased ROI!

Today the marketplace is flooded with businesses vying to gain a notch above the other. Businesses work hard to build the best products, and then train their focus on customer gratification.

Mobility Could be Key in Unlocking Challenges Faced by Sales Agents in their Daily Work

Selling is a complex process and it is vital for sales agents to continuously adapt to changing buyer behavior to sell more. Streebo has extensive expertise in empowering field sales personnel with mobile apps.

How Mobile Forms are Helpful in Field Service

It’s critical to know where the forms are used, by whom, and for what purpose. Here are some reasons why mobile forms are helpful.

Time for Enterprise Intranets to go Mobile is Right Here, Right Now!!

Employees are at the heart of any organization. Many employees harbor a feeling that the organization gives utmost importance to customers while essentially ignoring employee needs. It is time for organizations to place a huge value on employee satisfaction as only happy employees would be able to keep your customers happy.

Chatbots -How They Help to Reduce Manpower?

A Chatbot is a computer-based program and it has sophisticated natural language processing systems, so the user can ask a Chatbot any question or make a command, and the Chatbot performs the requested action and typically used in dialogue systems for various practical purposes including customer service or information acquisition.

Will chatbots transform the Retail Industry?

Startups and Multi-National Companies have started realizing the potential in Chatbots. Be it in Banking, E-Commerce, HealthCare, Retail or any other sector. Retail business need to address customer queries day in a day out. And customer expect excellent customer service, 24*7 responses and consistency.

Why Field Service Team Needs to Start Data Collection with Mobile Apps Right Now

Working as a field service team member means to collect and manage lot of paper forms. With smarter apps and intelligent mobile forms, business tends to make faster decision and is surrounded with lesser risks.

Fields Digitalized Forms to reduce the Paperwork from the Root

The Electronic forms can be defined as the online forms, web-based pages or electronic documents which are designed to validate, capture and submit the data in forms process. Electronic forms are also known as the e-forms and it provides a series of fields where the data is collected through the web browser.

Chatbot Builder

In this ERA of technology, the chatbot is now changing the world through its drastic technology. Huge traffic of industries is integrating this AI technology to their website to increase the traffic and improve the customer’s experience.

What is Chatbot and How Do Conversational Chatbots Helps Hotels to Increase Hotel-bookings

The Chatbot can be defined as the Artificial Intelligence (AI) software which simulates all the conversations with a customer or the users in its natural language through the platform of messaging applications, on website, through the mobile apps or it can also interact through the telephone.

Every App Needs a Guard!

Every person in the IT world might have come across the word “Security Testing” a lot many times, but have we ever wondered why is it so important? By Security of an Enterprise application, we mean safeguarding of enterprise applications from external attacks, privilege abuse and data theft.

Where and How Can Chatbot Development Help Businesses Today

Chatbots are the most trending thing today. Chatbots react to each and every task and make sure that every user experiences a completely perfect interaction using an intuitive interface. The interaction could be related to anything- like about any latest update or getting to know about any important information or status about an activity.

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