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Availing A Car Insurance in the Philippines

Doubting the importance of car insurance in the Philippines ? Being included in the countries that have the worst road and traffic conditions, Filipino citizens are more than aware that accidents may happen when you least expect it.

Average Lifespan of Car Parts: When Do I Change It?

Car parts are mostly wear and tear. So many components are put together that it is absolutely hard to remember every single thing. Sure, people with a car insu…

3 Things You Need To Consider When Choosing Your Car Insurance | Beauty, fashion and everything in between!

Having cars nowadays is considered a basic need due to the difficulty of transportation in the country. Today, owning a car is made easy with a lot of promotions from various car dealers which include low down payments and monthly installments. Now that you have your own vehicle, the next step is to get a car insurance policy in the Philippines.

There are a lot of ways to keep a car's interior looking brand new and it's not something that would keep you spending.

Gas Engines VS Diesel Engines: What Suits You Best

There are a lot of things to consider when making a decision to buy a car. It’s not only just about the brand, appearance, or its type.

Eyes on Manila: A Mom's Lifestyle Blog: Third Party Liability Versus Comprehensive Car Insurance

A few years ago, my husband and I decided to buy a second hand 1997 Mazda car from a random seller. It was cheap and it was the car that my husband really wanted so without a doubt, we bought it. I remember asking my hubby if we needed to buy a car insurance for it. He said there’s no need because there’s already a car insurance included when he registered the car in the Land Transportation Office (LTO). Clueless me did not think about it more thoroughly because I don’t drive the car and when he says there’s an insurance, I just left it at that.

Reasons To Be Thankful For Car Insurance In The Philippines

Ever had that experience when you regret not availing something when you had the chance? Surprising as it is, this is exactly what people who do not have a car insurance in the Philippines feel when they get into sticky road situations. Accidents happen all the time whether we like it or not. For instance, what happened in Kennon Road recently where a sports utility vehicle (SUV) was unexpectedly smashed by a boulder. Thankfully, the passengers only sustained minor injuries.

How To Buy Aftermarket Auto Parts

If you own a car, you probably know that genuine replacement parts can cost you an arm and a leg. However, if you look at aftermarket parts, it would cost you …


Nitrogen VS Air

Nitrogen VS Air

To know more, visit

Adventures of a Diva Princess: 9 Things You Should Know About Your Malayan Automaster

Are you one of those people who has visited far away tourist destinations but never been to tourist spots near you? Guilty on my part if...

Why You Should Buckle Up – Malayan Insurance Blog

In May 1, 2000, the Republic Act 8750 or most commonly known as the Seat Belt Law was implemented in the Philippines. It was done to minimize the amount of casualties road accidents incur. It also prohibits children six years and below to sit in the front seat no matter if they are buckled up.

Finding The Right Car For You – Malayan Insurance Blog

Just when the year was about to start, there was news already about how heavier traffic jams will be in EDSA. A projected number of 400,000 cars were expected to pass through the famous highway daily. It was alarmingly higher from the estimated 357,000 cars the previous year.

A Mid-Year Report: Top Cars of 2018

New cars are definitely a delight to drive, however, precaution must always be taken. Thousands of Filipinos own a car but not all have a car insurance in the …

The Dangers of Leaving Dogs in a Car

There is no acceptable excuse for leaving a dog inside a car. In the Philippines, endangering the life of your pet may lead to his demise or you being slapped …

Tips on How to have a Worry-Free Travel – Eat.Pray.Love.Travel

Before we got married, my husband and I love to travel. However, traveling with a toddler is a lot more challenging.  There are so many things to be considered in order to have a worry-free travel. Remember, you’re adventure shouldn't be at the expense of your safety. Sharing our family travel tips: Plan your destination…


As a Travel Blogger, I travel regularly to various places to create online content. Hence, I always tick that tiny box for Travel Insurance every time I book an airline ticket for both of my domestic and international travels. It does not hurt to be covered in case any untoward incidents happen during the trip.…

How To Deal With Road Rage In The Philippines – Malayan Insurance Blog

Ever had the chance to run into a very bad driver suddenly cutting you off? While there are some that are understanding, some people get mad and then try to get one back. Worse comes to worst, confrontations will happen between two drivers. More often than not, here in the Philippines, each driver would only end up cussing one another. And you better believe that nothing good ever happens from it.

Road Signs All Drivers Must Keep In Mind – Malayan Insurance Blog

Driving in the Philippines can be quite the test of patience and attention. In fact, it is known that the driving and road condition in the country is less than ideal. There’s a huge number of cars that pass through main thoroughfares, making a supposed normal 30 minute drive to more than an hour or two.

What Type of Tires Do You Need?

Tires are one of the most crucial parts of cars. Not using tires fit for your driving style and the driving conditions may result in unfortunate accidents. Apa…

What You Need To Know: 4 Wheel Drive, 2 Wheel Drive, All Wheel Drive

Wondering what system suits you? Unfortunately there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. It will really depend on your needs, situation, location, and the like. Whe…

What To Do With Your Car In Case Of Flooding – Malayan Insurance Blog

It’s a fact: the Philippines is a hot zone for typhoons. According to meteorologist Jeff Masters, the Philippines is located in the most tropical cyclone-prone waters on Earth. It rarely escapes a year without experiencing a devastating typhoon. This leads us to a myriad of possible dangerous situations.

All About The Driver-Only Ban On EDSA – Malayan Insurance Blog

Traffic in EDSA, a very important national road in Metro Manila, wasn’t as bad back in the day. In fact, the only traffic setback people worried  about in the 70s were intersections in Cubao and Ortigas. Drivers were still able enjoy the power of their vehicle’s engines.

Thing You Didn't Know About Gasoline

These are just some of the things people must know about gasoline. Taking care of a car means knowing what you put in it, especially when it involves the engin…

9 Things To Check After Getting Your Car Serviced

If you have a car insurance in the Philippines, then this won’t be a problem. Car insurance policies have several accredited shops you may take your car to. …

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