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The Best Travel Insurance in the Philippines

Pinoys need to insure to be sure! No matter where you go, a travel insurance with the Philippines' leading non-life insurance company is a must!

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Backpacking 101: A Guide For A First Time Backpacker

Backpacking can save you a lot of money while experiencing the culture of the country you’re staying in. What saves you more money, however, is being insured w…

MOMI SHARES| Why the need for a travel insurance? | MOMI BERLIN

A travel insurance gives peace of mind and make one's travel experience worthwhile. It handles sudden accidents, lost luggage, and trip cancellation.

9 World Famous Festivals To Add On Your Travel Bucket List – Malayan Insurance Blog

When we say the word festival, we immediately picture a colorful celebration. Festivals, however, are more than just that. It is an observance of culture, tradition, art, belief – religious or not, and many more.

5 Hidden Gems of Europe You Should Really Visit – Malayan Insurance Blog

Europe is a very stunning and diverse continent. It is comprised of cities that are usually included on every person’s bucket list. But did you know that there is more to it that needs to be seen other than the grand Eiffel Tower or the iconic Colosseum? Widen your horizons and include some of these beautiful historical European hidden gems on your list.

Leaving Only Footprints: Ways For Clean Fun At The Beach – Malayan Insurance Blog

Have you heard of the famous Great Pacific Garbage Patch (GPGP) floating in the Pacific Ocean? It is said to be the largest collection of floating trash in the world and two times the size of Texas. Some argue that it is not what it’s usually reported to be but does it really matter how big it is? The fact still remains that there are floating trash in the ocean, which affects all marine life.

A Confession of A Frequent Traveler: How To Keep It Light and Stylish

Travelling around the world is amazing. However, anyone who has traveled knows how hard it is to not have excess baggage and stick to the allotted weight limit…

Travel With Kids: Asian Destinations To Try For Their First Trip Abroad – Malayan Insurance Blog

Travelling while young is a dream but we can certainly say the same when with family. Millennial families today travel much more than those who are single. According to the TMS Family Travel Summit Report in 2016,  64% of millennial families have taken at least one international vacation in the past year. This is significantly more than millennial couples or singles travel.

Things To Keep In Mind When Travelling To The Middle East – Malayan Insurance Blog

For those who are yet to visit, the Middle East may seem like a dangerous and chaotic place. It is expected as different stories about the region’s struggles are spread without thinking of its implication to its tourism.

Top Museums To Visit In The World – Malayan Insurance Blog

Do you visit museums when you travel to another country? If yes, you must know how much of an enlightening and wonderful experience it is. If not, sadly, you’re missing a lot. Museums contain historical pieces of the places you visit. Most of them have stories that may have contributed to art, politics, culture, and more.

Most Visited Countries In The World

All of these countries are certainly the ones you should include in your bucket list. Just remember that although these countries have a numerous number of tou…

Is Travel Insurance Essential for us? - JenJacqs

Traveling makes me happy to travel to different places, visit their local landmarks, and try their delicious food. Everything about traveling is enjoyable except when you experience inconveniences that occur along the way. A solution for these is for you to have a travel insurance Philippines for worry-free travel.

Top 10 Dangerous Cities in The World to Travel – Malayan Insurance Blog

Safety and security should be a priority at all times. All the more when you are travelling to a foreign land, on your own or not. Travelling unprepared can have serious repercussions which you will undeniably regret. It’s so important to do all the research necessary of the place you’re planning to travel to. If possible, look into places you should not even bother going to until you are sure it’s safe.

Unusual Laws Overseas – Malayan Insurance Blog

The most common reason why a person wants to travel is to learn more of other cultures. The world is comprised of billions of people and each one of them is unique. It’s only natural and common sense to assume that each and every country also has their own cultural differences. And if this is how it is with each other’s culture, what more with each other’s laws?

Is Maldives Really Sinking?

So before it’s too late, visit the paradise of Maldives - nature’s sunken garden. While you’re at it, avail a travel insurance from the Philippines’ leading n…

Preparations To Make For When Disaster Strikes – Malayan Insurance Blog

Ever heard of the 2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami? Unsuspecting locals and tourists faced a massive tsunami after a 9.1 quake that hit the Indian Ocean. It claimed more than 230,000 lives – making it one of the deadliest natural disasters ever recorded.

7 Historic Spots You Should Head On To – Malayan Insurance Blog

People today rely so much on recent technology that it’s unimaginable how to live without it. Ever wondered how people used to live in the earlier days? While it’s easy to be caught up with the present, learning about how people lived thousands of years ago can be quite enlightening and breathtaking.

Reasons Why A Plane Gets Delayed

Causes of delay or cancellation are not just because of an airline company’s whim. Most of the time, these reasons are for the safety of everyone on board. Eit…

Ensure the safety of your travels this 2018 - Chasingcuriousalice

We travel to escape our worries and let go of troubles. However, we also leave behind our responsibilities. When we are sure that our loved ones are in good hands, only then can we achieve peace of mind.

3 Best Airports In The World

A memorable travel experience, apart from the sights, people, food, and culture, includes a great airport. Why not? It’s the first thing people encounter after disembarking a plane. Though it’s  not the actual destination you’re headed to, it is the gateway.

Most Common Tourist Scams To Avoid – Malayan Insurance Blog

Before travelling, people research about the places they’re visiting . Details about expenses, hotels, restaurants, must-try dishes, must-see sights, and the like are noted down to get a better experience. Other than this, people also read about the culture, traditions, do’s and don’ts, and language of the country.

Airline Perks You Should Know

Being knowledgeable about the perks of your chosen airline can make your travels easier. Add a travel insurance with the Philippines and you’re all set!

Accessible Cities For People With Disability – Malayan Insurance Blog

Today, disability inclusion is becoming more prominent. From schools to workplaces, the mentality and compassion for inclusion and accessibility of people with disability is being encouraged. With this in mind, it has become a wonder if travelling has also been made accessible for them.

What To Do When You Lose Your Philippine Passport Abroad – Malayan Insurance Blog

Your passport is the key to the world. Travelling will be impossible without it, thus it’s only logical that you make sure it’s tucked safe and sound with you at all times. Losing it can have severe consequences you would prefer not to experience like identity theft and other crimes.