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Real Estate

Get latest and breaking news on Real Estate Market, Updates on Residential & Commercial Property, Smart Cities, Urban Reforms from India.

Lodha Developers to soon file draft prospectus for IPO, plans to raise Rs 5,500 crore to repay debt - Firstpost

Realty major Lodha Developers will soon file a draft prospectus with SEBI to launch its IPO to raise about Rs 5,500 crore mainly for repaying its debt

5 Benefits of RERA —

For a long time in Mumbai, real estate buyers have had many grievances related to be cheated by real estate developers. With false promises and late...

4 Important Things to Consider Before Buying a Flat

Buying a house is the biggest investment of your life. Hence, here are some key factors that you need to investigate before buying a new flat or apartment.

Vastu Tips Before Choosing the Right Apartment - beBee Producer

The beliefs associated with Vastu are very commonly practised in India, not just by potential homeowners but also by project developers. Numerous architects have adopted Vastu beliefs into their design in order to make it more appealing to customers. Here are some common Vastu elements that can help heighten your life prospects.

10 Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Not everybody enjoys the privilege of being a homeowner. You can and that is why you should make sure the choice you make is nothing but bang on. Be it buying a property in the city or in your ancestral village, use these 10 tips to make the right choice.

Living in the lap of luxury

Pune is witnessing a rising surge of popularity in terms of its real estate market. As prices in the neighbouring city Mumbai go up, more and more people are looking towards Pune to invest in. Pune and the areas surrounding it make for some of the most beautiful residences, from high-end condos to cheaper villas. It’s also a perfect destination to get away with your loved ones on the weekend. Know more.

3 Things You Must Check Before Buying a Property in India

Although, buying a property in India has always been a daunting task as there are several factors that need to be carefully considered before going ahead. So, if you have a found a property worth to spend on, then there are certain things you should consider before fetching the money. Here’re the top 3 things to check before buying a property in India.

Top 3 Things to Check Before Buying a Real-Estate Property - salonomenon23's blog

Real Estate can be a great investment, but picking the wrong property is disastrous. Here are a few important things you need to check before buying a real-estate property.

Top 4 Things Home Buyers Should Know Before Investing

Buying a house is a huge investment. And if you are a first-time home buyer, then you probably have hundreds of questions on your mind. However, with some planning and patience, it is possible to crack a good deal. Know more before investing.

4 Things You Must Check While Buying a Property

Buying a house is a huge investment. In fact, it is the most significant purchase of your life. So, if you have found a property worth and planning to invest in it, then there are certain things you need to know.

3 Legal Documents to Check Before Buying a Property

For many, buying their own house is like a beautiful dream. Given the fact that real estate is one of the most expensive purchases, doing a single mistake can prove to be a financial disaster. Thus, the only best way to avoid such a situation is to run a proper research before finalizing any deal. Know more.

Affordable housing is big growth engine for us, says Abhishek Lodha

Affordable housing is big growth engine for us, says Abhishek Lodha - Interview with managing director, Lodha Group

Lodha Group IPO: Abhishek Lodha says "If there is 7-8% GDP growth, realty will benefit

While Lodha Group is seen as a premium brand, as a business what we focus is to do good quality premium development across segments. That has benefited us in mid-income and affordable housing. There we deliver the quality and scale that is unprecedented in India.

4 Things to Check While Buying a House

*Image Source Google For most people, buying a house is one of the most important things to check off from their list of things to achieve in life. Be…

Planning to buy a property? 4 Important Things You Need to Know

Looking to buy a house for the first time? There’re several questions that pop up as soon as we make the decision of buying a house. But, don’t worry. There’re a few guidelines that every prospective home buyer should know before finalizing the deal. So, all the first-time home buyers, who are looking to buy their dream house that fits well into their budget, here’s the list of factors you need to consider before signing on the dotted line. Read on –

5 Features That Define a Luxury Property

There is no dearth of luxury properties in Mumbai, the city being one of the major metropolitans of the country. With a canvas littered with skyscrapers and palatial residence, Mumbai has a fair share of luxurious living spaces and world-class hotels. That’s not to say, however, that the term ‘luxury’ is used so heavily in the Indian real estate that it has started to lose meaning. Read on.

4 Things You Must Check Before Buying a House

Planning to buy a house? Buying a property is one of the most important decisions that you will ever make in your lifetime. A house is meant to last a lifetime. Thus, it’s essential for you to take your time out and find about the property and the financial implications of the purchase. From figuring out property prices to why you should choose a trusted builder, here’s a list of things that you absolutely need to know before buying your property –

Mumbai’s Love For Luxury Accommodation

The past decade has seen India grow from a pillar to a post. While the economy grew, so did the number of millionaires and billionaires. This, in turn, increased a demand for luxury homes and apartments. Mumbai has performed better than most of the global cities in the last few fiscal quarters- thanks to it being the financial capital of India.

RERA Act: 4 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a House

RERA brings transparency and ensures accountability and timely completion of the project. Here’re the few important things every home buyer should keep in mind post RERA.

Lodha Developers sells Rs 42-bn real estate in H1, eyes Rs 90-bn FY19 sales

Read more about Lodha Developers sells Rs 42-bn real estate in H1, eyes Rs 90-bn FY19 sales on Business Standard. The company has a major presence in MMR and Pune, besides London where it is developing two prime properties.

SEBI Proposes to Ease Investment in Real Estate Market

The 2014 Infrastructures Investments Regulations passed by SEBI have been a welcome change to the real estate market. Read on to know more.

Indulge extravagant living cost - salonimenon | ello

The real estate arena has become tremendously competitive and is growing since each passing day. Builders are trying to build houses which stand out and make a statement because, for customers who are ready to buy a luxury residential flats, the price is going to be secondary. Click to read more.

What are the major difference between luxury apartments & Regular apartments?

Luxury apartments are a new rage in Real Estate. There are several factors that differentiate a luxury apartment from a regular one. And, these factors include price, amenities, space etc. Recently, the string of successful luxury projects in Mumbai has prompted real estate experts to hail them as the future of the housing market. Know more.

Shruti Tendulkar's answer to What are the new luxurious apartments in Mumbai? - Quora

Mumbai is that one city which is known for the great infrastructure that it has and the luxury apartments in Mumbai are always the scene stealers. There are many people who don’t even have a place in Mumbai but still, they want to have one and invest their hard earned money in the city because people know that they will get a nice value for the money that they will put in. The recent trend in Mumbai has been for the luxury apartments especially the 4 bhk luxury apartments. Know more.

Shruti Tendulkar's answer to Which builders provide 3 BHK apartments in south Mumbai with luxury facilities?

Luxury flats in South Mumbai is not a rare thing. South Bombay is a very posh and extravagant area. As compared to any other part of Mumbai, the number of luxury flats in south Mumbai exceeds the former. Know more.