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Documentaries you need to Check Out

These are interesting, and you gotta check it out

Ancient Aliens (Show)

Ancient alien theorists believe that extraterrestrials visited Earth in the distant past, forever changing the course of human civilization. Ancient Aliens presents and analyzes the most compelling pieces of evidence, from the pyramids of Egypt to Stonehenge.

Wolf to Woof: The Evolution of Dogs

How in such a short time breeding changed the face of this wolf. From National Geographic

Locked Up Abroad (Series)

Locked Up Abroad tells the true stories of unsuspecting travelers embarked on what they thought would be fun-filled vacations, only to barely make it home alive.

American Greed (Show)

CNBC's American Greed primetime series examines the dark side of the American Dream with features on the top scam artists of all time, including Lou Pearlman, Raffaello Follieri, Sam Israel and Barton Watson.

The Ascent of Man (TV Series 1973– )

Directed by Dick Gilling, David Kennard. With Jacob Bronowski, Roy Dotrice. An account of man's development through his scientific and technological achievements.

How The States Got Their Shapes (Show)

We take the shapes of our states for granted, but the map of America could have looked very different.

American Masters | PBS (Series)

Johnny Carson
Charles Schulz
Les Paul




Happy is a 2011 feature documentary film directed, written, and co-produced by Roko Belic. It explores human happiness through interviews with people from all walks of life in 14 different countries, weaving in the newest findings of positive psychology.
Director Roko Belic was originally inspired to create the film after an article in the New York Times entitled "A New Measure of Well Being From a Happy Little Kingdom". The article ranks the United States as the 23rd happiest country in the world.
Belic spent several years interviewing over 20 people, ranging from leading happiness researchers to a rickshaw driver in Kolkatta, a family living in a cohousing community in Denmark, a woman who was run over by a truck, a Cajun fisherman, and more.

God Grew Tired of Us

After raising themselves in the desert along with thousands of other "lost boys," Sudanese refugees John, Daniel and Panther have found their way to America, where they experience electricity, running water and supermarkets for the first time. Capturing their wonder at things Westerners take for granted, this documentary, an award winner at the 2006 Sundance Film Festival, paints an intimate portrait of strangers in a strange land.

National Geographic: Inside North Korea Online

Disguised as a medical coordinator, National Geographic correspondent Lisa Ling gains access into North Korea and gives viewers a powerful glimpse inside one of the most restrictive countries in the world. Through personal accounts and exclusive footage, Ling exposes the difficulties North Koreans face while living in such an oppressive regime, coping with poverty, hunger and the lack of civil liberties.

Deep Water (2006)

In 1969, Donald Crowhurst, a former engineer whose bravado outweighed his sailing expertise, entered a London Times-sponsored yacht race around the world. This thrilling documentary highlights the harrowing conditions Crowhurst faced.

The Brain

Timothy Dickinson tells us about the function of the brain.
History Channel




From filmmaker Mark Neale who made

[ pelada ]

Far away from the bright lights and manicured fields, there is another side of soccer.

UFO Hunters — Brazil's Roswell

In 1977, on the island of Colares in Brazil, dozens of people claim to witness strange beams of light from the sky. History Channel.




Sicko - Michael Moore sets his sights on the plight of the uninsured in this Oscar-nominated documentary that uses Moore's trademark humor and confrontational style to ask the difficult questions and get to the truth behind the health care crisis. In the world's richest country, 45 million people have no health insurance, while HMOs grow in size and wealth. Moore also explores the widespread use of antidepressants and their possible link to violence.

Forks Over Knives

Focusing on research by two food scientists, this documentary reveals that despite broad advances in medical technology, the popularity of animal-based and modern processed foods have led to epidemic rates of obesity, diabetes and other diseases.


Employing unique microscopic cameras and powerful specialized microphones, this highly praised French documentary is a fascinating look at the seldom-explored world of insects and other minute creatures as they go about their daily lives. With footage of ladybugs feasting and snails mating to a mystical score by composer Bruno Coulais, the film won five César Awards, including Best Cinematography and Best Music.


Charlie Brooker sets his sights firmly on news