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Enterprise Solutions

Developing Digitally Enhancing Enterprise Portals


Why Liferay DXP for Enterprise Portal Development?

Why Liferay DXP for Enterprise Portal Development?

With multi-functional abilities that make it one of the best framework to develop enterprise portals, Liferay delivers high-usability and scalability for businesses. It delivers what it preaches along with many perks like device operability and dashboards to access and control components.

Liferay DXP helps in building portals but also mobile websites, multi-field forms, landing pages and integrators among the many other custom options. It spans across all the touch points to deliver unifying experiences to all the stakeholders.

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HR Konnect - Complete Human Resources Management System

HR Konnect - Complete Human Resources Management System. It connects HRIS, HRM and HRMS solutions on a single platform to provide a superior user experience to Employees, Customers, and Partners.


How To Find The Best HR Software For Your Business?

How To Find The Best HR Software For Your Business?

However, most modern businesses lack both the understanding and know-how on how to find the best HR software to suit their business needs. Read the blog to understand the features, modules, types of HRM systems, advantages and future of HRMS.

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Elasticsearch for Custom Entity in Liferay 7.1

Elasticsearch for Custom Entity in Liferay 7.1

While Elasticsearch has been there on the Liferay solution since the launch of Liferay 7.1. Let’s take a look at Elasticsearch, its utility and how it helps custom entities in easy searches.

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How To Override Liferay 7 Portal Javascript? | KNOWARTH

How To Override Liferay 7 Portal Javascript? | KNOWARTH

If you want to override more than one Javascript files then you have to add few files in the module like:

  • Copy of original javascript file containing modifications.
  • A config.js file which specifies the modified javascript file’s path and the module it overrides.
  • A bnd.bnd file that tells OSGI container to override original module.

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Top 10 Features and Advantages of Using Learning Management System

Constant learning is in the interest of businesses across the globe. They are regularly on the lookout to include newer ideas and techniques that enhance knowledge of their employees and decrease training costs for their customers and partners. LMS Portals allow an interactive learning environment for users throughout collaboration on a single platform through information sharing within employees, partners, and consultants.

What's the future of digital transformation in insurance sector?

The Insurance business is evolving at a much quicker rate than we did in the beginning. The Insurance sector is becoming disrupted with modern technologies and with that client expectations are skyrocketing for excellent customer services.

They are asking for better services and facilities for peaceful transactions. They want their insurance providers to promptly service their requests and handle all other aspects of their policies whether they are relevant to medical insurance, car insurance or life insurance.

While the insurance enterprise is divided over the future course of action, many are taking a leap towards digital transformation solutions to reduce their difficulties.

Benefits And Challenges Of Implementing ERP System For Businesses

Most businesses find that implementing ERP system improves their internal and external communication. ERP provides centralized data from multiple departments onto a single platform which connects the entire organization.

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How Liferay Commerce Will Benefit eCommerce Enterprises?

Liferay have a best-in-breed portal capability and in order to grow its horizon they recently came up with the new platform named Liferay Commerce. In order to make themselves powerful in the digital experience sector, Liferay comes up with a content management system for the eCommerce sites that can also use the extended capabilities of Liferay Portal.

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9 Rules For Successful Digital Transformation Project Delivery

To thwart the growing challenges in project implementation, businesses should follow these 9 rules for successful digital transformation project delivery.

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How To Adopt The Best LMS For Corporate Training?

How To Adopt The Best LMS For Corporate Training?

There are several factors business owners need to consider while investing in the right Learning management system. If you are planning to invest in the Best Learning Management System. Read this Blog about 7 Factors while buying an Interactive LMS.

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