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Worlds First Underwater Villa opens in Maldives

This villa is the worlds first underwater villa, in Conrad Maldives Rangali Island. That will open the door for the stay in November 2018, as its still under construction. The underwater residence is named as “Muraka” (meaning coral) and would be the first to offer its guest with an unparalleled experience of staying underwater. So lets checkout details and book a stay .

Importance of Earth Day and End Plastic Pollution Campaign

Earth Day 2018 is themed to ‘End Plastic Pollution‘. As this year aims to end plastic as its causing pollution. Let’s do our part by encouraging people to cut down the use of plastic, by paying attention to the number of plastic bags used/person Annually. This will help in doing a conscious effort to reduce the same and bring about some change.

Psychological Tricks To Boost Your Social Life

In the world of smartphones, it’s important to be active on social media. But social life is nothing more than numbers be it- number of friends on facebook, followers on Instagram or Twitter. In the 21st century, we have lost upon real contacts in the chase of virtual contacts. So to boost social life its necessary that we use psychology to establish original life instead of demonstrating a hoax life. Here are social life hacks to build in real connections in social life and not virtual.

POCSO Act is New Child Sexual Abuse Laws in India

POCSO or the Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act came into being from 2012 that includes provisions related to punishing paedophilic offenders for offenses like child pornography, sexual abuse categorized in penetrative and non-penetrative offenses, or attempt to abuse, etc.checkout Amendment Of POCSO Act that is news Child Sexual Abuse Laws in India.

20 Life Lessons That You Should Master Before You Cross 20 Years Of Age

With the growing maturity, there comes a point when we ponder what was the lesson behind this event? Its necessary to disconnect from the world and find time just for yourself. Before you cross the twenty years of age here are some advice for 20 years old that you should ponder to lead a better life.

Powerful brain hacks for Happy And Successful Life

Our mind is the remote of our life. If we fail to keep our mind in control then we will lose control of our life. The person who can control their mind is a real-life winner. Rule your mind else it will rule you is a wise saying that defines the reality beautifully. It describes who is stronger party in the battle of war- mind vs you?? So please check out Powerful brain hacks to control your mind.

Do You Know How Many Times Nervous 90s Hunted The God Of Cricket Sachin Tendulkar

Cricket fans across the globe respect Sachin and praise his dedication towards the game. Hence it is Sachin’s Birthday, you may find many great posts about him on social media platforms. We are here to discuss something different that everyone wants to know. How Many Times Nervous 90s Preyed Sachin Tendulkar in his career? You might be getting excited to know Sachin Tendulkar Nervous 90s ,So lets findout .

Challenges that will Prevent Nokia From Becoming the Market Leader Again

The market was flooded with the iOS and Android devices. Nokia was unable to match their features. It had gone out of the market for a while and that Nokia Downfall was a big shock. Now Nokia is back with a new range of Android smartphones. Many people believe that Nokia cannot draw the buyers again.So lets find out nokia market challenges that will Prevent Nokia From Becoming the Market Leader Again.

The Most Useless Inventions That Got Popular Because of Their Weirdness

It seems quite weird that people have a lot of time to create products that nobody is going to use in the future. You might not believe it, but there are wigs for the cats. Now just imagine how a cat will look after applying a wig. The inventor is unknown but why any cat owner would buy an expensive wig for his cat??It is just one product and there are numerous similar inventions that you do not know exist .So lets find out most weird inventions in the world .

Lets find out Are You Independent Lady Or Still A Girl

Every girl is beautiful and she should know this already. As an Independent woman won’t beg for attention, won’t please anyone but will rule the world in style. She is a badass woman who is carefree about the world. Let us have a look at the list of traits that make her the most desirable women. She is an independent lady who can keep everyone hooked with her simplicity.So lets check out signs of independent women.

Spammers Accessed Numerous Gmail Accounts and the Account Holders Couldn’t Prevent It

A number of Gmail users got baffled after learning that someone is remotely accessing their accounts and sending spam emails to other users. Gmail features a robust security system but this time it failed. Many users have also reported that their inbox was filled with a bulk of messages sent by their own email account. It was a bit disturbing because some spammers were remotely controlling their accounts.So lets check out more details about Email Attack on google.

Michio Kaku’s new Prediction the Red Planet will be our new home

Known to make some bizarre but amazing predictions, Dr. Michio Kaku Predict that humans beings will soon colonize the Mars and other planets. He firmly believes the search for the most affordable fuel and machines have begun. Even the agencies like SpaceX and NASA are constantly trying to develop new technologies that can turn Mars’s return trip into an affordable trip.

Never Try These Things If You Don’t Wish To Be Chased By A Ghost

Do you believe in ghosts? Do you believe they exist? Have you ever tried to find the answers to these questions? You must! The paranormal experts across the globe are using the advanced technology to track down the traces of these unknown anomalies.
Nobody has clear answers, but every expert believes in these 10 things that attract the ghosts. You should try to prevent these things if you do not want to invite the ghosts.

Never Heard Facts That Will Make You Jump Out Of Bed

Do you know about a dolphin’s breath? Have you observed a person with a good humor holding hidden potential which is yet to be discovered? Do you know where was first human existence found? If these questions are bringing a “No” to you, don’t worry we have all answers to your questions.Lets have a look on wildly interesting facts never heard before.

Funniest Names That You Won’t Even Pronounce on Public Places

There are numerous funny things in the world. These things make us laugh and think that “Oh god! what he just did”. Now think about people whose names are funny or weird enough to laugh, like Dr. GK Boob. Would you dare to call him Dr. Boob in public? I think the answer is no, but it is just one name. There are many people who got some of the funniest names. Let’s find out unfortunate names in human history.

Most Common Eating Disorder that can affect your lifestyle and also result in death

Eating Disorders are quite common among the American women. There are more than 20 million women who have or had some sort of eating disorder. This health condition can be described through disturbed eating habits. The Eating Disorders can affect your lifestyle and also result in death. You may not know that you are suffering from some sort of eating disorder or not. Let’s check these types of eating disorders along with their symptoms to better assess your health condition.

5 Things that reduce stress in Life

Stress is a situation when your mind couldn’t think of a solution but gets active with anger that ends up closing doors for a solution to that problem. Stress can be an outcome of friendship, relationship, family trouble, heated argument, politics or due to undervaluation of your efforts at work.So lets checkout tricks to reduce stress.

Gmail new version 2018 that offering better security with some more interesting features

Gmail is one of the most widely used email clients. It is an integral part of Google’s G suit that has around 4 million paid business users. It is 2nd most widely used app suit after Microsoft’s Office 360 because it has more than 120 million paid subscribers. Gmail has been the prime target for the hackers within the last few years. The company knows that people will soon stop using Gmail if it will not provide them with something new. So, lets find out security features of Gmail New Version 2018.

11 Interesting Facts That Men Hide From You

Men as kids have been active be it jumping from one couch to another or inability to stay focused except computer, video games or even outdoor games. They dislike homework and are probably the one who distracts the classroom. Men are born hyperactive species that makes them go sweaty palm sometimes. Anger sits on their nose like anything which bursts out on small occasions. They find anger as a manly quality and best reply to every situation which barely make them experience the way of handling situations peacefully. Let’s know interesting facts men hide.

Important Issues That Our Country Needs To Focus Instead Of Irrelevant Issues

Today, India is a developing country and like any other developing nation, we too have many problems to get eradicated so we can achieve the “developed” state. But, with the current mindset, we doubt it’s going to take a lot of time than expected. We as a person should focus and divert our anger or frustration towards important issues of the country rather than on small issues like hitting couples on Valentine’s Day as some believe it’s not good for the culture of our country and many other illogical issues like that. In today’s post, we are going to list down some of the most important issues of india that we need to look upon right now so we can accordingly act as soon as possible

10 Things Everyone Must Carry While Travelling Via Air

We bet you wouldn’t like to miss upon this list of things you should carry along your trip via air.Make sure you carry these items to make your trip even more remarkable and memorable. Don’t forget to keep all important items in one small handbag. From wallet to documents, from medicines to creams everything should be just kept in one place. Being organized is never a bad idea rather it will save you from going sweety palm someday.So must checkout things to pack in carry on.

10 Worst Terrorist Attacks in the world

Everybody does not have the spine to stand up for his demands and fight face to face. Some such people follow another way to threaten their targets and get the demands completed. These people are terrorists and militants who always attack from behind with a purpose of frightening people.Many of such attacks took place in bus, train, planes, ships, temples, business areas, and also in crowded marketplaces. Numerous people lost their lives in terrorist attacks. All the attacks are condemnable, but sometimes things get worse. These are 10 worst terrorist attacks of all time in which hundreds of people lost their lives.

How can consciousness merge science and religion

It seems like everybody knows what is consciousness but people find it difficult to explain. There is no clear scientific definition of consciousness. The researchers only speculate what it is and how it emerges. Due to the lack of understanding, consciousness is defined as a state of mind in which we interact with the real world. It is a great assumption but not the whole is answer of your question How can consciousness merge science and religion ?

Revolutionary Gadgets That Will Change The Way Disabled People Live Their Lives

The leading tech experts are developing many revolutionary gadgets and tools that can empower the disabled people. Some are already succeeded in this quest. They have developed revolutionary gadgets that will offer a new hope to the differently abled individuals. Let’s find out helpful gadgets for disabled people.

Why China Would Never Indulge in a War Against India

Numerous people are now speculating that there will be a disastrous war between India and China because of the border dispute issue. The situation had gone worse during the Doklam Standoff. Neither Indian nor Chinese forces were willing to step back from their position. The situation had quickly got under control because China can never take a risk of indulging in a war against India. Yes, China’s military power is much larger than India. There are still a few reasons because of which China would never attack India. So lets findout india china war possibilities.

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