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BIM Modeling Services

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Autodesk Revit is not BIM, it’s more than that

Lets know the difference between BIM & Revit. The Building Information Modeling is a piece of software & Revit itself is a BIM. Revit has capacity to create an intelligent 3D model from point clouds with full accuracy. BIM is about the process of creating building information during the architectural design. It allows to visualize the building and different objects in different views used across drawing production.

Tapping the Potential of 4D BIM Construction Simulation for more opportunities

4D BIM has long established its space in the AEC industry, yet there are several untouched stones that lie within the benefits of construction sequencing which open new avenues for contractors and site engineers. Read more here to tap into the potential of 4D BIM.

Essentials of Spreading the BIM Gospel amongst Quantity Surveyors

Quantity surveyors have been long using 2D drawings and manual means to measure the dimensions for accurate planning and order quantity. But the advent of 3D has replaced paper systems and manual means with software inputting and excels spreadsheets.

BIM Open Data Exchange Standards to Improve Project Collaboration – Hitech BIM Services

There are few factors which are very important for successful BIM implementation across the construction industry, those are open data exchange standards and non-proprietary interoperability. With the support of cross discipline data exchange, now its easy for engineers, design stakeholders, and architects to collaborate effectively with the fabricators of building products and subcontractors.

How BIM Mitigates Risk in Construction Projects?

Contractors find it the most difficult task to plan and design perfectly, aligning the design with the determined project viability with the constantly shrinking financial budgets. However, BIM can aid in this process. For instance, visualization of the initial design by 3D/4D models can assist engineers in modifying the model in parametric way to meet the requirements.

How Contractors of USA & Canada take benefits from Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)?

The usage of BIM & VDC in Construction industry has been increased since last few years, especially in AEC industry of USA, Canada, UK & Australia. VDC improved operations including visualization, fabrication, clash detection, safety planning, quantity survey, 4D BIM (Scheduling), 5D BIM (cost estimate) and facility management.

BIM QA/QC Process

Quality Check of BIM content is important in the successful implementation of BIM enabled construction processes. Our BIM modelers are qualified & always assure the quality of information is well understood and the level of coordination of various models is streamlined and construction deadlines are met.

How Contractors of USA & Canada take benefits from Virtual Design and Construction (VDC)?

HiTech BIM Services provides services to AEC industry since last 2 decades & having satisfied clients including engineers, general contractors, and developers from countries across the globe. Our VDC experts have delivered large scale projects of VDC Consulting, BIM with Augmented Realty, Virtual realty & BIM etc.

Get on Demand 3D CAD Renderings and Photorealistic 3D Designs | Home | Hitech BIM Services

HiTech BIM Services is a leading CAD Rendering Services firm. Our ultimate goal is to give 3D Designs for architects, designers, engineers, general contractors, and developers. Our CAD experts do 3d rendering from the already developed 3d model provided by client. We convert 2d drafting into 3D as per the requirement of clients. Our services include 3D Architectural Rendering, Structural 3D modeling, Building 3D modeling, Prototype modeling, 3D product modeling & BIM Modeling services.

Why Architectural Consultants and Engineers need 2D to 3D CAD Conversion? - HITECH BIM SERVICES

HiTech BIM Services is a leading CAD service provider. We have completed many projects on 2d to 3d conversions to create true form 3d models from 2d drawings, sketches and scanned files. As a multi-disciplinary CAD Services, we create various kinds of CAD Drawings and 3D CAD Models.

Hassle free CAD Drafting Solutions for Engineers, Contractors & Architects

HiTech BIM Services provides CAD drafting solutions for construction & manufacturing industries. Our CAD experts use AutoCAD, Revit & SolidWorks to deliver 3D solid and surface CAD modeling and 3D BIM modeling. We are committed to deliver accurate & quality CAD & as built drawing services to Engineers, Contractors, Architects, Interior Designers, Property Owners, Event Planners, Commercial Real Estate Companies

CAD Drafting Partner for Construction & Structural Industries

Hitech BIM Services is your one-stop solution for dedicated CAD drafting services for architectural, structural, MEP and mechanical disciplines. As a fastest growing CAD drafting company in India that offering drafting services on CAD to architects, contractors, consultants, fabricators and product manufactures. We are proud to have long term partnership with customers located in USA, UK, Australia and Canada.

Structural Steel Detailing Process |

Which are the prime elements of structural steel detailing process? Formation of detailed drawings, shop drawings and erection drawings is very important in this process for fabricators and contractors. Hitech BIM Services – one of the fastest growing structural steel detailing companies in India, that has robust steel detailing processes to work as a ”vital communications link” that connects engineers, architects, contractors, fabricators and others alike. The international structural steel detailing standards we follow are AISC, BS, and Australian Standards. It is applicable for all types of manufacturing and construction activities, such as erection of residential and commercial buildings, factories and institutes.

BIM Automation for Building Design Firms

Hitech BIM Services is an India based BIM services provider firm delivering BIM automation for building design firms to Architectural, Structural & MEP consultants across the globe. We excel in delivering auto generated sectional drawings, prefab drawings, elevation and plans. Our BIM project managers and experts use Revit APIs, Dynamo scripts and macros to generate custom solution for every construction projects to automate BIM modeling.

CAD Outsourcing Services for Architectural & Structural Projects

HiTech BIM Services has been serving quality solutions to fulfill the requirements of architects, engineers and contractors. Our experienced CAD drafters deliver 2d drafting, 3d cad modeling & CAD conversions. We deliver 3D drawing services with SolidWorks & Revit drafting with detailed engineering drawings for building construction, automotive, heavy equipment, and plant engineering industries. Outsource CAD Drafting requirements for construction projects to gain more benefits.

Why Structural Steel Detailing Services are Important

Steel detailing is an inherent and important part of construction activities. Erection of a robust stable structure such as a building, factory, or an infrastructure depends on the quality and accuracy of steel detailing and on the Structural Analysis and Design Validation.

3D Scan to BIM Solutions for Construction Firms & Architectural Consultants

The 3D laser scanning technology is used to generate the point clouds by drone. It has capability to scan the large construction area with full accuracy. Later on this point cloud convert into CAD or BIM model & based on that engineers, architects, surveyors & contractors take decisions. Read this infographic to know the use of Point cloud to Revit or Scan to BIM plays an important role. Let see how Scan to BIM Process works through an infographics.

5D BIM - Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-Offs Process

At Hitech BIM Services, we support quantity surveyors, contractors and planning engineers for cost estimation with 5D BIM services. But how the whole process is carried out by them? Here is the detailed explanation of 5D BIM - Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-Offs Process. With BIM platforms and 5D BIM modeling, generating accurate BOQs and cost of entire project is easy. Visit infographic to how Autodesk Revit helps engineers and architects in the process.

How Structural Steel Detailing Process works?

The CAD drafter has to create a detailed drawings, shop drawings and erection drawings for fabricators and contractors. That task includes perfect size, material specification, dimensions, costs and also international structural steel detailing standards such as AISC, BS, and Australian Standards. Our steel detailing experts have completed manufacturing and construction projects for residential, commercial & industrial sector. Let’s see detailed process flow of our Tekla structural steel detailing services.

5D BIM - Cost Estimation & Quantity Take-Offs Process for Construction Industry

Hitech BIM Services – Leading 5D BMI Modeling Provider Company for construction industry. The 5D BIM is also known as cost modeling that generates perfect BOQs and cost for the whole project. Autodesk Revit helps engineers and architects to calculate the exact order quantity. The dimensions of time and cost are added to 3D BIM coordinated models, 5D BIM models are generated with BOQs in form of .xls files and reports.

Why Should Building Products Manufacturer Create BIM Content? | Hitech BIM Services

BIM has changes the overall process in the construction industry. Incorporating BIM in the construction supply chain necessarily means every professional on a particular construction project should align themselves. BIM content creation is more important nowadays because many countries including UK, Singapore have mandated BIM Level 2 for every public construction project. The product manufacturers need to align with the needs of sheet metal contractors.

BIM Benefits for Overall Building Construction Projects & AEC Professionals

Generating MEP coordination drawings, assembly and installation drawings with MEP Revit drafting is a significant area of BIM where MEP teams are embarking onto for collaboration with the fabricators.

5 Reasons Why you Need BIM Execution Plan for your Next Construction Project

BIM execution plan is crucial in building construction projects due to stimulate and direct communication & planning by the project team during the early phases of the construction projects and various kind of management. Read more here, why contractors and construction firms choose BIM execution plan for construction projects.

Hi-Tech BIM Services has delivered so many 3D rendering related projects to the various clients and countries. Here, you can see the 3D rendering models that developed by our 3D artist’s team very effectively. Connect via


Several benefits of 4D BIM construction that help to develop 4D simulation, resources allocation and clash detection in building construction procedures. Let’s more insights here, how 4D BIM services helpful to the architects, engineers & BIM modelers.