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Customizing Your Listly List

How to customize your list

Smart Media Embedding (and play them inline!)

Adding Audio, Video, Slides to play inline within your list

Listly Bookmarklet Screencast

Using the Listly Bookmarklet for faster slicker list content curation

More Reading Lists and

Background reading on Lists and

The Nine (Now Ten) Wonders of Social Lists - A Listly List

Listly List - The Nine (Now Ten) Wonders of Social Lists - Lists, Metrics & Gamification - Feedback Makes Better Lists, List & Collections : Open Platforms/Markets vs Proprietary Feature, Introduction: The Nine (Not Eight) Wonders of Lists, List Curation - Standing on the Shoulders of Giants, Beliefs – Engagement Shift: The Battle for the Inside of the Post, Awesome Crowdsourced Content = Awesome Crowdsourced SEO, Rethinking Content Creation in the Age of Collaborative Consumption, The Reading & Writing Continuum, Are you Unlistening? Are you Ignoring Feedback?, Community - Lists form Communities, you'll never List Alone, again, and Creating / Curating Collections: Interactive & Evolving Trumps Linear & Fixed

Startups are Like Madonna. Desperately Seeking Value (not Susan) | via @nickkellet

So what is our Marketing value? What's the value to list creators/ list publishers? For you to use and cherish Listly, my belief is, we simply need to find one true value, for you.

List posts: Why people love and hate Lists. Curation Tips for List ...

This is a work in progress. I've curated a lot of posts and research in Lists Posts. I want to add to it, but figured it's better to share than not My active r

Listly - Curating Life, Your Passions & Your Community - YouTube

For Listly go here For a Publisher Key go here A short 2 minute animated video created using A q...

How to Run a Contest on Your Blog - 21 Tips on Crowdsourcing & Community Engagement | via @nickkellet

What matters is the metrics. What matters is both eyeballs and emotion. Emotion is the most critical. Here's 21 tips to engage people. To tip them to act

How do you use lists? How Can Lists be a Utility for Your Blog? | via @listly

So I'm starting a list. I'm calling it 101 Uses for Living Lists. I'm sure you all have a lot of ideas to share. Together we can make an awesome resource for everyone to share.