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Yoga Hacks for Yogis

Yoga means addition – addition of energy, strength and beauty to body, mind and soul. Get in touch for latest updates and tips on yoga, yoga hacks, yoga apps, meditation.

How to become certified yoga instructor in 2018

Are you looking for a career option which will link your passion and professional life? We have curated step-by-step guideline for all fitness freaks to become a certified and registered yoga instructor and teacher. Tips to become Certified yoga Instructor.

10 Unexpected Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga Regularly | Lose Weight Loss

Yoga is one of the best way to stay fit and healthy mentally as well as physically. Health benefits of practicing yoga includes weight loss, stress relief, hormonal balance, improves immunity and many more. Health benefits of Practicing Yoga.

10 Ways to Start your own Yoga Studio | Lose Weight Loss

Are you thinking about opening a yoga studio? Are you a certified yoga instructor ? Do you wish to enter the yoga industry and make a living out of it? What are the thing to remember while starting your own yoga studio? 10 Tips to Start your own Yoga Studio.

10 Best Meditation Apps for iPhone and Android | Lose Weight Loss

Have you ever practiced mindfulness? Do you know about the amazing benefits of doing meditation? What are the things to remember while doing mindfulness? What are the best apps to try for meditation now? 10 Best Meditation Apps for iPhone and Android.

10 types of Yoga and their benefits explained | Lose Weight Loss

Have you ever tried yoga? What are the things to keep in mind at the time of doing yoga? The different types of yoga that is practiced in USA and also around the world namely power yoga, vinyasa yoga, kundalini yoga, hot yoga, sahaja yoga, hatha yoga etc. 10 types of Yoga and their benefits.

Yoga Basics: Learn about the eight elements of Yoga

Do you know about the essential 8 limbs that constitute yoga? The different limbs of yoga are nemely yama, niyama , asana, pranayama , pratyahara , dharana concentration, dhyana ,samadhi . 8 Limbs of Yoga Explained.

Best Yoga Postures to Lose Weight Quickly | Quick Weightloss Plans

Yoga is better choice for Quick Weight Loss. And here we sharing some information about Weight loss Yoga Poses for Everyone to Lose Weight really Fast.

Yoga Apps for iPhone and Android to become your own yoga teacher

What is Yoga? What are the health benefits of yoga? Yoga not only keeps you fit and healthy but it's one of the best way to release stress. 10 *Yoga Apps for iPhone and Android *to create become your own yoga teacher.

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What the top ways to practice yoga at home? What are the things which are necessary in order to teach and practice toga by staying at home? 10 Simple Yoga Hacks to Practice Yoga at Home