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EB5 USA Visa

Our expert team provides a comprehensive resettlement package consisting of immigration, placement into business or compliant investment and settlement services upon arrival. With a special focus on the EB-5 Immigrant Investor Visa for USA, our qualified immigration lawyers will remain by your side throughout the process, and beyond.

Best Eb5 Visa Consultants in London

Meet the best immigration attorneys for EB-5 Visa consultancy program, we can help you get the US Green card with the EB-5 business investor visa program.

Things to be Considered before Getting an EB5 Visa

Considering that the eb5 visa program will probably enable you to get into the US within a year, the arrangements are microscopically contrasted with what you will get.

Know the Role of Consultant in getting EB5 Investor Visa

The EB-5 Investor Visa is a foreigner visa which enables an outside financial specialist to make speculations worth $100,000 or $500,000 in a business wander in the US.

Want To Start a Business In US? Here Is Why You Should Apply For EB-5 Visa

The latest development in the immigration policy has forced people who want to start a business in the US and settle there permanently to move towards EB-5 visa.

How Much hard or Easy is it Getting The EB5 Visa?

This is the best chance to increase your investment and lives in the US. EB-5 is an Immigrant Investor Program of the U.S. government that allows foreign investors to gain citizenship of certain conditions.

Crucial Information and benefits You Must Keep in Mind if You Thinking about an EB5 Visa

If you’ve decided that the best thing to do for your family is to immigrate to the United States, you know there are several ways that you can legally accomplish that. One of the options is EB5 Visa…

What is the procedure to apply for a US visa application online?

A visa is basically a permit that allows you to travel as well as request for an entry in the United States. Some of the visas are temporary and are completely appropriate for people who are visiting…
For US visa application online, there are several steps that you need to follow and that too by submitting your correct information and related papers. You also need to remember that it is not necessary that different type of visa will require the same documents.

EB-5 Immigrant Visa Application Online for Europe, UK, USA from London | Business Consultancy Services

Looking for Green Card for USA? We are leading visa consultation service provider of the EB-5 immigrant Visa for USA, UK, Europe and Middle East form London.
How to apply online US Visa Application?
Once the application is submitted, you need to schedule your interview with the US embassy or the consulate. For knowing about your visa updates, you may need to wait for 72 hours for receiving a decision.

Best EB-5 Visa Free Consultation Service Provider London for USA

Are you looking for EB-5 visa consultation service provider Just for free? If yes, contact us. We are the EB-5 visa consultants for USA in London.

If you are also looking forward to getting EB-5 free consultation, make sure that the consultant is experienced and competent. Once you get all these things ready at hand, your process of obtaining EB-5 will become easy and trouble-free.


The USA is quite rich in the availability of best Eb5 free consultation services where the professionals provide the consultation, advice, and assistance in the migration process to their clients.

Need of eb5 visa consultation

Keeping the overall procedure in the mind, people prefer to get a consultation from the expert consultant. People wish to have the best eb5 free consultation to minimize their initial cost and make it's effective.

The Primary Steps for Obtaining an EB-5 Visa!!

However, people who come to the US for investing are allowed to live here only by having an immigrant investor visa as this card allows the investors to live in the US legally while operating their business. Indeed, there is a long process to follow before one is granted the Eb5 visa Process, but all are worth it in the end.

Before You Apply For an EB-5 Visa: See the Guidelines

The EB-5 Visa program is a process of getting a visa for the citizens who are planning to get a green card for residing and doing business in the US economy. Getting a green card is not easy; various stages need to be crossed in the EB-5 visa process. Every year thousands of visa applications are registered under visa authorities for US citizenship.

A growing number of people from UAE have been opting for the EB-5 immigrant investor program owing to stricter regulations on other types of visas. US visa from UAE has become an important type of visa throughout the UAE and will continue to grow in the coming years. It is no doubt still among one of the most preferred ways to immigrate to the United States and obtain a green card of the United States from Dubai.

With USCIS taking the charge of area designation, processing delays and longer wait times are expected for all investors.
Once the Final Rule comes into play, the minimum duration for obtaining a Green Card for the USA is expected to increase by eight years at least.

Obtaining a Green Card for the USA? 3 Easy Ways to Opt For!

Have you been planning of settling in the United States? If yes then you must have probably heard of the green card and wondering what it is all about. So, before we proceed to know how to get Green Card for the USA, let’s know what exactly a green card is.

Is EB-5 Visa a Good Idea to Attain a US Green Card?

While working with a visa consultation service provider can greatly help you in deciding what your next step should be, it is best to be a bit familiar with other options. Options that mainly revolve around how to reduce the wait time to get permanent residency. One way, you can reduce your wait time to get a green card is to get an EB-5 visa.

3 major ways to get your U.S. green card!!

A green card holder may live and work in the U.S without any restrictions, but this is possible only when you apply for the green card and obtain it. The immigration process, on the other hand, is often long and challenging, but there are three major ways to make the task simpler.

Discussed below are the top 3 ways to get online U.S. Green card:

• Family-based category: Immigration through family
• Employment-based category: immigration through an investment or job
• Diversity visa process: immigration through green card lottery


Every year thousands of immigrants emigrate from the UK to the USA. There is a lot of scope in the USA and that’s why more people wish to settle here. There can be various reasons for emigrating from one country to another such as for further education, business, employment, family settlement, better schools, and better cultural opportunities. To legally permit this action, a person needs to apply for a USA visa from the UK. Through various ways, immigrants can apply for visa applications.

How Cost Changes [Introduced in 2019] Affect Green Card Sponsorship for Family Members

So, if you are planning to bring your parents after obtaining an EB-5 visa, it’s better to clear your doubts through EB-5 free consultation. Besides, this article may help you a lot in understanding what this change means to you as a sponsor of your parents or immediate family members. So, let’s take a glimpse.

Eb5 visa consultation: What to expect?

We know that it is an additional expense so to save the consultation fee of the applicants, the Residency Invest provides with the Eb5 free consultation. The consultation session becomes effective and easy for the applicants to apply USA visa application online. If you are planning to apply for an Eb5 visa, you can expect the following help with the consultation service.

Amazing advantages of becoming a green card holder for the USA!!

The USA is one of the most famous countries for foreigners from around the globe, and green card for the USA is the most sought after document for immigrants who want to make their dream of settling in the USA come true. Getting a green card is an achievement that brings several advantages with it, and perhaps the major one is that when people become green card holders, they take a step ahead to become a full U.S citizen.

5 important personal documents required for Eb5 visa processing!!

EB5 visa was introduced by the US government to develop the economy of the country. It was not easy so it was accompanied by a green card for the USA after some speculated period. The USA is developed with a huge advancement in the economy so people were excited and are still interested to apply for the same.