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Most Beautiful Spots in Kandy – Vistas to Visit in Kandy

Constantly at the top of the list when it comes to day trips from Colombo, Kandy is the hill capital of the country and more importantly where the sacred tooth relic of Buddha is consecrated.


The Dalada Maligawa

As a fitting tribute to the enlightened one or Buddha; a magnificent palace known as the ‘Dalada Maligawa’ houses the sacred tooth relic. The palace is large, has an even larger garden space and cannot be missed when traversing through the city. The interior of the palace is stately and sanctified. Devotees dressed in white flock daily offering flowers, lighting incense sticks and chanting prayers to renew their dedication to the doctrine of Buddhism. The beauty of the structure and the surroundings are complemented by these devout activities


Arthur’s Seat

Acknowledged by some as the highest point in the city and located not too far from hotels in Kandy Sri Lanka is a great lookout known as ‘Arthur’s Seat’. The signage to reach this point on the hills isn’t too prominent but you won’t miss it as there are several trinket vendors and a bit of hustle and bustle here during the day. Bring your cameras along and start snapping away to take the vistas back home once you have given your eyes the feast they deserve. The views that are experienced from Amaya Hills atop the Heerassagala Mountain in Kandy are probably comparable, yet those are different to the Kandy city, lake and Dalada Maligawa which can be seen from Arthur’s Seat.


Peradeniya Botanical Gardens

With the River Mahaweli branching out around the gardens and thanks to the mild climatic conditions in the hills, the botanical gardens in Peradeniya, Kandy are a real treat. The blooms are seen all year round with the evergreens never diminishing in colour. From herbs and medicinal plants to rose gardens, orchid nurseries and fig trees, these gardens have a wide variety of indigenous and foreign plants. One should spend an entire day roaming around to enjoy the beauties that dance to the winds and relax amidst the natural environs.


Kandy Lake

No sooner one visits the Dalada Maligawa and exits; the Kandy Lake automatically becomes the most important destination on the agenda. It is purely an artificial body of water that had been built by the last king that reigned in Kandy for beautification and relaxation purposes. To date authorities do not permit bathing in the lake, hence people lazily stroll around the perimeter of the lake enjoying the slight gusts of wind that blow towards the city from the lake.


Udawatta Kele Forest Reserve

Even prior to being pronounced a sanctuary in the year 1938, the Udawatta Kele Forest Reserve has been an important part of the forested lands of the country. A bird watcher’s paradise, the reserve also houses three Buddhist hermitages. Since there is an element of religious importance, people are expected to behave conservatively inside the forest. Lover’s Walk which goes by the former royal pond is the most popular walkway in the forest though one is unlikely to see a lot of fauna if he or she sticks solely to that path.