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Updated by Joanna James on May 02, 2024
Headline for Most Common Sustainability Hotel Initiatives – The Eco-Friendly Options
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Most Common Sustainability Hotel Initiatives – The Eco-Friendly Options

Here are popular 'green' hotel initiatives which properties across the world should be aware of. They are ideal for enterprising organisations to adopt in order to help save the planet we call home.


Energy Conservation in Hotels

Hotels across the globe are putting in a tremendous effort to reduce and cut out, where possible, excess energy usage. This applies across various fields such as lighting systems and operation of boilers, automated energy management systems, running of kitchen equipment and various other daily operations. This reduction in energy consumption is carried out in such a systematic method, as not to impair guest's comforts or their overall experience. In fact, more consumers consciously aware of the importance of minimising carbon footprints are interested in seeking out eco-friendly accommodation options. And indeed a host of eco-friendly major hotel chains proudly offer 'planet friendly' guests many options.


Water Conservation Efforts

As a limited resource on our planet, water is indeed precious and one of the fastest depleting natural blessings. As such, it's heartening to know that many hotels and resorts, including those under the Minor Hotels portfolio, are striving to conserve water in many aspects. The practice is carried out at pools and spas, laundries, kitchens, guest rooms, etc. These efforts include the global initiative of the towel and linen re-use programmes, as well as, the installation of low-flow shower heads, faucets and other water fixtures.


Waste Reduction and Recycling Within Resorts

Other than for the smaller domestic hotels, all major resorts and hotels now follow recycling programmes as standard practice. Basic items such as beverage bottles, newspapers etc. go into the programme; and as a combination of these recycling practices, hotels are constantly seeking methods of reducing the use of disposable items and paper. Additionally, there are hotels which look into large scale recycling methods, such as food waste compost systems, which offer a 40 to 50% benefit.


Custom Made Bath Products

As a global initiative, top hotel chains are now offering guests the option of specially formulated, eco-friendly bath products using all-natural ingredients. Made without the use of artificial ingredients, these products, packaged with recycled material, use an all-natural essential oil base and other nature-friendly raw material.


Room Key Card Material Change

Most plastic key cards used, at hotels are made out of Polyvinyl Chloride or PVC, a substance which is part of a very toxic manufacturing procedure; hence a lot of hotels and resorts are now shifting to keys made from paper, wood or even bio-plastic. These materials are just as durable while being environmentally friendly.


The Use of 'Safe' Hotel Cleaning Products

As an environmental conservation effort, many hotels are now looking at bio-degradable, environmentally friendly cleaning products. These agents made from natural oils and other natural ingredients are tough, durable and less-irritable to hotel employees, guests and the environment. This switch also sees a welcome reduction in the use of petrochemical by-products and chlorine-based bleaching agents.