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Top Modes of Transportation in Hefei - Getting Around the City in Style

Hefei, China is a city that is constantly in motion. If you need to navigate this hustle and bustle so you are on time for your appointments, this guide is for you.



If you are travelling by air, Hefei Xingiao International Airport is the one you'll be visiting. The airport is located about 30km away from the city centre. There are flights in operation from Hefei Xingiao Airport to most of the key cities within China such as Shanghai, Guangzhou, and Beijing. In addition to these cities, there are flights to popular tourist cities of China including Gulin and Lijiang. Although the airport largely operates domestic flights, flights from selected Asian countries such as Singapore, Hongkok, and Malaysia also land here. If your plan is to find accommodation at a hotel in Hefei, flying in is as good an option as any.



The train is a popular mode of transport. As most of the popular hotels like Somerset Swan Lake Hefei are located surrounding one of the three train stations in the city, this makes for an efficient travel option. The three train stations are Hefei Railway Station, South Railway Station, and West Railway Station. All their schedules can be found online. In addition to the numerous tracks within the city, these stations also have regular trains going to key cities like Beijing and Shanghai. The trains run throughout both day and night.


Long distance buses

Hefei enjoys the privilege of being the centre of the Anhui Province's highway network. This is largely due to the National Highway No. 206 and National Highway No. 312 being joint in the city. This, Hefei is one of the topmost highway hubs in the country. Hefei-Nanjing-Shanghai Expressway and Hefei-Wuhu Expressway both run through the city, connecting it to most of the cities in China. The former expressway runs east-west, while the latter runs north-south.


City bus

The city bus is the most common mode of transport within the city. These buses run from 6.00 in the morning until 11.00 in the night. Depending on whether the bus is air-conditioned or not, the fare would vary between CNY 1 and CNY 2. One thing to remember is that these buses do not have machines that can give you the change. Therefore, you need to have the exact amount on you when boarding the bus. Although this is one of the more crowded modes of transport, it can get you to the most popular and scenic spots in the city with minimal hassle.



If you are in a rush and tired taking a taxi is the most effective mode of transport. The taxi fare would vary depending on the type of vehicle, which is dependent upon the vehicle emission volume. There are several tiers of rate breakdown, depending on the distance travelled: 2km to 15 km; 15km to 25km; and over 25km. If you happen to take a taxi between 11:00 pm and 5:00 am, you will be charged a night-time driving allowance.