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Some Things You Should Know when Surfing in the Maldives – An Awesome Experience

Surfing in the Maldives, as many will agree, is quite the thrill ride. Savouring these 'experiences' is the best part of the adventure, hence, the list of 'must know' facts listed below. Do read on.


The Maldives is an Archipelago

The Maldives is a beautiful archipelago of over a 1,000 islands, which seem to float on the Indian Ocean. The islands are spread along the ocean in a vertical line, 800kms long, just below the tropical island of Sri Lanka and India. The almost 1,200 islands are clustered into 26 coral atolls or groups. And many of the luxury resorts Maldives is famous for are located within their private piece of sandy haven; like Niyama Private Islands Maldives, you will find many fine resorts boasting a private beach and water sports options including surfing.


A True Surfers Paradise

Surfing enthusiasts heading to the Maldives for the first time will be more than impressed by the view from their aircraft. The beautiful atolls spread across the ocean, are a foresight to the fabulous surfing experiences awaiting them there.


Maldives Offers Laid-back Surfing Spots

If you want a less crowded, more serene and laid-back location to basically 'surf in peace', choose the -Maldives. The islands are more chilled out, less stressed politically and user-friendly in comparison to its neighbouring archipelago. Located a good distance to the north of Indonesia, the Maldives sitting right smack in the middle of the Indian Ocean is less dynamic and more laid-back as a surf destination; ideal for relishing those lazy endless surf days. This being said, the archipelago does deliver in terms of a perfect swell during the peak seasons of April to October and will not disappoint the surfing aficionado.


Surfing in the South Atolls

The South Atolls offer short but fabulous surfing seasons from March to April and October to November. Expect warm balmy skies and soft breezes, together with good southwest and southeast swells; making surfing possible just around any point in and around the atolls. Additionally, snorkelling and fishing are quite amazing at this time of the year.


Surfing around the Central Atolls

A number of islands come under the cluster of the Central Atolls, surfers are treated to both southwest and southeast swells, where some pretty good breaks, make surfing loads of fun. Getting there during mid-season is best. Enjoy the surroundings, as most of the islands are very picturesque.


Surfing around North and South Male

There are some very good surf points around North and South Male; most are located close to each other, thus reducing your paddling time. Relying on southeast swells the point has a lot of breaks taking place at the same time; as such you are not stuck for choice. April to October is the ideal season for experiencing the best breaks between the two points.