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Updated by Joanna James on Jun 23, 2019
Headline for Ways Fat Biking Makes You Fitter – Blast Away Those Fatty Pounds
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Ways Fat Biking Makes You Fitter – Blast Away Those Fatty Pounds

Fat biking is the perfect answer to blasting away those extra pounds just about everyone dreads gaining. The nature of fat biking is perfect for staying fit and building endurance; read on for more.


Fat Biking Builds Muscular Endurance

A super source of power training, the fat tires dragging through desert sand or snow, offers the perfect resistance for muscle building. As you need more 'wattage' to make those pedals turn, the drag on the tires created by heavy equipment and resistance on the tires offers the same benefit of indulging in big gear, low tempo muscular endurance workouts. While the rpm on a fat bike is lower than on a mountain bike, the power digits are much higher. As such, the greater the muscle endurance, more strength is channelled in, while fatigue felt is much less, even at the end of a long ride.


Develop Grace

That's right, contrary to those humongous tires giving you the impression of being able to barrel through just about anything, fat biking requires finesse. Crunching your way through desert sand or mounds of snow requires one to adjust weight and peddling speeds accordingly, as such, you are on a constantly shifting motion, almost like a graceful dance. Maximizing your momentum and breaking less, fat biking teaches you the true art of biking. This activity has become quite popular amongst those staying at desert based resorts such as Qasr Al Sarab Desert Resort by Anantara, where desert fat biking is quite a lure; this is especially true when coupled with a picnic on the sands and a visit to a Bedouin village. A great way to explore the desert, fat biking tours are easily organised by Abu Dhabi resort hotels.


Fat Biking Helps You Toughen Up for the Race

Heading out on regular fat biking tours, through snow or desert sands, are bound to toughen you up, thus building up endurance and the will to keep going. Highly useful for cross-country bikers, the fat biking experience will make your race; seem like a piece of cake, helping you put that power in the pedal, with plenty of grit and determination. Besides, being the perfect trainer for your race, the gruelling task of fat biking, makes a tour on a normal road seem like a breeze, making you fly across a normal track.


Best Times for Fat Biking in Abu Dhabi to Burn Those Holiday Calories

In order to avoid the sweltering mid-day heats, a fat biking tour in the desert must be organised at dawn, just as the sun is rising, around 6 am, or at sunset, which is by 5.30 pm. A 5km tour will generally take around 90 minutes or longer depending on the fitness levels of the group. A medium to good level of fitness is required to take on this sport in the desert, which is mainly for the adventurous, and those already experienced in cycling.