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07 Warning Signs of Age-Related Eye Problems – Identify Vision Related Issues

As you grow older it is important to conduct regular eye examinations, to avoid impaired vision, which is age-related. Being aware of slight warning signs is the best way to be alert; do read on.


An Inundation of Floating Specs and Dots in Your Vision

Sudden floaters are attributed to an age-related issue, better known as vitreous detachment. It happens when the gel-like interiors of the eye liquefy, causing a separation from the retina; this is the inner lining that can be found in the back eye, sensitive to light. However, a sudden commencement of floaters could also be attributed to certain sight threatening tears or detachments which occur in the retina; hence, seeking immediate medical help by visiting your ophthalmologist or optometrist immediately.


The Feeling That a Dark Drape Has Been Pulled Across your Vision

This kind of sensation is often associated with a retinal detachment, it happens when your retina detaches itself from the underlying film of sustaining blood vessels known as Choroid. This is a serious concern as a permanent loss of sight can take place especially if the re-attached of the retina does not take place immediately. Therefore it is important to conduct constant checks on your eye health, a task which is easy to manage as many institutes like Vision Care Optical Services, offer varied options for those running a busy lifestyle to take time off for important eye check-ups.


Sudden Pain in the Eye, Redness, Vomiting and Nausea

Such symptoms sometimes mean you are experiencing a sudden onslaught of narrow-angle glaucoma; just one of the eye diseases in Sri Lanka. This is a condition which can cause a permanent damage to the optic nerve of the eye. Here too, you need to seek immediate medical treatment.


'Ghost' Images, Double Visions or Images

Double vision can signal a range of eye diseases. It can also indicate the onset of a stroke, hence, this is not a condition to be taken lightly. Visit your family physician or the nearest eye-doctor if you suddenly suffer from any of these symptoms.


Blurring in One Eye

Experiencing a sudden blurring in just one eye, especially if you are 60 years of age or more, can in some instances, signal the fact that you are developing a macular hole. This takes place within the part of the retina responsible for fine focus. A Macular hole can increase in size and worsen over time; as such you need to seek medical help without too much delay.


Narrowing of Your Field of Vision

A sign of glaucoma is a narrowing of your vision field when it comes to seeing objects towards the side of your vision. Peripheral vision loss will increase and the condition will worsen if you do not seek medical help; this will eventually lead to tunnel vision or even blindness.


A Gradual Decrease of Central Vision

Symptoms can include distorted visions which include seeing a straight line as wavy. The condition in some cases can be attributed to Macular Degeneration (AMD), which is a principal cause of blindness amongst older males. Although there is no proper treatment when it comes to Macular Degeneration, new technology can help slow down vision loss caused by this condition. Please note that while these signs are merely assessments of impending eye diseases, an accurate diagnosis can only be made by a medical professional.

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