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Five Things to Know about Negombo – Be in the Know about Negombo

Apart from being the closest tourist city to the major airport in Sri Lanka, there are many factors of interest about this coastal city. Read on to stay informed before your next visit.


t's Life by a Lagoon and the Sea

A lagoon is a body of water that is surrounded on three sides by land. The Negombo Lagoon is one of the first things you would notice when you fly into Sri Lanka as it is a gorgeous azure body of water dotted with boats and rafts. The lagoon starts just south of the Negombo railway and spreads past Amagi hotels right up to the city of Seeduwa granting visitors to the area the option to frolic on the beach and plunge into the lagoon's waters. Keep in mind to make the most of both bodies of water as there are different water activities and views to be enjoyed in the two places.


The Weather and the Climate

Typical tropical climatic conditions prevail in Negombo. The sun is merciless, humidity levels soar by midday while the wind is experienced only along the shores. Probably as a result of the constant movement of aircraft in the air, the rainfall in Negombo is low. At times an entire year escapes before Negombo experiences rain, whereas Colombo which is not too far away sees heavy rains in between. The evenings and early mornings can be chilly; however, this rarely warrants even a jumper.


The Holy Side of Life

Unlike the rest of the country, this town's population is mostly Roman Catholic. Therefore, the number of churches outnumbers the temples in the area. Out of which, St Mary's Church deserves special recognition as it is quite large in size and boasts of wonderful architecture and paintings. Those who wish to visit a temple should drop in at the historic Angurukaramulla Temple which is spread over a fairly large block of land. Devotees are seen offering flowers, watering the Bo Tree and engaging in the chanting of religious stanzas throughout the day. The main highlights of the temple are the large Buddha statue, the mouth of a demon through which people enter the main building and the ruins of an old library. There is a section of the temple which depicts what may happen to those who commit sins through images and sculptures. This is an eye-opener for many who visit the murals and statues convey a strong meaning.


Roaming Around Lewis Road

The magical moments of Negombo are made when on Lewis Road where beach hotels in Sri Lanka lie not so far away and where happiness is always in the air. The eateries, trinket shops and residences alike are either colourful and bubbly or profound and quaint. Pick up a packet of achcharu and some crispy vadas from the street vendors as you start your stroll and pop into a juice bar to grab an ice cream or a healthy juice. When it is twilight not only can you can enjoy the stars in the sky but also a heavy meal replete with seafood and spicy Sri Lankan flavours.

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