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05 Unusual but Interesting Activities Found in Bali – A Small Island that Delivers a Large Punch

Bali is a tiny island within the Indonesian archipelago; however, most tourists never seem to have enough time to experience all this magical land has to offer. Read on for the quirkiest experiences.


Try Some Laughing Yoga!

Yoga is the most indulged holistic treatment in Bali, known as the land of Gods and home to over a 1,000 temples. There are indeed a large number of yoga centres spread across the island, although the concept of 'Laughing Yoga' is pretty unique even to Bali. Head over to the Ambar Ashram, and practise yoga as you laugh. An uplifting elixir, laughing, works at any time to enhance your mood and rejuvenate mind, body and soul. So, head on over to the Ashram and giggle to your heart's content, as you stretch and relax on your yoga mat.


Enjoy Some Traditional Mud Wrestling

Some of Bali's most stunning environs consist of rice paddy fields, and the tiered terraces of Ubud region being extremely famous. The mud in these fields are not just for the agricultural reasons, they are for loads of fun, and indulging in traditional games. Mepantigan is a distinctively traditional art of mud wrestling, which apart for its fun aspect, has been known over the ages to benefit participants by enhancing physical fitness, developing character and relieving stress; it is, in fact, a form of martial arts, which today has been re-invented to include loads of fun activities. You can choose to either take part in the mud wrestling or enjoy the events as a spectator; some of the activities include dancing, tug of war and even frog catching.


Go Ahead and Invent Your Signature Perfume

That's right folks; you have a chance of inventing the next new fragrance to hit the market. A very rewarding and fun activity for kids and adults, the L'Atelier Parfums et Creations makes this unique activity possible. Located in Kuta, within easy reach of the surfing destination of Uluwatu and Anantara Uluwatu Bali Resort, this place starts you off, by getting you to collect the necessary ingredients. Once done, you can play around with fragrances and develop a one of a kid perfume, which you can take home. Besides, should you really love your signature perfume, you can order a second batch, even once you get home. Mind you, some of these ingredients are not available in other countries; hence, your scent has a good chance of being truly unique.


Relish a Truly Remarkable Silent Performance

Enjoy a very impressive and moving performance in the village of Bengkala, better known as the 'village of the deaf'. This highly talented deaf population has invented a whole new world of performing arts, unique sign language and rituals for spectators to enjoy. Tourists are welcome to visit the village, where they can watch the very entertaining performances and ritualistic ceremonies and even learn some sign language. You can go one step further and consider sponsoring the education of a deaf child.


Design Your Own Jewellery

Apart from the amazing beaches, and glistening allures of the ocean, Bali is a land of creative art. Head over to Ubud and you will be inundated with loads of artistic allures and creations. The perfect distraction for when you are not hitting the beach, as guests at Uluwatu hotels, for example, are known to succumb to the lures of the area's fabulous surf breaks; so, when you are not wave chasing close to your Bali resort, head over to the village of Celuk. Home to a community of traditional silversmiths; there you can learn secret jewellery making techniques from the expert craftsmen.