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Magento Blog - Magento Tutorials - Magento News & Updates 2018

This list will include all of the hottest news and updates about Magento, which are gathered from famous Magento blogs and Magento tutorials channels. If you are a Magento developer, this list is totally made for you! Discover now!


Hire Magento Developer: Difficult or Easy? | Tigren Solutions

Lots of businesses want to hire Magento Developer to conduct their Magento development projects. Here are some tips for hiring quality Magento developers...

Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension - No.1 Deal Of The Day Module | Tigren

Magento 2 Daily Deal Extension allows creating unlimited deals with time countdown, displayed in many pages. Download Daily Deal for Magento 2 Module here.

Top 30 Examples of Well-Designed Magento 2 Development Websites

Since 2015, the number of Magento 2 development websites has increased significantly to 21k stores. Here are impressive examples of Magento 2 websites.

Free Website Speed Test Tools For Magento E-commerce Websites 2018

There are plenty of tools for testing website performance, however here are top 20 free website speed test tools that all Magento e-commerce websites need. Besides, if you are looking for a Magento optimization service, click here.

Top 30 Open Source Ecommerce Platforms For Online Businesses In 2018

There are plenty of available open source ecommerce platforms boosting your online presence. Here are top 30 recommended open source ecommerce platforms that you should consider before developing an ecommerce website.

Essential Guide & Tips for SEO in Magento 2 Websites | Tigren Solutions

SEO is important for Magento 2 websites. Good SEO would bring about great sales. This is a comprehensive guide for Magento 2 ecommerce websites to get high rankings.

How To Create Effective 404 Page In Magento 2 E-commerce Websites?

In Magento 2 e-commerce websites, the “404 Page Not Found” page (or "404 Page" in short) will appear when you try to reach a page that cannot be found. Here is how to create impressive 404 Page Not Found in Magento sites.

20 FREE Website Speed Test Tools For Magento E-commerce Websites

In this article, we will show you the best free website speed test tools for Magento e-commerce websites. There are 20 website speed test tools to check your Magento website performance for free.

Why Magento Is Still An E-commerce Giant In 2018 | Tigren Solutions

Magento has become the best e-commerce platform in recent years. It's also predicted to remain the leading position in e-commerce industry in 2018. Moreover, this is the best Magento development company.

How To Configure & Install Magento 2 Elasticsearch? (Tutorial) | TIGREN

We guess that most of us have heard about the Elasticsearch, but not everyone thoroughly understands what Elasticsearch is. Elasticsearch is a powerful open-source search and analytics engine using Apache Lucene. It is able to handle a large number of use cases, support multiple tenancies and full-text search on HTTP web interface. In simple words, the Elasticsearch helps to store and map all documents effectively in order to optimize the search and retrieval function. In the scope of this blog post, we will discuss specifically Magento 2 Elasticsearch.

Magento 2.3.0 Demo - Provided Sample Data & Admin Access | Tigren

Check out our Magento 2.3 demo and decide whether you should upgrade to Magento 2.3.0 or not. We will give you access on both backend and frontend demo!

‘5 Tips To Hire Magento Developers UK At Affordable Prices’ by Will Adrian | Readymag

This article will show you some interesting and useful tips to hire Magento developers UK even with a tight budget!

How To Configure & Install Magento 2 Elasticsearch? (Tutorial) | TIGREN

This is a detailed instruction to install Elasticsearch on Ubuntu, install Magento 2 Elasticsearch module and configure Elasticsearch on Magento 2 backend.

Magento 2: Placing Billing Address Under Shipping Address In Checkout

We will show how to change order of billing address in checkout - move/ place billing address right under the shipping address in the first checkout step.

Magento 2 Migration Case Study - Real Example Of Magento Migration

The example of Magento migration from 1 to 2, in this case, is Croft website. This Magento 2 migration case study is useful for both merchants & developer.

How To Make An eCommerce Website For Electronics Store In 2019?

We will show you how to create an ecommerce website for electronics & digital stores from scratch. There are 7 crucial steps for selling electronics online.

Explain Why We Should Choose Magento eCommerce Platform | TIGREN

If you still wondering which platform might be the wisest choice, here are 6 benefits of Magento to convince you to use the Magento ecommerce platform!

How To Use Stripe Connect With Custom Account In Magento 2? | Tigren

This Magento 2 tutorial will show you how to use Stripe Connect with the custom account (vendor account) step-by-step. Check out now!

Answers To ALL Questions About Magento 1 End Of Life (EOL) | TIGREN

The official Magento 1 end of life date is June 2020. How does this event impact Magento stores? What should we do to prepare for this death?